Monthly Archives: July 2006

Life have been busy lately with many things going on at the same time..
I am not gonna blog n everything to maintain the quality of the site…

4O created a official class song which is lame…

Copyrighted by 4O
Words and Music by Alvin Kok and New Thong Leong

Chorus: 4O is notorious (really notorious)
Geniuses, retards, you name it
We are the best batch (so called)
We are all junks

VI Boon Jim is a frigid
Hana is so malas
Thiagu the black face one
Mun Wai the nerdy one

V2 Felix the crazy one
Kholid the annoying one
Jun Yang the horny one
Bryan the quiet one

V3 Eng Chah the supplier
Lai the liar
Aiman the Hong-kee
Aidid the absent one

V4 Soh likes to interact
Hakim the PJ-ing one
Kiang the small small kid
Raj the naughty one

V5 Danial the mag mag mag
Qi Kit the lazy one
Davis the kendo-forever
Thong Leong the cocky one

V6 Yin Tai the specky one
Christopher the racial one
Chern Min the mute one
Tharmaraj the one with brains

Bridge Here we gooooo…….. Let’s go…….
And Saravanan says…
(go to V7 & V8 & V9)

V7 Norra the effective one
Jane the ‘Her way’ sucks
Norbani the bunny styles
Leow the naggy mum

V8 Rismawati the pregnant b*tch
TMF the slow aunty aunty
Mahzabeen the super power
Vijaya the short and fat

V9 Tan the 40-year old virgin
Arnie the sophisticated-ly cool
Ustaz the interesting one
Jesu the ‘don’t give a damn one’

Well, i guess it’s a cool one…ahahha and it is lame!
Life has been busy and just okay…
Nothing big deal really happened though…
I am still okay with everything..
And i have changed my handphone, after less than 6 months of using the old phone…

I just don’t know why but my mind will always go blank when I can open blogger….. sighhh

it’s thursday

It’s thursday and it’s a day more to friday…
Every week, i look forward when it comes to friday because I can be free….
As in I can have a break after my hectic schedule…

It is tiring at times and I just need to take a break….


Life is not as miserable as I have always thought it would be…
In my previous posts, many said I live in despair, sadness, dark so on and so forth…
But it’s not that bad after all…

I do have to acknowledge my English teacher who constantly visits my site as well….

I thank you for making an effort to check out my blogs, or perhaps our blog…

Although life is miserable, people are irritating and annoying…
there are people who are great whoch makes life fun…
I wouldn’t want to give any examples here as it is kinda sensitive but I do hope there will be more people like this…
Life would be really fun with more of this kinda people… trust me!

Studies have been really hectic, workload is increasing
But 4/O is fun….. really fun….
We are the class of pornology (proud of it)..
We have a pornologist lecturer (Jun Yang)
We have PEKA for pornology subject…
We do grafitti when teacher is not in..
We gossip!
We don’t do our homeowrk but we never get caught
We use computer in class to surf the net
We talk about girls…
We look down from our window and we litter..
We climb on the chair as we like
We climb on tables as well
We take teachers’ pictures to create Friendster accounts
We take pictures in class
We have a ‘Saravanan’ in class
We have firgids in class, as well..
We destroy tables and chairs…
We put up ‘cool’ articles in the class notice board like girls, stress, suicide, teachers
And most of all, we talk when teacher is teaching….

Well, my birthday is coming and whoever is reading this should know what to do…


Pn Vijaya is exclaiming that the drama team is creating more dramas in class..
What on earth is that kinda nonsence? but i seriously don’t really understand what she meant by that!
She, as my ‘Penyelia Tingkatan’, who is fierce outside, soft inside has many different philosophys and she always lecture us on communication skills in class, as the nerdy frigid Boon Jim has no communication skills other than study study and study. It’s kinda fun to see her bullying and giving work to Boon Jim to make him not-to-study so much!

Let me share with you people on some philosophys she have for us. (By the way, she has 1 or even more everytime she enters the class)Here it goes,
‘Laziness is taking a break before even getting tired’
‘Malaysia is a holy place for terrorists’
‘Budak ST.John suka amalan Jahiliah, sebab itu peperiksaan sekolah tek pernah keluar’

I have no idea why she likes to compare us with Victorians, but I guess to her, St John’s is never good. And the question here is, why she wants to teach in St John’s if we are not good. Plenty of teachers are fighting to enter smart schools! She always claim that VI is smarter than us, and she will blah a lot about Victorians- saying Victorian is smart but have no communication skills and manners and so on…
She just likes to compare and we are never good enough..

Similarly, life is just like that…
No one is ever good enough!
There is indeed a difference between perfection and excellence
God has said to desire for excellence and not perfection
Prefectionist is being perfect and no one is perfect since the day we were born.
Excellence is different. God is an excellent God; therefore, we need to give Him our best!
I have never aim to be perfect but I always aim for the best.
I don’t know if that is a good habit!

I have also discovered that giving our best doesn’t assure each and very one of us our best!
For example, Shaun. He studied really hard and he failed most of the exams. I am seriously sad for Him. He can even contemplate suicide after receiving his results. I just don’t know how to help him. But I hope my encouragement will always remind him. His father is seriously strict, he NOW has no handphone and is always on curfew. I seriously don’t know how to help him. Teach me, someone!

My results has gotten from good to bad and bad to worse. I don’t know how to help myself. I am just stuck. I know I am fighting with within myself at times and making silly desicions, but I just can’t help it. I always felt that I have lost my brains or something after entering Form 4. The fight within me is seriously bring hurt at times. I don’t know how to help my self yet, but I am looking for aternatives. I wanna be the top again! I don’t wanna fall. I just don’t know what is wrong with me! Work load from school is getting more and more, and at times, i don’t even get to finish it! (or is it I don’t wanna do?). I just don’t know what to say.

As for my outside life, I am totally fine with it. Friends and family is all as normal.

I guess i’ll stop here… see ya people…ciaoz… tag me lar…

Wow, tody was just an okay-day for me…
I got y EST paper and I am still unhappy over the marks, although I got an A1. I am not bragging but I am serious..
All I got was 85, and mosly other students got 80 and above. So, it doesn’t show that I shine in this subject as I used toshine in my languages and EST paper. Argh, languages is my cup of tea where I usually dominate in class. But I seriously don’t know the overall marks for my Englsih and BM yet…

School is the usual boring routine. Assembly finished at the normal time although Mr Peter Yii isnt here. Thanks to Dr Puva.

Chemistry was rather fun today. We studied in class instead of the lab! Teacher taught us the way we could understand and I enjoyed it! It wasn’t bored at all, maybe cuz today teacher is feeling good about something. Maths class was the normal fierce class but of course we understand lah! Add Maths class is rather boring, I hate her classes. Seriously, she teaches and I can understand 0 things. Physics is worst! I hate her class. It’s so boring and I don’t understand what the heck she is teaching at all. I am so gonna write a complain letter on behalf of the class and complain bout her! I don’t care anymore… WHo the hecks care about her and her baby? I seriously don’t. She doesnt deserve any care from any of the students. She just sucks. EST class was just the usual, where the teacher ask and she answer herself.LOL

I guess thats all for today… ciao

Life is miserable

Seriously, life is miserable people…
I got some of my results, and it isn’t that satisfying although i might get some of the best results..

This is killing me…..
Form 4 is like a nightmare to me…
I am just sppechless, as usual…

But for one thing… i enjoy my classsssss….
4/O just rocks… we have fun and we are just pure crazy….
we do lots of nonsence in the class, so,and i enjoy it to the maximum….
it is just amazing… it amazes meeeeeeeeeee
i hope while having fun in class, i still get to do well lahhhh