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I always think that I have not been mentioning people who has been a great blessing to me. I know I missed out on a promise on the blog post of ‘Top People in My Life’ but tell you what, I’ll mention one of them today. And the rest, I will think about it. How about that? 😀

Okay, I hope thats the deal?

That person I will talk about is Sarveen. =] Used to be my junior in high school at St. John’s. I’ve got no idea how we got this close. He’s now like my little bro. I can bet you, he’s one of the most notorious boys and notorious prefects you can ever find in school. Don’t kill me for saying this. =p

I talk to him so often. Almost daily; he messages. But yeah, we get too busy sometimes anyways. But it’s alright. I sometimes can’t believe myself that we are that close till we text even when I’m in Singapore; He’s at London. LOL.

But we rarely talk la. Now SPM for him. But he’s leaving pretty soon already to UK anyways next month.

I just had to talk about him because I think he lacks my mentionings in my blog. But I still do care for him. =]


It’s still gonna be okay!

Just when you thought life was getting better, it did not. Life is tough. Tougher than I once thought.

Yet after putting in so much to this person; and now this person is leaving me (another one). This time it hits me more because the person is leaving to London for studies. I am yet again torn into two. I am delighted that this person is studying there; yet I am reluctant to let go, after so much that I’ve been through. And making it through together despite our gap in ages, wasn’t easy at first.

But now, it’s part of my life. A norm. To let this person go would mean another part of me crumbles. Well, although promises from this person assured me it would not – because of the return from London every 3 months. And with the advancement of phone and Internet technologies, the assurance made, make me feel better.


London isn’t near. Not any me, can just go anytime. But I choose to hold on. Sometimes I wonder holding on makes me stupid? Or foolish? I can’t see the “wise” side of holding on to such a thing. But my reluctance happens because this person, too; means a lot to me. Probably more than the person could ever think.

Well at least this person comforted me much when we were in our daily conversations that day. The assurance given and made makes me feel all the more better. And knowing that the person would be in better hands in the future; helps me understand – how I should NOT be selfish.

I think it’s a nature that humans are selfish in their own ways; me too – can’t escape the fact that sometimes I think I am selfish. I don’t know when to define myself as selfish, and when not. There has been no clear lines of what selfishness is.

Anyhows, after 2 days of accepting the fact that – this person is gonna go and will return every 3 months. I think this post isn’t as bad as it was intended to be.

The smiles carved on your face will always be stucked into my mind. The love shared will always be cherished by me.

I am convincing myself that London isn’t too far. LOL. I am trying, okay? To look at the brighter side of things. It’s not everyone who gets to study in London especially just for their A-Levels. And SPM has not even ended for this person. I left not many days. But I will hold on. =] Skype will always work. Although MAC hates MSN. Hahaha.

To love or not to love;
To hold on or not to hold on;
I will choose to still love and hold on.

I will choose to apply ‘unconditional love’ – Like some has said, it’s either unconditional love or no love at all. My sister often offers me ‘conditional love’. If I get to play with your handphone (the new one), I’ll sayang you. Many of times I don’t bother because it’s conditional. Told her over and over again but well, kids.

I choose to surrender my path to Him above. The tighter I hold things (people), the more God is taking it away. And probably even further and further. Maybe I should not hold things too tight. But how? I don’t know. I am still trying to figure it out.

This person is one of the person I’ve been praying for salvation. This person and a few others. But I shall let the mighty God tells me how and when or maybe He will speak to them personally.


On the lighter note, I am stucked here at Jalan Jujur, Taman Bakti because of my stupid diarrohea and dizziness and some fever. I am supposed to be in the camp in Jalan Ampang! Not stuck in here. I wished I was there; but physically – I don’t think I can.

I’ve got no idea why I always fall sick at the wrong time. The last time being before my finals. And that was months ago. Don’t tell me I always get sick.

No pictures today. Lazy to scan through my hard disk.


And see, Facebook just tells me this in one of the applications,

Love is either unconditional or it’s no love. You might like someone conditional on their personality or behavior or circumstances. But love accepts no boundaries. So never say ‘I love you because’, for love has no cause, love comes from God.

It is prolly true. =]


I had to write it. But not now.
Digesting the fact of life.
I know I promised. But I still had to write it down.

Results and More

Okay. I got so fantastically happy yesterday because I got my 1st Semester Results. And I felt like going out to lepak lepak. But well, no one to go with. Ended up with dad bringing some one out; because mum had another appointment.
Yeah, every semester I post my results out here. And it’s not tht horrible, I shall do the same this time for my Degree Level 1 Semester 1 Results. And I am kinda happy about it anyways. :) I know I shouldn’t be doing this, but comparatively to my 4 other classmates, I did extremely well as I did not have any B, C, D, E and F, which they obviously had, F. Few of them.
Here is it:

Subject Results
Introduction to Theories Media and Culture A+
Marketing A
Introduction to Management A+
Computing and IT in Workplace B+
Business and Communication Skills A+

At this Semester, below are the subjects I am taking.

Mass Media to Multimedia
Introduction to Interactive Scripting
Introduction to Web Media Technology
Audio Visual Technology
Understanding the Press
These subject has a lot to do with writing, journalism, scripting, codings, web designing, flash-ing, photoshop-ing, sound engineering, sound mixing, production and so on.
Yeah, I am learning all kinds of funny funny weird things. Tell me about it.
And what I have been doing; if you see me not online. Or if you only see me on skype. Or if you only see me no Facebook. Let me tell you, the other screen of mine is doing just these stuffs.

Yeah, these are some of the websites I am developing and doing. The last one is the real one for my assignment, although I am still not happy with it. It’s horrible. And the stupid smart software; is so rigid and not flexible. That I dislike it.
And apart from that, I just thought since I always talk about ROCKers and youths. I should just post you some of their pictures. Although I don’t have everyones in my hard drive.

They maake me smile.
And one more, very famous ONE-AND ONLY…
Chong Jia Huei.
Very hard to find people like her..
She is very speciall..

Her HAIR is special… =]

Capacities Expanding.

People love to say ‘Expand Your Capacities’ which is by somewhat, you yourself expanding your own capacity. It starts with you.

But for now, I think my ‘Capacities are Expanding’ which is somewhat, caused by circumstances around me. Which I am forced to expand my capacities because the capacities are expanding.
Okay, it’s confusing. If you don’t get it. Fine.
I foresee an exciting year ahead. A very fun one I assume. Praying for it at least.
What more can I say; although there will be 1 or 2 people I cherish leaving me (again!); but I will press on. The person promised me much for now =)
I love how happenin’ my youth’s SPM-ers/STPM-ers are. Macam care free only. =] They are like behaving as if SPM is NOT COMING AT ALL. I love them all and they have truly been a blessing to me. No where I can find such rockin’ youths.
And everytime I think of these few (just few) happy pills in my life; my heart fills with laughter and joy despite how painful things can be. And how much I dislike the life I am going through after my heart being in pieces. I am struggling to put it back into a piece and I know I can do it.
By the way, I am looking forward to Hong Kong. One awesome trip with the bunch of youths! We love HK, We love Disneyland. And I can’t wait. It’s gonna be different with them. All of them! =)
Catch you soon. Hopefully with some pictures next post! =)


I guess I get tired easily recently. Don’t ask me why.

But at least I have got loads of sleep. and my work is not that far behind after all. I love my work – I guess. Although it can be tough at times; but I see the joy of doing it. For now. Okay, I was trying to be positive. =D
I have been losing self-control recently. Thats superly bad. Hating it. But I’m trying. For now.
I am losing my motivation to blog. But please bear with me as I find the blogging juices once again.
Let me know and encourage me when you drop by! 😀 I’d truly appreciate it.


I think I have the greatest team of leaders in the world.

They are the most fun people I am always with in ROCK. And we are passionate about more young people coming to know Christ next year; even beginning now!

I love each of them to bits and I know we are giving our best to see God move next year. And He can move even without us; but we wanna be here to be molded by Him.

I can’t wait for next year!

On another hand, I realise I have been traveling excessively. And I really mean excessive traveling. And I feel so blessed. Just so you know, I changed my phone too. =] and a new desktop. All in one year! I may have gone through the worst year of my life in my relationships with people; but it’s also the best year in terms of blessings and love.

Well, my relationships around ain’t that bad. It’s just that ONE. And thereafter, I have also realised many people really do LOVE me as well. =] I mean it. No elaboration needed. It’s not any special love. Just ordinary ones. =)

I don’t know why I seemed like wrapping up the year; but I love 2009 for its own uniqueness.

To say that I am totally healed from the wounds within me, I know I have not. Because it was severely wounded. But I am trying. It doesnt get heal in a day. You should know it if you’ve been through it. =)

And anyways, you still like my layout? 😀

My Life. Now.

In a good way, I think it was good tht my old design screwed up.

So that I can change and hopefully motivates me to blog.

Tell me if you like the new layout?

I like it because it is simple.

And I hope to be back soon talking about what my current semester is all about.

Goodnight =]

*when time takes away the hurts*

Just when you thought the pain has subsided. It has not.


But God has been sustaining me through it all.
though the pain