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As much as I hate this someone, I want this someone to msg me NOW!
I am so frustrated over what this person has done to me for the past 1 year. Not that I am not forgiving but somethings that is done is really hard to take it in. It ain’t easy. And yes, I still care and love like I do.

Sometimes, people just like to take you for granted. They don’t care about how you feel. When you start taking initiative, they give you cold replies. They act like they don’t give you a damn. But when you don’t care, they start to show that they care. And that actually pissess me off.

Some people also only care about you when it benefits them. When you are able to give them everything they want, they won’t mind doing anything for you. Well, some people would also not appreciate you for all that you have done and in return, condemn you.

Some people are just plain selfish. They never care about how people feel. All they know is to piss you off and say sorry. And the sorry means nothing to me. Seriously.

At this point, I wished that someone would changed into a person he/she used to be. It’s hard to take in that after all that I have done, it’s all back to zero. I don’t know how to forgive. It’s not like I don’t want too. It’s tough.

Somehow, it’s frustrating and annoying me. Even children can ask me whether I am alright this morning. Is starting to get freaking obvious on my face that I don’t care anymore and that i am not in good terms. Why show that I am happy when I am not. I know my smiles are fake. My laughters are all made up. The real me has lost his confidence in having such relationships anymore. I am starting to give up. I don’t know what choice I have. But I wished I had a choice? And even the employer asked me if I am alright last few days. Is it that obvious? I wished it wasn’t too.

Forgive me, my dear friends!


Happy 104th Birthday to St John’s Institution, Kuala Lumpur

I have mentioned I miss high school. And I don’t want to waste time bragging about it already.

My alma mater, ST JOHN’S INSTITUTION celebrated it’s 104th birthday on the 18th January 2008. I went back to school and was very pleased being able to meet some ex classmates and teachers. I miss them all. All in all, I miss school and friends.
Fide Et Labore



That is all that I am feeling at this point of time.

No point talking about it because I am pissed.