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Away: ADORE Youth Concert 2010

adore alvin I am superbly busy and currently gearing up towards ADORE Youth Concert 2010 happening tomorrow. Do come if you can make it. It’s gonna be phenomenal and spectacular. Admission is free; cool music and loads of freebies to be given out – Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Sakae Sushi; you name it, you get it! Hope to see you there! Details are as above. Oh ya, if you’ve been wondering where you can see me sing with the band; here is it!

More food & My Embarrassing Moments

At Kong Kong’s birthday, food was aplenty at all table. It was truly a great celebration we had._MG_1937 This is Kong Kong and one of my relatives; you know I don’t really remember who’s who as I get more and more distant from my long lost relatives._MG_1941 Cousins #1 – Elizabeth, Justin and Terrence _MG_1942 Cousins #2 – Jason, Nelson, Allison_MG_1943 And more food. This fish was really awesome and delicious. I remembered I had loads of it. Now you know why I am fat, don’t chu? 😛_MG_1947 This was what I was saying, my embarrassing moments. I had to do a performance with some of my cousins. I literally hold the mic throughout the song. I’ve been singing often, but not in front of a bunch of relatives and with my cousins as my support. It was one great experience though it was just a little uncomfortable singing in front of your relatives. And prolly despite how bad you sing, it’d still be good feedback. I did felt a little uncomfortable._MG_1954 _MG_1956 And this cousin of mine Justin; played the electric guitar as a performance. I seriously forgotten the name of the complicated song though I know it was a tough song to play._MG_1965 The ever joyous and lively Kong Kong:_MG_1969 Performance by my other cousins:_MG_1975 Don’t they look like twins? Adeline and Amy. Amy is just a year younger than me._MG_1979_MG_1995 I did a multimedia presentation for my grandpa’s birthday. It was just great memories to see how much each and everyone has grown. Yes, spot my baby picture in it if you can! 😛_MG_1997I just realised I’ve not uploaded the video on Youtube, i’d do so tomorrow aite? Love your precious ones!

Kong Kong’s 80th Birthday

How many people can truly say that they have 80 years of life? I am proud to be the oldest grandchild for my mother’s side and to have an amazing grandfather who loves me like no one else does. It’s such a fantabulous feeling being a part of this 80th celebration of my grandpa. The feeling of being a part of a great big family for one occasion is priceless. We celebrated his birthday at Marco Polo restaurant with quite a number of tables._MG_1780 This is my beloved grandmother (my dad’s side) who cooks for me everyday and brought me up to the fat size I am today._MG_1784 Here is my aunty with some of my cousins. Note, I am the oldest grandchild again!_MG_1786 This is my grandpa’s Morning Kaki who has tea with him every morning. My grandpa in red batik._MG_1788 On my left is my mother and my right, my aunty._MG_1790 Another gorgeous cousin of mine who actually performed violin that night._MG_1799 _MG_1800 _MG_1809 My family picture with grandpa._MG_1810 The BIG Family._MG_1866 _MG_1867 Lovin’ this picture with my mum. Or does she looks like my sister?_MG_1874 _MG_1879 _MG_1887 _MG_1920 _MG_1921 _MG_1922Here’s to end the first part. Mind me that I am a little busy. Will try to update as frequent as I could.

More Partays…

Forgive me for my absense for the past 4-5 days. I was crazily sick from Monday and Tuesday and I was like bed-ridden. But I think I am back almost in full force already. However, my throat is still itching. I had no choice but to complete this outstanding post too although I know it’s birthday posts in the last 2 posts. So, this time it was Siu Hui, Yi Hueih and Matthew’s Birthday. We went to Wong Kok in Pavilion. I don’t know who took my sexay back! 😛DSC02972 DSC02973 They just love starring a pretty girls.DSC02974 This is Matthew Oh Oh Oh…DSC02975 Sher Leen’s Vanity Pose in action. Since she stopped blogging, I thought I’d give her the Internet-fame for another few minutes (like what I did to Andy below)DSC02986 DSC02990 This is Siu Hui. :)DSC02991 DSC02995 And this is DJ Yi Hueih 😛DSC02997 I don’t know how we got into this but Matt was caught in his outstanding …… (fill in the blanks)DSC02998 DSC03000 DSC03002 DSC03007 DSC03008 DSC03009 DSC03012 DSC03014 DSC03016 Nama: Lilian Lim Lee Leng. Saya tak tahu kenapa dia ada banyak (tak tahu aper itu panggil) 😛DSC03020 DSC03022 DSC03027 Some group snapshots! :)DSC03039 DSC03040 And here was a party for the 3 fantastic ones! :) Always a pleasure celebrating birthdays. Spot me if you can! 😛

Edmund & Jian Hong’s Birthday

Here’s a quick update with some poor pictures. Nevertheless, it has been long since I last blogged about my Foundations gang. I used to blogged about them often but neh, not nowadays. Edmund and Jian Hong’s birthday both falls almost at the same time of the month. Hence, a dwi-celebration. We love doing that, save time (and money) too! But it ain’t easy gathering everyone since we were all from different classes and intakes now. To cut the long story (I am very long winded lately), we went to a restaurant called Big Mouth at Sri Petaling. Don’t ask me why the name is so awesome! 😛 DSC03053 Here are some random ugly shots of us:DSC03054 The food. I forgot what it is called.DSC03055 Featuring the co-star: Edmund:DSC03056 The cake goes: Happy Birthday Human and Penguin. I don’t know which is which but it just somehow appeared on the cake. I realised our cakes has never been simple. It has always been with funny names, words and all. Funny when you browse through those old albums.DSC03059 It took so many shots to get both of them to take a picture together. And it was like centuries.DSC03062 DSC03063 I just had to do this to them 😛 How lovely. 😛DSC03064 Here’s one thing I was so wanting to delete but I thought since he craved for fame so much, I should just make him a blog-star at . His vanity can beat none and he enjoys taking his ugly pictures of himself LOL. I deleted some actually! I doubt he’s an Internet star lar. If he can, I think I’m somebody already! 😛DSC03068 A long group picture:DSC03070DSC03071

My 20th Birthday – July 26, 2010

I can’t seem to express my gratitude and thanks to people whom have celebrated my 20th birthday with me and for me. The day started went I had to go for class; on a Monday morning where my classmates greeted me. And just when I thought, oh okay, parents leaving for Hawaii and Japan in the evening, I did not want to be so self-obsessed to do a party so I just thought, celebrating it alone was kinda unique too. But I was wrong. Mum brought my out to get my cake; and she wanted me to try Cake Sense, so I thought, okay. And with that dad and mum brought me to Jusco and bought the cake. Upon starting my mini car Atos, the car had a little trouble starting up and so dad warned me and gave me the battery guy contacts and the mechanics phone and all. He promised he’d pumped petrol for my car before he leaves, and so he did. And guess what? My car battery died in the petrol kiosk itself. Yes, on my birthday. Nevertheless, sent parents off. To cut the long story short, some youths came over to pick me out for dinner and man, I was so shocked to receive my birthday present. It was so fantatatastic. IMG_4034 It was one shocking present from these people and I really loved it. Apart from that, not to mention this hilarious video by Makiyo Yen and mum, Sylvia Chai for my 20th Birthday:

I’ve to said this year’s birthday has been so memorable after all. Another chapter of my life has been closed, and now I am no longer a teenager. Thank you for the over 600 Facebook Wall Posts, over 30 SMSes, over 20 Tweets – all across the globe, I could not ask for more. The cakes, meals, gifts, angpaus; I truly appreciate your love for me. And yes, you guys are loved :)