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Damansara Uptown Hokkien Mee

So, just last week, my colleagues felt like they wanted Hokkien Mee for dinner. I tagged along because another Singaporean colleague of mine was down at work. So, I thought why not.

Honestly, I don’t usually eat Hokkien Mee, despite the fact that it’s one of my dad’s favourite meal; I don’t really fancy it. I’m not that Chinese to begin with in terms of eating habits.DSC_0178

I’ve gotta say that we it was not too bad after a long time of not eating that. I refuse to eat Hokkien Mee because I am afraid that black sauce will drip into my clothes.


If you are a fan of not too wet and not too dry Hokkien Mee, this is for you. It’s pretty balanced up I’d say. If you love any of the extreme wet or dry, maybe this is not for you.

We also ordered some other dishes for variety sake.



This was  their Cantonese Yin Yong – which was pretty decent. They give very generous servings of greens and just enough of seafood in the plate. DSC_0176

Apart from that, we later ordered the Pork Soup which was peppery nice. If you are looking for something warm on a cold day, the soup might just be something you might wanna order.


The amount of meat and greens were quite generous. From this post alone, you should know that I’m quite a big fan of vege!

WARNING: There are quite a lot of pork lard though, so if you’re not a fan of it; you might need to scoop it out.

This place is airconditioned and there are outdoor available. You have to also pay at the counter. Whilst I was paying, I saw the guy fried the Hokkien Mee in large amount.


It’s quite impressive how he does it. He put the prawns into the platers, and then he pours the noodle in. But it’s averagely priced and I’d think it’s okay if you’re just looking for an ordinary affordable dinner.

Damansara Uptown Hokkien Mee
121, Jalan 21/37, Damansara Utama, 47400
013-334 5550
Opens from Monday – Sunday (5pm – 2am)

Real Life Stories 02: I’m Not Arguing; I’m Simply Explaining Why I’m Right

So, I’ve been toying with this thought for quite a long time. As part of my growing up years, arguing is not something uncommon. People of my age tend to want to fight for something just to prove something, even when sometimes there isn’t really anything to prove.

And recently, I’ve encountered some of these arguments or disagreements and recently, I’ve found myself a habit of shutting myself off when I am about to see the bomb explodes. And when I completely shut off, it makes me feel better for a while, but inside me – I can’t wait to say something and sometimes I proceed to say it. But I know very well that my head tells me very clearly that I should stay away, but sometimes, for the sake of being right – I continue. Yes, stubborn, foolish – whatever negative words you want to call it; just go add on it.

My question now would be – should I stay away or should I continue to fight my way through?

In my 25 years of life, I’ve learnt that arguments never make anyone feel good, so why do we even get on it. Sorry but those excuses of arguments and disagreement makes any relationships stronger is utter crap or at least, I feel otherwise. It’s pretty simple isn’t it – you argue and argue and risk losing a relationship or friendship and really, does it make it goes stronger?

If anyone had a choice, do you really think you would choose arguments for the sake of strengthening the friendship or relationship? I doubt.

With all these in my head, I can’t help but to believe there seasons to these things just like how there is a season to all my gadgets and devices failing me. We all have our own downtime and seasons of unhappiness but that doesn’t give us a single right to lash it out on people closest to us. But the good side to this is that I’ve been reading a lot.

Because of work, I read a lot of articles as and when I can – on relationships, finances, friendships, economics, healthcare and all but I’m no expert in any. If I was, then my life would be so perfect kan?

But here are a couple of things I learn recently in terms of strengthening friendships and relationships with so many things in my head:

  1. Embrace the ordinary in your relationships. In no time, the good times will settle and things will feel monotonous. That’s when everyone’s true colours will show but that doesn’t mean the day-to-day has no meaning; it should still have if you share it with the people closest to you.
  2. Arguments – look for the real reasons on why we fight and disagree. I am completely honest that it’s tough and I’ve been struggling with this. Many at times, we are so blinded by our anger and irritation that we throw everything that we can think off from 10 years ago to the table; I am so guilty of this. But I’m learning to know that there’s a pattern to when and why people fight.
  3. Understanding the other party – our affection towards our friends and family often blind us to their flaws. I know of a person who is so good at faking it, so good at lying but appears as the most  beautiful person in the world in front of the people that would bring benefits. This is not a blog to expose people. But we are all humans, we all have our weaknesses and shortcomings. I think in a nutshell, it is important to be willing to learn and grow in all relationships or friendships. Instead of being defensive, or demanding our own ways, take time to  put ourselves into the other person’s shoe and understand and show a little bit of empathy – and hopefully everyone learns together.
  4. Friendships are not about having other people satisfy or fulfill us. It’s about building each other up and appreciating each other’s uniqueness – while enjoying togetherness.
  5. Appreciating solitude – We need to learn to be comfortable being alone and to accept who we are. Many at times, I am guilty of using an arguments to cover my own weaknesses or worst still, sometimes put people down to feel better about myself.

I am no specialist. But I am jotting this down here to remind myself that growing up is tough – it involves fights, arguments and disagreements but that doesn’t mean we should let it bring us down. This is not an emo post, I’m perfectly fine.

Disclaimer: They say: Siapa makan cili, dia terasa pedas.  If you think this blog is talking about you, no I don’t think so. HAHA. :)


Chocolate Ville, Bangkok

Earlier before we left for Bangkok, we kinda already had an itinerary of what to do at Bangkok. And the plan today was today go for massage, wait for the rest of the team to arrive and head to Chocolate Ville. As we were running kinda late, we ended up finishing our massage late and it started drizzling. So, we told the rest that we will not be going to Chocolate Ville as planned. However, on the way heading out of the massage area, the rained cleared and our Thai friend decided to just drive us there instead without us knowing. So we kinda pretty much ditched the rest of the guys because we told them plan cancelled.


I actually thought Chocolate Ville would have been a perfect place for me – a land filled with chocolate and happiness but I ended up kinda disappointed as Chocolate Ville in Bangkok has no chocolates in it whatsoever. However, the view was pretty awesome as the rain had just ended.

Chocolate Ville themed itself like a small American countryside village from the days of the past, complete with colourful facades and a small stream that links both sides together. It’s a pretty looking place; and maybe one of the better place to date in Bangkok. It was like I was in another land altogether, nothing Thai; the buildings, gardens, bridges and lake was super fancy. So, it was near Halloween when we visit – so most of the things were themed to scare. It was an incredible spacious land.

4 5 7

I quite like the fact that they actually update the design of the area very consistently according to the festivities, etc.

And my suggestion is not to simply open the doors there during Halloween-themed. It’s pretty scary. So, Sher Leen cleverly told us to walk almost into the lake when we opened this door; had a good laugh but thankfully no one fell in.


And on the left, is the way up to the viewing deck where you can see the entire area. Check out the awesome view from the top.

12 13 14

15Pretty spacious, ain’t it? It was quite empty the time we went only because it opens in the evening at 4pm – that was exactly the time we got there and it was again, drizzling. When we looked up, the sky looks pretty awesome too.

They have also got a huge dining area which could potentially sit up to about 500 I read. Looks like a solid hangout place for couples and friends aye?17

We kinda regretted we didn’t eat there, though we wanted to. We went for some quick McDonalds Thailand pork burgers instead which was quite yummy too. But we read that they serve Thai food at Chocolate Ville (the only Thai thing there, probably) with some chocolates as desserts. We did ordered some fried mini-doughnuts though. Was not too bad too!


If you’re looking to get there, check out this map below which might be helpful.


Just a quick word of advice, I read that you should avoid going too late as there are not many taxis around the area at night. The taxi drivers won’t try to throw you unbelievable figures just to get you out of that area. There are no BTS or trains available too as well.

Chocolate Ville
351, Khan Na Yao, Krung Thep Maha,
Nakhon 10230, Thailand
Opening Time: Everyday, 4pm till late



Real Life Stories: An Introduction

As I am growing older, I realised that I don’t get to go out or hang out as much as I would really want to. So, I’ve been thinking about this the past couple of days (coupled with a few issues I have been facing) of where the heck do I get content for this blog to keep it moving. So, this random idea came out while I was driving to share some Real Life Stories.

As a young adult now, there are a lot of growing up pains – relationships, friendships, finance, work, dreams or even passion. I am no different, I go through all of them. I hope this platform serves as a reminder to myself and to you that you’re never alone. There are times when things all look great and fantastic, but we all know deep down – we’re just humans with emotions and feelings.

No, I don’t intend for this segment of the blog to be emo or fill with dramas, it could be a short and simple one – but I hope for some people to chip in your views and thoughts on how things could potentially work better for you and I.

To kickstart this, I’ve been going through some rough and tough times the past couple of weeks. I’ve learnt a lot of things, and yet there are some things I’ve been very reluctant to give up. Or maybe, there are some people I’ve been very reluctant to leave. And just keep reading on this blog! More stories on my next post on this! :)

Food is Guaranteed not to cause Pregnancy.

So, you might just be wondering – what on earth is the title of this post? Uh huh! Read on.

Some of you might know that Sher Leen, Jason, CK, Nick Khaw, Lilian, Edmund and our Thai guide friend, Naam decided to leave for Bangkok earlier than the rest before the conference starts. As we were strolling in the afternoon, we were very undecided on where to go and I was like: It’s Bangkok, there’s really nothing wrong with having a little bit of fun right! So, I suggested that we go to this restaurant where my friends spoke about: Cabbages & Condoms. Sounds totally odd, but yeah, we booked and we went.

This was us in a Tuk Tuk, not really my first time; but first time for the trip! So we Tuk Tuk our way to Cabbages & Condoms.


I’m not totally to be blamed, they agreed for this adventure to visit this restaurant. 😀

We were looking for the place while trying to figure out where on earth this place is. It’s pretty deep in, and on the way, you actually see a lot of happy massage places.


The restaurant actually looked pretty fancy, in my opinion. Needless to say, once you enter, it’s a pretty touristy place.


We were pretty amused at what we saw, that’s the honest truth. Busy analysing what it was made off – we smelt it as if we never saw condoms before.

The restaurant was conceptualized in part to promote better understanding and acceptance of family planning and to generate income to support various development activities of the Population and Community Development Association (PDA).


As we got in nearer and nearer, we realised the dolls were made of condoms (not sure if it is used); but it looked pretty gross. Such a welcoming sight. It has to be somewhat fun and exciting because you see these faces below, happily smiling and laughing (ahem!). Not sure what was going thru their minds. 😀



Looking at the ambience, it’s a pretty romantic place to be having dinner, but I think our group kinda spoilt it for everyone probably cause we looked unromantic, loud and noisy. But deep down, we’re romantic people too okay? Also, this place has an indoor and outdoor, you can choose either or but the outdoor seems to have more of that romantic vibe.

So, we looked at the menu, ordered. They serve generally Thai food – from tomyum, pineapple fried rice to thai salads and to mango sticky rice. We ordered basically their favourites.


The deep fried soft shell crab cooked in thick curry paste was absolutely delicious. If you are someone looking for some crabs, their pineapple fried rice were pretty good too; very rich in flavour served with some cashew nuts and meat floss.


Being the innocent, little boy I am, I was too busy taking pictures of food and the environment rather than eating it.

The service was pretty decent as well. The waiters and waitresses were very attentive to what we wanted. I have to add that Thai people are generally very hospitable people; they are very nice – though they look a bit fierce, but they really want to help. The downside to ordering food in Thailand is really the language. If only I knew a little bit of Thai, everything would be a lot easier.

When we paid for our meal, it was pretty shocking that the bill holder had so many pieces of condoms that comes together with it. So many that we wanted to play water balloon with them.



Look at that happy face! That was because of the food. Don’t be deceived by the pictures. The food was pretty satisfying eventhough the price was slightly above average.

Before we left, there was another area where they had this whole boxes of condoms based on the size of you-know what.


By the way, the one out of supply was the Democracy Size.

It was definitely a happy adventure and happy times. It’s a place where you go in once just for the experience and not like a day-to-day kinda place to eat.

As we left, we saw this area for phototaking. No one really dared to take photos in it, just because we were too afraid to be tagged on Facebook. So, we did a one-to-juice and I ended up losing. Thus my face was the first to get on that board. As you walk along the walkway, you will also see that there are areas for handicrafts.


So, yeah. I decided to share this as one of the first few posts of my blog revamp to send you the message that this blog is now unedited with real life stories (cut the crap, Alvin).


Cabbages and Condoms
Sukhumvit Soi 12
Tel: 229-4611
Fax: 229-4632
Open 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily

Ohai! Howdy?

Hello! How are you?

So yeah, you’d have probably know that I talk a lot (and I mean a lot, although I try to shut up sometimes). So, here I am looking for another place to talk (and rant, maybe not). I hope all has been well with you, because I do still see a pretty decent amount of visitors landing on my (pathetic) blog and I will now try very hard not to bore you.

There are many reasons why I decided to get back to blogging. But one of the reasons include a special friend pestering me the last 6months to get my hands on it because I write (talk) too much. Doesn’t make me look good, but I obviously don’t care. I’ve decided to make a friendly bet to rework on my blog by November 1st, which is tomorrow and I wanted to keep to what I said. Writing this now made me think of a lot of stuff but screw it, because I’ve decided this blog is not gonna have some of my emo and unhappy crap. And all I actually wanted to say is, I kept my promise and I hope this person is happy lah.

Starting Afresh – I’ve kept my old posts because I am too reluctant to let those hard work go. But this blog now serves as a fresh start for me. I’ve been thinking hard on what to put back into this not-so-dead-but-dead blog. I’m working on some fresh new postings and content on food, lifestyle and travel.

If you don’t hear from me after a week, please send me a message calling me a LAZY BUM to wake me up. More photos definitely up next! :)


MTV World Stage: Live in Malaysia 2012 feat. Justin Bieber, Jay Park and Mizz Nina

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Boyfriend (Justin Bieber M&G) Justin Bieber 162572 0011127675
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Shabu One Steamboat Buffet (All You Can Eat), Lot 10

You know at times, when we are so spoiled for options, we want barbeque, sushi, ala-carte, noodles, steamboat and so much more? I’ve to say Shabu One Steamboat Buffet, so called Steamboat Buffet offers just more than Steamboat. I think it was more of Steamboat & Buffet. Located right inside Lot 10 Mall, you surely won’t miss it.IMG_1015Giving your tummies a wide option, you get to cook your own noodles – curry or clear soup, it’s all your choice. Mee, Kuey Teow, Bee Hon, Lo Shu Fun and more, it’s all about your stomachs!IMG_1028Also, you get to have clear soup and curryish tomyam. I personally liked the clear soup more than the curryish tomyam. You get to design the soup the way you want to, by adding lobak, tomatoes and all the kinda vegetable and meat which I am not too sure the names. But I think adding tomatoes and some fish paste makes the soup really good.IMG_1016 Also, if you are a big fan of seafood, then yes, this is the place. So much of seafood you can choose from. From prawns, sotongs, squids and more!IMG_1017 Some fish paste, wanton and some balls. You know how I tweet about balls all the time when I have steamboat? The option of balls is quite the amazing – meat balls, beef balls, fish balls and more! Balls overload.IMG_1018 More seafood. You know some of the seafood, I don’t even know what it’s called. Really. I’m not a big fan of seafood. But hey, fish paste are awesome stuffs! 😀IMG_1019 Also, I’ve never seen such a wide variety of vegetable in a buffet. I can’t name them all. But I can tell you, there were over 10 types of vegetable there. And I don’t know what their names are. Really.IMG_1020 You also get pre-cooked food. From fried rice, beehoon, teppanyaki sauce chicken, meat and more. If you’re lazy (like me) to wait for the soup to boil and all, just go start eating first lah. Isn’t that quite awesome?IMG_1021 And don’t ask me what are the names of these noodles. There are too many I can’t name them. You get basically ALL kinds of noodles. And trust me, if you’re thinking of trying everything, it’s surely impossible.IMG_1022 Ohhh, if you’re a fan of Curry Fish Balls, and you think it’s tough to find it here in Malaysia? Here, at Shabu One, you can get them too.IMG_1023 Talking about vegetables, you get carrot, tomatoes, mushrooms and more. So many types of mushrooms too.IMG_1024 Being the sweet guy I am, how can I do without desserts? And they have those ice-cream popsicles. The last time I had that, was like, in primary school. Like, really.IMG_1025 See the variety of bloody meat you can get here. It’s like trying to get you to eat till you explode. And for your information, I didn’t even eat those weird looking meat down there.IMG_1026 More balls, wantan, sui gao and some lady fingers.IMG_1027 Confession: I forgot to snap the desserts freezer with loads of jelly and the sushi corner. They serve sushi too! Like, really. Now, don’t you think they should change their name? It shouldnt just be called Steamboat Buffet. But well, my point is, if you want variety, Shabu One is definitely the place to rock it at. You can really really eat all you want there. No time limit. And oh, there is a juice bar. Which has different kinds of juices and drinks. Drink as much as you like okays? No one is gonna stop you. I think the next round I want to play games on the table with drinking as punishment, here’s the place to do it. All You Can Eat at Shabu One is gonna be the place if you want variety and options! Fill your stomachs kao kao today. Also, check out I Love Discounts for a deal that is already ON. Give this place a great try! ___________________________________________________________________________ Address: T18-22.3nd Floor, Lot 10 Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Phone: +603-2145 9933 Facebook: shabu one 鼎旺

Galatic Laser Tag Outing, Mid Valley

So, this is one activity that I’ve been wanting to do for decades. You know, go in, shoot people or even get shot. And I finally got the chance, with a whole bunch of boys, we went to rock Galatic Laser Tag in Mid Valley 2 Saturdays ago. Sorry to spoil your day, but I find this picture rather impressive. Fierce look fail big time.IMG_0935 It was also a Halloween weekend. So, things were a lil creepy and all. But it was a great time of fun, scaring ourselves and all.IMG_0922 IMG_0923 Fast. Furious. Fun. It wasn’t that furious. But it was surely fast and fun.IMG_0924 Kan I say it was Halloween? This isn’t too scary, but yeah. Oh, I wanted to brag about how my iPhone cover shines in the dark. But I’d save it for another time.IMG_0925 IMG_0926 The entrance was pretty cool. I feel like I’m in some Power Rangers thing.IMG_0927 IMG_0928 This was the Briefing Room before the match.IMG_0929 Rules are pretty cool. And yes, pregnant women are not allowed. Really. Too scary lah.IMG_0930 You can actually come up and view the match. Like really. People screaming and all. It’s quite the exciting lah. Seeing is one thing. Playing is another.IMG_0931 The bunch of guys I went with. Nicholas, Caleb, Kelvin, Ian, Natanael, Wen Jie.IMG_0932 In the briefing room, we still had to snap pictures. We just had to.IMG_0933 Lastly, this is the guy who ACTS cooooool. Nicholas.IMG_0934 It’s quite a good place for outing and bonding. We had so much fun trying to kill each other, and will never seem to die. But it’s something I would wanna go again.

Malaysian Bars Association (MBA) Restaurant, Kota Damansara

It took me a few minutes to digest the name of this place. I couldn’t figure if it was a court, meeting place or what. But it came with the word Restaurant behind it. And finally, when I was shoved the menu of the place, boy was I only convinced it was really a restaurant. In fact, a very cool hang out place.D3C_7144 Coming from a very unique name, their amazing tagline – We Raise The Bar shows how creative people can be. What I like about this place? I actually think that this is one of those places where I can choose the ambience I want – from a bar, a restaurant, an outdoor chillout place, a play-area and more.D3C_7146 By play area, I mean this pool table. Been a while I last played pool.D3C_7152 D3C_7157 The bar area, which is really simple and tidy. I love how things are placed. Classy!D3C_7158 D3C_7162 Outdoor seating area. Pretty cool.D3C_7166 D3C_7167 Indoor dining area. Quite romantic too.D3C_7168 D3C_7176 D3C_7180 When it comes to food, MBA Restaurant serves a mix of Western and Asian, which gives you the both worlds.D3C_7182 Chicken Wings Oriental – RM 20. I’ve to say I’m not a fan of Chicken Wings, but cause the bones were so small, I actually liked it.D3C_7186 D3C_7190 Mashed Potatoes – RM 8 Sorry, did not try cause I’m still trying to lose a lil weight.  D3C_7195 D3C_7206Wild Fungi Soup – RM 12. Loved the texture. Pretty good. And this berry crush juice sangat best la. Simple yet best.D3C_7212 D3C_7216 Traditional Fish and Chips – RM 24 I actually loved these kinda fish and chips. I mean, there are a lot of types these days. But this suits my taste. I like how crispy it is.D3C_7217 D3C_7222 The Indon Treasure – RM 10. This is your a lil spicy fried rice. I loved the eggs. Haha. I’m such an egg-fan.D3C_7224 D3C_7226 Thai Fried Soh Hoon – RM 9 I think this is the bestest of the best. I loved it. I like how simple it tastes yet rich with it’s ingredients. Okay, I don’t know what I’m saying. But it’s just best.D3C_7229 D3C_7234 Grilled Beef Stirloin. If you’re a fan of beef, this is a must-try. Don’t you love the colours of the pictures? And the sauce is really awesomesauce. Aku suka. Wedges were quite ordinary but the meat was good. How different can wedges be anyways?D3C_7236 D3C_7239 This unique kebab does have quite a stand out taste. Prolly a very Malaysian-Iranian kind. If you get what I mean.D3C_7243 D3C_7247Skillet Salmon – RM 36. I really loved this la. Why? It’s bonesless. Nah, I’m just joking. But I love how nicely it is served. It tastes fresh. I didn’t get those fishy smell in it. So, I think here’s a place you should really check, check, check it out. I think it is really a upcoming hot place. Check I LOVE DISCOUNTS for a deal coming your way really soon. ____________________________________________________________________________ Address: Jalan PJU 5/22, Red Carpet Avenue, The Strand Kota Damansara, 47810 Selangor Telephone: 03-61426731