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I appreciate if you just leave this post alone, people. Don’t even question about it.

I will always be wrong.

Everyone is talking about


is it that cool?
What has Michael Jackson done with moonwalking?

Anyways, can you guys moonwalk?

It looks cool at one point of time.


one of his good songs. Not that good though.

I loved…

I’ll be there…

Michael Jackson does not seem to have such a fan base until he is dead.

Is that a good or a bad thing?
He used to be so normal.

His transformations?
How he did it, often makes me wonders wide.

Now, he’s gone: what can we do?

I think the market is taking this time to gain opportunities instead.

How he died?
Everyone is uncertain?
Cardiac arrest? Side effects? Drugs?
What say you?

Ever wondered why…

Black and White

You tell me?


Let’s get random.

I want to fly more. Despite whatever flu.
Hong Kong is next, I guess.
But I want more.
This place is getting pathetic.
But well, wherever I am, my heart’s the same.

Looking forward to one week holidays in July 6.
I need sleep and more sleep and more hang out time.
I think my social life is getting slow already.

St John’s won the Band Competition.

And undeniably, it was mesmerizing.
I didn’t care if I was under the rain.
Who cares right?

I think I miss someone but yet, my mind is denying all of it.
Might be good; or it might not be.

I promise I will be mad if H1N1 closes down APIIT during my 1 week holidays in July.
Close next week, then more holidays lah!
Yes, I am mean.
People are mean to me as always also.

I am having flu.
Thanks to the rain yesterday.
But I think I am much better already.

Can I ever smile with a genuine heart ever again?
I don’t know.
Maybe. Maybe not.

I don’t know why the heck am I blogging now when classes is at 8.30 tomorrow.
But I’ve been always late for Mr Dharson’s classes anyways.
I know. It’s an hour class only.

I want more fun! More excitement.
Yeah. I am saying this when I am not watching Transformers 2 with 51 of you youngsters this Sunday. Urgh.

Another youth concert to go to tomorrow.
Sponsors are not replying already =(
Stupid Maxis is so freaking rude; just because we are a church.

With much hatred, I shouted at you today.

Yes, I think it has come to a point where I don’t want to be nice to you.

No, I never thought of even having a slight friction with your hands.

Not at all.

I told you not to stalk me, you pretended as though I said nothing.

But hey, please play far far away.

Or else..

This will not be my final shout at you.

Come on, mark me down if you dare!

You know I don’t care about how my assignments goes anyways, right?

You’re just annoying.


On the other hand, I sense distance.

I sensed more changes.




It really hits me bad – to see what has happened the past weekend.

But well, who cares? Right? Sigh..

Nevertheless, trying to give myself a great week ahead.

Not looking back.

It still hurts. But what more is left for me?


I start to think I am efficient. Haha.
I always finish all my work and I am so freaking damn free!
But I need work to keep my mind busy aite? Or else, I’d suffer emotionally.

Efficiency? Bet many of you think I ain’t an efficient guy.
But who cares lah? I really finish my work okay?


This weekend has been pretty aimless with lots of sleep actually.


Krispy Kreme Indulgence Party is fattening yet quite fun!


I wished I was around those people who has H1N1. Or perhaps I was.
Last whole week home observation in my house.
I want to be quarantined too.
No college. Nothing. Just sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!

But well, looking at the way it’s going.
I think soon i’ll be 😛
Yeh, call me lazy!

But yeah, feeling was scary when I was informed that my home would be under observation because of H1N1.

Life oh life…
Can you hear me out?

KLBC Youth Camp 2009

KLBC Youth Camp 2009 @ Pines Resort, Fraser’s Hill
from 1st – 3rd June 2009 with the theme UN1TY.

Pictures will tell you what happened.

Not much in gooodie mood to elaborate and type now la.

You have had been someone so dear to me and my heart.
Yet how you reacts to things shows immaturity.

But that does not mean you are not important to me.
You still are.

Seeing you pass me by day by day makes me wonder if I was invisible to you.

You too, once, was so close to my heart.

And now, *boom* it changes.


Are you taking life the hard way out?
I wonder…

But how I wish time could pass.
Ah.. Not again.


But God is gonna be sovereign in all these time of difficulties. I believe.


If I was important to you, I wouldn’t feel this way.

If I was important to you, silence won’t occur.


If you wasn’t important to me, I wouldn’t get angry and frustrated.

If you wasn’t important to me, I won’t at all give a big damn.


I still can’t take it in.
It hits me deep within.
I wished I was blind, deaf and stupid.
Blind- Not bothering what you do.
Deaf- Not knowing whats up with you.
Stupid- Believing and accepting every shit you telling me.
I feel so unimportant.

Will things ever change?
Will this heart ever turn bitter?
Will this pain ever end?
Only God knows..

God, please rule over it all :(

It’s so frustrating.

And to the person I know you’re reading this,
from my view.

Thank you for stalking me everywhere, but I am not interested. At all.

It’s starting to annoy me. And if you don’t feel me, I am telling you I ain’t interested.

Play far far from my sight.

I think I gave up.