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Hong Kong (Part 3)

Coming to Part 3, most of the pictures were from The Peak and the city. And call me weird, or crazy; cause I ate McDonalds at Hong Kong. Nothing was wrong with me; we just decided to eat McDonalds for no reason. There were strange menus on the board when I have not even seen them before; but I decided to stick to my Spicy Chicken McDeluxe. Don’t you think it’s the best burger in McD?hk pics 451Amazed by Chilli Sauce 😛 hk pics 452 hk pics 453 hk pics 454We saw this bunch of birds there; it was soooo friggin’ cute! Although I dislike animals, but hey, there are really cute! hk pics 455A picture at The Peak; don’t you think the background looks so like a wallpaper? hk pics 458 hk pics 459Here is where Sher Leen actually got confused with her gender; and capabilities! Opps, but look at the design, it’s so coool! hk pics 461A random shot, as we were walking around, they met this 2 young chap; which was so tall. Just when I thought I was tall enough, look at them – a head taller!hk pics 463Here are some photos outside of The Peak: hk pics 465  hk pics 467 hk pics 478 hk pics 479 hk pics 481 hk pics 483Please do not look at my belly! 😛 hk pics 484 hk pics 485We saw Haagen Dazs and we were drooling for it; but we didn’t manage to eat it though! hk pics 489 hk pics 491Here, at the town, we met Pastor Daniel from SIBKL; what a great coincidence. 😉 hk pics 497 If you are interested to see how Malaysians tortured the other Asians in the Conference; check out tomorrow! 😛 Hope Hong Kong doesn’t bore you to death! If it did, here is a video to entertain you:

Tell me if you had a good laugh!

Hong Kong (Part 2)

Here comes the interesting Part 2. After a good break, we head to the huge conference hall. We were more or less still very energetic; first day mah! And we all had a good rest the night before. The smiles on the faces just says it all.P1060481 Being a Asian event; each country were requested to do their performance representing their country. And here was the launching band from one of Hong Kong’s high school. Being from an All-Boys School, I had the privilege of seeing girls playing in a band (again!). I usually only get to see it when I am in the Band Competition! Yeah, aku jakun!hk pics 350I don’t know when and how was it, but she just fell asleep inside the bus. And here’s the pretty picture I WAS TALKING ABOUT, Jiahuei! hk pics 354We spotted Jusco in Hong Kong the next day on our way to the conference. Oh, did I mention that the location we stay is at least 30 mins drive or more to the Conference Hall? It’s so far, and we had to wake up like.. really early. hk pics 361We had workshops in the afternoon during the conference. I attended this workshop on “Tactics to Busyness” and it actually talks much about Time Management; and how Not-To-Be-Busy. I actually think that the workshop name should not be called “Tactics to Busyness”, it’s weird (and ironic, somehow!)hk pics 365Being the Starbucks fan, I’ve been always visiting Starbucks in other country for the fun of it. I visited Starbucks in Australia, and now in Hong Kong. It was just minutes walk from our Conference Hall. And I found this Salad (which of course, Malaysia doesnt have it!) hk pics 366We just had to take individual pictures with Starbucks! :) hk pics 368 hk pics 369This is what I call addiction; just look at her face! I guess she had lack of sleep though! And all she needs during this winter season was Coffee! hk pics 372But guess what, I decided not to drink in Hong Kong when all of them actually drank. I behaved  myself didn’t feel like drinking! hk pics 373I can’t exactly remember where this picture was taken from, but I had a feeling was from The Peak. hk pics 388 hk pics 396Another performance by another country. I actually don’t remember which country is which; except Malaysia and Singapore. That post should be coming next or the one after! hk pics 444I guess this was Japan; demonstrating some Taekwondo.  hk pics 447 hk pics 448The smiles at the conference. These smiles will always be a part of my heart! :) P1060480 I am missing Hong Kong already!

Hong Kong (Part 1)

This is a super long overdue post for Hong Kong; for those who didn’t know, I was actually away to Hong Kong at Dec 2009 to January 2010. Yes, I celebrated New Year there. I went with a bunch of monkeys youths there to have a good holiday as well as to attend a Conference there in Hong Kong for the Asia Pacific Christian youths. It was held for 4 days; and the rest were mainly holidays and tours. Here is 2 young ladies who joined us to Hong Kong right after their SPM pics 242We were so excited that we screamed, laughed, chat in the van. Okay, I know the picture below doesnt at all sound convincing because of the emo guy behind. But yeah, we were so excited about the trip that we took tons and tons of photos even before we reached the pics 248Thanks to my kind, generous dad, he actually drove us all to the airport. Here is a group picture of us – the Malaysia delegate at the airport. Spot the joy on our faces!hk pics 249Here, we were boarding on the train to our departure gate. We made noise wherever we were and I somehow felt the security guards might probably be thinking who this bunch of monkeys people are. 😛hk pics 250 hk pics 252Most of us were busy tweeting, calling, onlining at the airport while waiting for the aeroplane. And yes, we did not sit AirAsia this round. :)hk pics 260 hk pics 272 hk pics 273 hk pics 274 hk pics 275When we arrived at Hong Kong, a team of people welcomed us and we hopped on into our bus to head to the place we were gonna stay. Apparently, the place we were gonna stay is the border of Hong Kong and China; I still don’t know how true is that! hk pics 276First day, first night – already posing! hk pics 289Because we reached day a day earlier or so before the conference, we walked and went around the town near the meeting place to grab some food and to splash some money! hk pics 301 hk pics 302 hk pics 305 hk pics 309Just check that out – SHOPPING! hk pics 315Don’t you just love these egg tarts? The picture makes me drool! 😛 hk pics 323 hk pics 326 hk pics 327 hk pics 328This was a new found friend from Hong Kong. She was such a nice and outgoing girl! hk pics 334 hk pics 336  Here was our meeting place. :)hk pics 348 Stay tune for Part 2! I don’t know how many parts I am gonna post yet; I am still sorting out the pictures! There are just too many I want to share! Tell me how? :S

Urbanscapes (& Project Angkat Rumah)

Some of you guys may have know that I won a pair of tickets to Urbanscapes 2010 – The City’s All-Day Creative Arts Festival organised by KLuE. If you didn’t know, I wont it by writing a random comment (which I never thought I’d win) on their Facebook. Coming to read it back again, I somehow felt it is so lame. I actually submitted 2 comments on different days; but the winning entry was:winner klue Apart from this entry, the one I wrote before (which did not get posted on their Facebook cause of some problems) was:

Alvin does not like living and jumping in the jungle with the monkeys; and the only way to get out is to be urbanised at Urbanscapes!

Yes, lame stuffs. Anyways, I had 2 tickets and I went in with Bryan; but finally I had to leave early, so I passed by ticket to smashpOp thereafter when I realised he doesn’t have his. I had to say I am not very much impressed with the whole event; mainly because the things there doesnt attract me as much. I can just conclude that YOUTH’10 was a more well organised event. Here are some pictures I took, don’t be too amazed because I myself ain’t amazed after all. Thank goodness for the free tickets! 😛 Here was quite a disastrous pretty art workDSC02810 DSC02811Some of the shop at the marketplace; they were selling some tshirts; and I do love some of those super cool wordings on the tshirts. They make me look cool, I think.DSC02812 This area was a free-for-all to take. There are some really nice postcards that we can take. It does have some very unique, funky pctures. I only took like a few; just the nice ones!DSC02813 DSC02816 DSC02818 DSC02819 DSC02820Here is something I wanted to write about, Project Angkat Rumah.

“Film maker Liew Seng Tat with the support of Five Arts Center wants to re-live the spirit of gotong-royong by moving a house. Yes, they are going to carry and move a whole house to KLPac. Check out Projek Angkat Rumah.” –
Project Angkat Rumah Ad.

I have to say, it was a great effort of bringing people together to do something (for the better); it really showed great unity in diversity. People of different background, age, race, religion all come together – for one purpose, for one success. It definitely shown a good Malaysian spirit. Despite all this, yes, I am still proud to be a Malaysian. This was a short video I took when i was there. I am still impressed with the effort and teamwork shown. :)

Some other pictures to conclude the post: DSC02824 DSC02826 DSC02830 DSC02832 Thank you KLuE for giving me the free tickets; definitely has been one of a great day out! :)

Away for Today

Hey Readers,

My sincere apologies that I may not be able to update today. I’d be busy the whole day just cause I’d be at Urbanscapes in the morning; and Grandfather’s 80th Birthday at night. Now I am taking some time off for myself to drop you guys a message.

Come back soon!
With love,

Demolition of Pudu Jail

I am just a little late to post on my views on this issue. Apart from that, I am also in the process of sorting out some other event’s pictures to be in my upcoming blog posts. And if you are wondering where my Hong Kong posts are, I can tell you – it’s coming. The aeriel view of the compound of Pudu Jail 1Aerial And some background history of Pudu Jail: The 114years old Pudu Jail was built in 1891 (completed in 1895) on 10 hectares of land. It was then closed in 1996 where the prison was shifted to Sungai Buloh for operations. As a city KL boy, Pudu Jail has its significance in my life. I grew up seeing the long wall paintings as I heading to and from church. I can’t believe it with my eyes that it is (gonna) be demolished and torn down. My parents or friends that were older than me used to say this. “If you naughty, I send you/bring you to Pudu Jail, ok?”. You constantly hear this phrase, especially if you are misbehaving in the car. Or maybe, everytime you bring a foreigner guest to the city, you would show them with pride the mural art on the wall painted by the prisoners themselves; and tell them about the story and history of the prisoners and what happened at that time. Undeniably, Pudu Jail has much of an impact to all KL citizens. The main entrance to Pudu Jail2The inside view of Pudu Jail 3 Many parties in our country (or even in other countries) has criticised the the demolishing of Pudu Jail – due to the obvious reasons (read on). The different voices that has spoke against the project seemed to be unheard; or not responded to. 4Mural1 One of the many reasons that the Pudu Jail is being demolished is because of Traffic Congestion.But traffic congestion is not something which those of us who live and work in Kuala Lumpur are unfamiliar with. I mean, it could be good after all – to smoothen the traffic through destroying our own heritage. Is it worth it after all? What got me angered is this quote that I was reading:

Don’t worry; the Pudu Jail is only 114 year old. Just like the Bok House, age is not a contributing factor. As long as it is has nothing to do with the official religion or the native’s culture, demolish it! Rename all the roads and cities!

In the next 10 years, the site will be developed by UDA for the Bukit Bintang Commercial Centre project which includes a transit centre, apartment, offices, recreation centre, hotel and commercial buildings.

“If we are always demolishing, how are we going to build our history? What is going to be build at the Pudu Jail site, apartments? Who will want to buy property where thousands have been hanged?” – Bernama

I have no idea what the next 10 years is gonna be; but I have to say that Pudu will never be the same without Pudu Jail. Remebering those times where Pudu Jail used to be the landmark or “icon” of the city; especially in giving directions. Early of this week, the demolishing of the walls of the jail at 10pm:5 6 It is such a sad scene to see this building being torn down; I will definitely miss the wall especially. It may be too late to save Pudu Jail, lets hope that the awareness raised by this will strengthen the public’s resolve to be conscious of how fragile our heritage is and to speak up for its protection, conservation and preservation. – Bernama A last tribute to the ever famous Pudu Jail:

Photo from Google.

She’s Out Of My League Review (2010)

I was privileged to won 2 tickets because of a random post I posted on Facebook on a question by The Rage. They gave me the ticket for the premier in Malaysia on 21 June 2010 at Golden Screen Cinemas in 1Utama. I decided to go with my brother. Yes, first time with him for a show (and I am 20 now) The show “She’s Out Of My League” is rated as 18. It is an American Romantic Comedy Film directed by Jim Field Smith. It talks a lot of how self-esteem can affect the lives of just a person. Although the examples used was just based on looks of personality of a person; it’s just hilarious how they actually put the story. It also gives you an idea why the (so called hot, pretty) girl would choose a not-too-goodlooking-man to love. The movie breaks the stereotype that hotties just want to be with other hotties, reinstating that ‘beauty comes from within’. Jay Baruchel is tops as the mumbling geek who trips over himself, while the supporting cast outshine each other with hilarious lines. According to a friend of mine, this show has been released in United States for quite some time. Being too free, I actually googled it out and true enough, it was. Here are some of the posters you might be seeing.1 2 The poster in Kuala Lumpur looks like this:3 Some scenes from the show:4 5 The scene where the 4 “brothers” were in a discussion. Shes Out Of My League movie image Towards the ending, on how this guy actually decided to get back to his old, not-so-pretty-looking ex-girlfriend. 7 I think if you want to have a good laugh, this is definitely a show to catch up on. I’d say that the show is quite vulgar; nevertheless: it made me laugh and it made my day. Watch this if you’re looking for a safe, date night movie that doesn’t require too much concentration. Rating: 8/10

Singapore (Part 2)

A continuation of Singapore Part 2. We went like loads and loads of places before the concert night itself.

We went to the town and one of this hotel had this posh car right in front of the hotel; where Kai Liang managed to take a picture of it.

Someone brought us out for a late supper. So here we were.
Gaining like loads of weight!

A Group Photo (some were missing though!)

This was the place we stayed; quite a comfy place though.

In the church; posers lah!

We went to Hylam Street, Bugis Street and all.
If you are wondering what there is in Bugis Street; it’s so packed with people and things.
It’s worst than Petaling Street. I have to say that!
I couldn’t wait to leave the place.

How can we miss the zoo in Singapore right?
We went for the Night Safari, Singapore.
Was really nice, and the animals were lively!

And finally, I think this was the random photo of Jonathan Lee in the bus!

That’s all for Singapore.

I enjoyed the trip. A good time of rest and relax with friends; and to catch up with some Singaporean friends. But one thing, Malaysia still has the best food. AGREE? 😛

I’d probably be posting on the Review of She’s Out Of My League (2010) before we fly to Hong Kong!

Singapore (Part 1)

I know I am crazily lazy the past 6 months; when I took a break the past 6-8months from blogging. I just realised this fact when I was browsing through my albums and realised I have not blogged about certain trips or events that happened like many many months ago. Enough of my lazy crap.

I was at Singapore like (many) months ago to attend a concert by a church. And yet, we went there like 2-3 days earlier to enjoy ourselves there. So, here goes the pictures!

Arrival at Harbour Front via Aeroline Bus.

Food Republic at Singapore

I was forced to do this pose!

This is just Part 1. Will try to finish off Part 2 by tomorrow and then I’ll prolly blogged about Hong Kong. Yes, you read it correctly – HONG KONG posts. Heavy pictures post!

ROCK Your Neighbourhood Phase 2

Putting my words into actions has always been something I try to do (all the time).

I went with some group of youths from a youth group called (ROCK). We do charity/missions work every few months and we call this activity ROCK Your Neighbourhood. This is the 2nd time we are doing this; and that’s why it is called Phase 2.

For Phase 2, we went to stART Society. This Society is first of it’s kind. It helps to develop the needs of underprivileged children. Children from orphanages come to learn music, dance, drama, speech, design, writing and so on at this place.

stART Society is helps to develop this talents the kids have; to give them greater opportunities in the future. It is one really amazing place.

So, our task was to go to this place and just do whatever is in the checklist on each rooms. We painted, we folded, we washed, we teared and so on.

The Art Corner. Beautiful painting of the kids are presented here.

The hierarchy chart from the founders to it’s teachers.

We had fun while doing something for the community.

Discussing where and how to start first.

The white wall now turns applelish green.
You know I do like such colours, don’t you? 😛

Packing up and folding the clothes donated to them.

Okay, here is not what you should see.
But, nevertheless! 😛

…they were hardworking too…

If you are keen to help or interesting to find out more about stART Society; do check them out on the website.
Their place is at:
No 1, Jalan 5/39,
Off Jalan Gasing,
46000 Petaling Jaya,