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The KL Tour

Being Malaysians, we rarely even go around visiting our country but I guess with this field trip, I did have a fair chance of visiting the temple, Brickfields, Istana Negara and some other places which many Malaysians we probably even takes it for granted. And we always go “What is there to do in Malaysia?” Well, here are definitely some of the places you can visit! We hoped on to town for a short photo taking and visiting. And coincidentally, Dataran Merdeka was packed with tents and all as it was preparing for a Nike event for World Cup. There you go, some shots here from Indro, my classmate. (Note: the last picture was a pose)IMG_5494 IMG_5495 IMG_5499 I look horribly fat in this picture. Sigh.IMG_5508 At Istana Negara where we get to take more pictures!IMG_5516 IMG_5525 IMG_5532 A tea time at Brickfields, I kinda dislike this place. Too busy and dirty. And the restaurants had rats all over it. And the restaurant we went had a huge banner that writes “Najib’s Corner”; because our Prime Minister had eaten there before.IMG_5534This was the poser picture I told you about. I am such a bad poser anyways! 😛IMG_5540 So, bye bye to my KL Field Trip. Off for another interesting topic soon!

Indian Dance

Let’s just hope the topic above will not attract a whole bunch of Indian friends. Okay, I am kidding. Not being racist. At Batu Caves, we were treated to a dance as well as being invited to dance with these Indian dancers.IMG_5448 My classmates doing the dance with the Indian dancers. Potential eh?IMG_5449 IMG_5450 IMG_5455 IMG_5463 Another part of Batu Caves where you see a green statue.IMG_5482 Lunch was vegetarian at Batu Caves. If you were to ask if I enjoyed it, I personally don’t really enjoy it. But nevertheless, I think it’s something worth a try.IMG_5489IMG_5484This was the banana-leaf rice. I did not eat this. Yeah, I am not that adventurous with food. Photos by Indro Putranto (classmate)

The KL Adventure

I ain’t sure, but I can guess that at least 50% of Malaysians have not visited Batu Caves before; let alone the KL attractions. I am probably in that group of 50% because I’ve been to Batu Caves like many many years back and I prolly even forgotten about it! 😛   Here, my lecturer on the left; my Public Relations and Visual Communication lecturer.IMG_5286 The ever-famous statue.IMG_5304 I love this shot of Leka and Peace chasing those doves. I think they are doves, are they?IMG_5312 IMG_5319 IMG_5327 Entering Batu Caves after the many many steps of climbing. The climb was quite fun actually!IMG_5333 Entering Batu Caves.IMG_5336 Now, these 2 daring girls took the snake and pose with it. Had to pay somemore. I did not have the guts of course. If you know me well, I ain’t a big fan of animals.IMG_5375 IMG_5379 On the way to art gallery. This shot is really nice. :)IMG_5412 These are 2 of my other classmates. I think we were a little crazy lah! 😛JSC02954 Ending the post with a pitiful Monkey! :)z Anyone wants to feed this little one? Heee.. *edit*: Photos by Indro (classmate)

Batu Caves Adventure with the Monkeys

I was pondering as to how to start my post on Batu Caves, and I decided to put an album featuring all your friends the monkeys below. Batu Caves somehow sounded boring but the trip with classmates made it fun and worthwhile. As you enter Batu Caves, I think apart from the statue, the Monkeys are the next attraction. You can even see some of the pictures below where the monkeys post for the camera. Cute right? You want them as your friends?IMG_5388 IMG_5394 IMG_5400 IMG_5401 Awww, the loving senior Mr Monkey with Jr Monkey!IMG_5402 IMG_5403 Okay, I promise you I’d give you a better post tomorrow. This is like a teaser post. I didn’t mean that they are your friends.

Up Next: KL Batu Caves Outing

DSC02931 Be back tonight!

What Merdeka truly means to me?

scan_24_4_06_-_012You do know; I’ve not been updating my blog very frequently – especially in my routine Nonsense Friday. So, I decided to update it by being patriotic today on Nonsense Friday. Malaysia’s Independence Day was just over a couple of days back. And somehow or rather, ironically,  I realize that there is a surge of videos on Youtube being passed on and shared via Facebook or Youtube on racial segregation, issues and conflicts in Malaysia. It is simply ironic that an event such as Merdeka; which was suppose to unite us all Malaysians has made as segregated and segmented. Does this occurs only during Merdeka? Nevertheless, for those who have been following my tweet, does know that I wrote this phrase quite sometime ago after seeing the National Day Celebration of Singapore:

Independence Day in other countries is a Public Affair, Independence Day in Malaysia is a Government Affair

As I was following tweets on the celebration in Singapore, I realise most (if not, all) was attending and following the parade and the celebration. And I start to wonder, why don’t Malaysians do the same? I realise one of Malaysians habit is that we tend to speak against what we dislike, yet not acting towards it. It’s more like, we are unhappy (and so what?), and we speak about issues that affects us as Malaysians (and we don’t bother doing anything about it!) After 53 years of Independence, I realise our mentality towards our country has not changed much. It’d always be about how much others MADE the mistake, instead of how much we CAN do something about it. Malaysia stands unique as Malaysia. We should be proud to be a part of Malaysia as we are free from natural disasters; looking at the brighter side, perhaps, we have more to be thankful for? Don’t we? Or at least, our Facebook, Google and some other technologies aren’t banned? Malaysia. She does has her beauty too, isn’t it?It has her own beauty too. I know she has her flaws. To you, maybe flawssssssssssssssss (endless). But hey, come on? Who doesn’t have flaws? Tell me if you don’t. I’d be glad to be-friend you. But should we still keep the mentality that people had 53 years ago or perhaps the mentality of May 13? Merdeka may really mean Public Holidays to me; I mean seriously. But I choose to know, learn and respect that despite the flaws of Malaysia, i do heart Malaysia. It’s a home in my heart. Now ask yourself, is it a home in your heart? Love for a country is a CHOICE; imagine if the Malaysians love Malaysia just as much – things will and can change! Why can’t we show true Malaysian Colours during this time of celebration instead of those racial segregation videos? In spite of our differences, we are all still Malaysians. Who really cares what colour skins you have? Because we all are the same in our own way and culture. Merdeka is all about us and her (Malaysia). And that’s about it. It’s time to build and change Malaysia for the better. Running far away does not solve any of those issues. Talking bad about it does not solve any of those issues either. I heard someone saying this:

I’ll choose not to talk bad about it if I, myself can’t find a solution to make it better.

We all have our part to play. Merdeka truly means freedom in life, love, race, religion. Let’s live above it as Malaysians and really be a country that shines like none other. Despite it all, I AM PROUD TO BE A MALAYSIAN. She may not be the best, but I’ll give it my best. Leaving you with my favourite quote:

Our children are colour blind, let’s leave it that way.

*Ignore my phrasing and paragraphing. I just woke up from my bed typing this but I really mean it. HAPPY MERDEKA!

Live like You’re free. Please.

Blowing the Cake (Final)

Sorry for dragging my posts so long as I was so tied up with planning for ADORE as well as rushing for my assignments which are due next week. So, here I am to conclude this Celebration before the next interesting topic pops up. I guess it should be interesting lah *winks* Here are my cousins, they sounded like twins. I mean, seriously._MG_2077 Singing the birthday song for my dearest Grandfather. 😉_MG_2005 _MG_2008 My grandfather thanking the crowd and love for him._MG_2011 _MG_2017 And he had 2 birthday cakes too. Amazing kan?_MG_2019 _MG_2020 _MG_2022 _MG_2040 _MG_2052 I was forced to sing with the bunch of cousins. I seriously wanted to stop embarrassing myself further. But argh, kids?_MG_2060 _MG_2061 _MG_2062 _MG_2065 _MG_2073 And again, Happy Birthday Kong Kong. Next post: *promise you it’ll be interesting lah* And this was the video I did for the dinner. 😉