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Pepper Lunchie

For some reasons, I don’t know how this photo ended up in my album. But these 2 ladies below has become some sort of strollers! 😉DSC03173 Here’s a group picture after the scallop eating. Was just so fabulous! With our host! 😉DSC03174 You do know I would prolly hop by Starbucks once in a while right. So here’s the one in Singapore.DSC03175 A view from my apartment.DSC03176 The next day, I had the time to myself in the morning. So here’s Swensens. Been craving for them since quite a while ago.DSC03178 This was my lunch. Despite me eating along, I find this lunch so delicious. Sometimes, I really do enjoy the “me-time” to myself. Doing things I like, thinking things I love, dreaming of dreams I’ve never dreamt before. It’s just so awesome!DSC03179 DSC03180 DSC03181 If you didn’t know, this sweer-sour jelly thingy has been something I love. Don’t ask me. Get it for me and I’d be a happy persons after all. 😉DSC03182 Quite amazed with this potato chips. Looks really good. But was too full to try. 😉DSC03183 Spotted Old Town coming to Singapore too! I predict it’s gonna be quite a hit!DSC03184 My favourite hangout place. I just can’t avoid going to Vivocity whether it’s with myself or not. I was with Rachel when I was there. It’s just a mall I wouldn’t wanna miss. The atmosphere, the shops there are so nice!DSC03186 DSC03188 Lastly, check out my next post of a cute baby. You’ll love it! 😉

My Superstar Moment and Expensive Scallop

You know I was just talking about my Superstar Moment on my last post; so here is the whole thing. As we were busy taking and snapping some photos on this big board behind, I thought it was just ordinary. Little did I know and expected some “friends” came and pulled my hand while I was about to walk off to take some pictures with them. I was like, “Who am I?”. So I did. I think I was there with 4 “friends” and pictures will tell you that my pictures was snapped on my camera and theirs too. Now, I don’t know where my photos in their camera went.DSC03145 DSC03146 DSC03151 There they go, I don’t know who they are. I look extremely fat in this picture! :(DSC03153 DSC03154 And despite people saying and talking about how bad Singapore food is (as compared to Malaysia); I choose to stand on the fence. They do have some good and yummy food too! 😛DSC03162 Some sweet pastries for your teeth…DSC03163 And for the first night, we had dinner with some entrepreneur at this restaurant. Nice food and I suppose it’s a fine dining. Check out the cost too of course larh! :opDSC03164 You tell me with this pricing, what happen if it isn’t nice?DSC03167 DSC03168 The menu was also unique. And whats more delicious are the abalones with egg white. The egg white was so delicious while the scallop was so tender. I likes! :pDSC03169 DSC03170DSC03171 Yeah, this is just too delicious. I want to have another piece, who wants to buy me one?

Singapore, again!

You know, I just think that I blogged about Singapore Trip just not too long ago. Prolly less than 6 months, sigh. I think this is so much cause of my procrastination. This Singapore trip was actually in July. I was on a Semester break, while my dad had a meeting there. So, I was my own tourguide. First thing I always crave for when I go to Singapore is the Oriental treats. You know how much I missed them? Words can’t describe. I wonder why Malaysia stopped producing such soup? Campbell, if you are reading, tell me! I got them from a friend somehow anyways, just few weeks back!DSC03161 Upon arriving, this is the road we saw in the car. I went with an Alphard. I was like a VIP, the car was entirely dark. So, the photo is considered good! :pDSC03122 The guys accomodation, in a church. The place I stayed – Thomson Road Baptist ChurchDSC03123 DSC03124 The cozy apartment, okay. I stole the neighbours wifi. But who cares lah? :op I do that all the time, watch out for me!DSC03135 DSC03136 I wonder why I placed them here!DSC03137 You do know some of my favourite hangout spots, dont chu?DSC03140 DSC03141 I went with this bunch too.. =)DSC03142 More of my Singapore funny stories next – I took picture with some people who thought I was some stars!

Doubletree Hotel by Hilton

Some of you may have overheard or ter-read on Twitter or Facebook that I won a 2 Days 1 Night Stay at the Guestroom at Doubletree Hotel by Hilton. Doubletree Hotel by Hilton is actually the old Crowne Plaza, if I remembered correctly. With the winning entry on one of their Merdeka Day Facebook Contest, I was invited with a bunch of winners and bloggers to attend their dinner as well as to collect my prize. Like I said, I won a 2 Days 1 Night Stay. Some blogger from Advertlets were there such as Josh Lim and Jin from Hitz.Fm Party Show (which he also blogged about it here)IMG_0360I was also treated to a sumptuous meal at the Makan Kitchen. There are various food in Makan Kitchen and each section called Kitchen has their own specialty.IMG_0361This was the Chinese Section where you get the Chinese food like Dim Sum and some other normal Chinese Food. IMG_0362This was more of the Malay Section, where you get rojak. Goreng Pisang and all. The goreng pisang was nice. Really nice. 😉 IMG_0364This was the Iban side of food. Which I think it was also combined with some Indian food. I didn’t try this much as I was not a big fan of Indian food. But I did try some of it. IMG_0366 IMG_0367Some of the seating positions at Makan Kitchen. They have really nice interior. Loving the designs and the simplicity as well as the lightings accompanied with it. IMG_0368The view from Makan Kitchen. IMG_0370And we were also given a tour before we actually ate because we were waiting for buka puasa. We were brought around the newly renovated and refurbished hotel. I’ve to say it’s really nice and well done. We went to the gym first. The gym has loads of equipments as well as its a really nice environment.IMG_0372 IMG_0373This was their Italian Restaurants. Sorry for the lack of pictures. But it looks really nice. IMG_0374This was a random view shot from below which I took.IMG_0376The outside section where you can grab a drink. IMG_0377Because it was time to buka puasa, we went back for a meal first. But this is something you might wanna look for when you’re there – The Teppanyaki Ice Cream. It’s really crunchy and nice. I loved it very much.IMG_0382And this is the Teppanyaki Ice Cream IMG_0383My lovely ice-kacang. Other food I didn’t take much! :) IMG_0384We were brought up to the hotel too. These are some of the images of the room. IMG_0386 IMG_0387This is funny so I had to do this, the glass was transparent. You can see whatever happening inside the washroom if you leave the blind open. LOL. If you wanna show your partner something, this might be something interesting for you to do? :op IMG_0389 View from the hotel rooms.IMG_0390Another part of the hotel: IMG_0391 IMG_0392 IMG_0393 This is The Food Store where they sell stuffs:IMG_0394They are also famous for their Chocolate Chip Cookies. I was given one. They serve it to the guests who comes when they check in. It is also available for sale of course:IMG_0395 So, this is such an adventure by winning the 2 Days 1 Night Stay. I have yet to use it yet. Wanna tag along? __________________________________________________________________________ Doubletree by Hilton Kuala Lumpur 182 Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 50400
Tel: 60-3-21727272   Fax: 60-3-21727270  Website: click