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I can’t believe I am bored to death currently now.

How I look forward to Singapore and Hong Kong trip! 😀

Dying to have something to do; place to go to; someone to talk to and crap with.

Hahaha. I am not making you all jealous but I am bored to death.

What else can do ah? 😀

it’s hard not to feel alone…

…it’s twice as hard not to feel jealous…

the feelings in me…


Suffering alone…
Sometimes I wonder…
But well, I feel so awayyyy…

Many at times..

Many at times, your intentions were right, but people would never choose to understand.

Many at times, you told the truth, yet it seemed unbelievable to many.

Many at times, you know what you’re doing but someone told you, you don’t.

And sometimes it makes you ponder and doubt what you’re really doing. Or probably what you’re really thinking.

If things would go easy, it won’t be called life isnt it?

Exams has not been much of a hindrance to me. I am still Facebooking, still blogging, still MSN-ing, still planning for ROCK, still this and still that. Does it seems like exams period to me? No, I am not smart. Neither am I prepared. I am just slacking and plain lazy.

My handwriting in my finals for the past 2 days and today, has been awful. I’ve never written so much in such short period of time. Thats why it’s awful. No, I am not defending myself. I deserved to be smacked upside down. My writing flew to the moon and back. I wonder how my lecturers are gonna read, mark and even give a score to my paper.

Well, another 2 papers to go then I am getting my freedom. Looking forward to the 1 month of holidays. Hopefully it will be worth-while and good. But, yeah. Not everything can make me happy but we’ll see how it goes.

I guess Singapore and Hong Kong keeps me going too. Knowing then I am gonna get some good holidays. It’s gonna be an awesome time! :)

Nevertheless, 2 more ugly papers – Business Communication Skills and Introduction to Media Theories & Culture. Boring papers. Definitly. But which exam is interesting lah?

Okay. Back to studies. Joseph left, by the way.

I am thinking about the people around me who has made an impact.



..hear me talk..



I shouldn’t but I am :(

The title says it all, ‘I shouldn’t but I am’.

I am not suppose to do it and yet, I am doing it.. Again.

I need to learn self-control. Very soon.

Or else, my life will be much more miserable. I think. Hahaha

I’ve been slacking a lot recently.

Till the point that I don’t realise exams is tomorrow.

How foolish can I be.

But well, I am still happy. Nothing emo.

I guess life has been awesome with the people around me making me smile every moment of my life.

What more seeing your youths endlessly passionate and fired up for Jesus is an amazing sight.

I guess, it’s not just them that makes me smile.
Many others too.
Although they’ve failed me over and over again; what makes you happy is when you know they remember you – still love you, still care for you, and still tries their best.


I was just challenged and ask to write about ‘The Influential People in my life’ or perhaps, ‘The People I love’ or in another words, ‘People that could Affect Me’ or ‘Top People in my Life’. I will write about it when I am done with exams or I get to bored with studying. Loads of elaborations and writing of names and prioritising it will be tough. But I will do it. =)

And on the other hand, my handphone can now update Facebook. Wooohoo.. XD
I am now someone up-to-date.

But yeah, life is fun at times.

Bukit Tinggi with ROCKers this Saturday!
Another awesome trip, I presume.
Come, join us if you are around.
We’d love to have you.

By the way, if you guys are reading on my blog: Write something lar..
I want to know. Don’t lar remain anonymous. Pleeeeeeeeaaasssssssssssseeee?

I will still love
I will still care
No matter what you’re gonna say and do.
I will still love and care
You’re in my life for a purpose


As I was reading up some Marketing and Management stuffs, I realised I have another 3 subjects (namely Computing IT, Media Theories and Culture, Business Communication Skills) which I have not touched. I know. It’s Friday. I have dad’s birthday dinner with family tonight somemore.

Nevertheless, I will just give my best shot. Coming to think about it, I’ve already passed my modules because of my assignments – it’s now a matter of grades. But I wanna get good grades of course. Me, hating Maths has got me into a degree which requires a lot of memorisation for the first year, first semester.

Second semester should be slightly more fun, I reckon! But what’s more interesting is my – ONE MONTH HOLIDAYS till about November. When people sitting for exams, I am on holidays. And when people having holidays, I am back to class. Ironic. Urgh. But should be fine, I am praying for a good timetable so that I can slack (opps!) , I mean rest more!

I’m glad that I have been praying and seeking God a lot and I hope I can meditate on His Word more too. Awesome times, as always. :) God has been revealing much about things that I have been going through and I will always fail to understand the big true picture. But well, I have surrendered my life to Him.

I know my blog posts has been without pics for quite some time. After my exams, maybe I will get some ADORE Pics up. Yeah, when people already talk least about it. Will see how. Or maybe holidays pictures! Gonna spend more time with my youths and doing some follow up details and data with them as well. I always enjoy meeting them and looking forward to every weekend.

By the way, making twitter sync to my phone was easy. But not twitter to Facebook. It still ain’t working. But at least I can update my status through handphone now. I am not a technology freak although I am studying in APIIT; thats for sure.

I have chose to be contented with that I have been receiving at some or most of the nights! :)
You don’t need to know what. LOL.

Anyways, back to my books! Exciting day tomorrow. Lunch appointments, youth service and grandpa’s house opening! How to study? You tell me..

Insomia. Shucks.

I wished for more because I have see the more of you.

I guess things are simple at times when you choose to take it as it is and don’t complicate it.

Yeah, bullshitting.

I can’t sleep recently.
Loads of thoughts.
I wonder why.

I can’t even nap.
Thats the most irritating thing ever.

I wished I could sms like last time till I fall asleep.
It won’t happen.

But yeah, I need sleep.
But I can’t sleep.

I miss it. I miss you. I miss you uni people. -)

the reality of it!

Many at times, you wondered why things must go this way, and why things must go that way?

You struggle to find answers to your questions; perhaps, I am stuggling too.

I can’t seem to find the answer
(or at least the answer I think would be acceptable and appropriate)

The more you know, the worse you get.
And just so you know, people around you don’t really care. Or do they?
I wished they do!
I’ve always believed and still believe actions speaks louder than words.
But many at times, I experience words speaks louder than actions through people’s words and actions.
But, I chose to endure. I choose to give in.
And it’s always all because of love?

I was disappointed and perhaps, I still am.
I had no idea why, but jealousy came about a little too.
Although after much rationalization, I think I shouldn’t be jealous.
Judging from words, certain actions could have been done but well, it was not done.
Promises made, but not yet fulfilled. (Notice: not yet)
And yet, I endure. I succumb to those pain myself; without giving it out to anyone at all.

Well, it was hard trying to look at things positively. Was very tough.
I wished time could pause for just a while more;
I wished words you utter would reflect love;
I wished more things could have been done.
But, it’s all wishes.
Definitely, at this point – I am not the happiest guy on earth
But can I do something about it now? Hmm..

3 has now been a significant number.
The years, the months, the days – the ups and downs – the tears and laughters – the fight the care.

Recently, I felt it has lost its significance. Or perhaps, I should say -losing
I am trying to gain it back but one hand just wouldn’t clap.
But life goes on… with much endurance and pain in the name of love and care. =)

I’ve always asked if ‘I was good enough?’ but the answer in my mind has never been certain.
Or perhaps, ‘Have I done enough?’
Or… ‘Have I done something wrong?’

Frustrations, hurt, lonely – best words to describe how I feel at this point. Sigh…
Can one hand really clap in this whole thing?
I wished.. I prayed.. Still wishing.. Still praying..
I am not expecting much.
Trying to make effort.
Trying to be okay.
It will be. I believe =)

But nonetheless, it was some joy in me though.
Just little.

Mixed feelings. Urgh.


Looking at the brighter side, I had quite an awesome weekend minus all the things I heard and went through.
ROCK ON SAT officially hits 40 youths; and prayerfully ROCK ON SUN will hit 60 youths too. God has been awesome in ROCK. :)
You count, People counts! :)

Farewell dinner with Joseph at Look Out Point with 30 over of them.
Great time, great fellowship.
Another person to miss. Joseph has been an awesome contribution in the ROCK Team.
Will definitely miss him when he’s over to UK for 2 years next week!
He’s a buddy I really cherished.
Someone really helpful.
Will miss all the fun times we had together. Again.

One by one; further and further. Shessh.
Misses Misses Misses..

Sunday was ordinary. My thoughts were running all over. Emotions too.
Well, it was since Saturday evening..
But what can I say? The youths really cheered me up.
Their laughter, their excitement just amazes me!
And I love each of them to bits!

Life goes on and I hope dreams and wishes can turn into reality. Just thats it! (: