Monthly Archives: October 2015

Ohai! Howdy?

Hello! How are you?

So yeah, you’d have probably know that I talk a lot (and I mean a lot, although I try to shut up sometimes). So, here I am looking for another place to talk (and rant, maybe not). I hope all has been well with you, because I do still see a pretty decent amount of visitors landing on my (pathetic) blog and I will now try very hard not to bore you.

There are many reasons why I decided to get back to blogging. But one of the reasons include a special¬†friend pestering me the last 6months to get my hands on it because I write (talk) too much. Doesn’t make me look good, but I obviously don’t care. I’ve decided to make a friendly bet to rework on my blog by November 1st, which is tomorrow and I wanted to keep to what I said. Writing this now made me think of a lot of stuff but screw it, because I’ve decided this blog is not gonna have some of my emo and unhappy crap. And all I actually wanted to say is, I kept my promise and I hope this person is happy lah.

Starting Afresh – I’ve kept my old posts because I am too reluctant to let those hard work go. But this blog now serves as a fresh start for me. I’ve been thinking hard on what to put back into this not-so-dead-but-dead blog. I’m working on some fresh new postings and content on food, lifestyle and travel.

If you don’t hear from me after a week, please send me a message calling me a LAZY BUM to wake me up. More photos definitely up next! :)