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I had a weird dream last night.

Will share when I return.

I hope it isn’t true >

Birthday with Foundations-mates

There you go.. Pictures aren’t that clear but can be used. Not much elaboration needed laaa LOL.
Below is the Fried Ice Cream. Quite nice eh 😉

And the rest is history. (:

Post Birthday

Many at times, people think that I am the Know-It-All. People thinks that I tend to know everything. And to a point, it’s starting to annoy me because I am not GOD. I am just human. I have my weaknesses too and definitly I don’t know everything. Unless I choose to find out.

I’ve came to realisation that we must learn to accept people’s weaknesses at times. I don’t know whether I learned this lesson because of my emotional self yesterday or is it because I really learnt it. Nevertheless, everyone has their own habits and weaknesses and sometimes our ego makes us hard to come down.

I am emotionally drained. Having a hard time. But have not let go. Perhaps, the foolish me is still fighting on instead of giving in this time. I don’t know why but what happened hit me really hard this time. Sigh.

Why must people change? And Why am I always victimise? Or perhaps, I am not victimise.

I have the hard to settle the issue and to start it all over. But there is a slight fear; but who cares? I am stubborn.

But Lord, why such things often happens? I am coming to realise that I am not good in handling people and relationships as well. But I am learning.

Can things fall back in place? I wonder.

I know it sounds a little dull. Considering the title says Post Birthday. I am blogging this because I sense the above issue is a priority in my life. Not any other celebrations or with any other people. I don’t care.

Generally, my birthday this year was not as great as the previous years. Honestly, it was not. I still think last year’s was the best?

On Friday, I was brought out to lunch with my Foundations Class Classmates; near OUG. These guys treated me meals but of course they did not let me go off so easily. I was first, smashed with tarts (which I heard costs RM 10); and after that forced to think the candle on the cake. My face were creamed. Thankfully I had no classes after lunch. Pictures later.

On Saturday night, after Youth Service, Family brought me to dinner at TGIF. Had some family time. And was once again, forced to do something stupid. Stand on the chair and say a speech to everyone in the restaurant. Just to get a free special expensive cake. But the cake was really nice. I think was ice-cream cake.

On Sunday, church as usual. The ROCKers gave me a suprise in ROCK Junior, Discovery and Powerhouse combine. After I worship lead, the came out with a cake and yeah, was once again asked to do some stupid things. And was all again creamed. But nevertheless, these youths had a great heart for me. And I truly appreciate that.

At night, I went to DUMC for their youth concert just to look see look see and to summarise, the concert was crazy. Crazy as in a bad crazy. They sang mostly secular songs. The did tattoos there. And all kind of funny stuffs; which doesnt at all symbolises what Christians are. Well, I should just keep my mouth shout. I was with some youth leaders as well.

Edit: Not to mentioned, before DUMC: We dropped by EaglePoint to meet Cuzario and Neil because Su May ordered stuffs from them. Had some visit and getting some air cond. And there we left.

I still feel empty despite these happenings. Well, I shouldn’t demand for more. I know I have great friends around me. I truly appreciate that. Talking about gifts, I received I think only 1 this year. Sigh. But nevertheless, I think I should be grateful. Hmm..


If you could’ve afford to do this on my birthday, that shows how big a heart you have for me.

Feeling betrayed, felt being taken for granted.
All on my birthday.

What have you done to make me happy this day?
…when I was all out for yours…

Is this it?

I have had a long night to myself yesterday.
Slept almost very late.
A time of just thinking to myself; once again:
Why things has ended up this way?
Was it ever my fault?

Yes, the questions are once again playing.

I have no issues if you want to call me stubborn. I am.

I am asking myself, ‘Can someone let go of things so easily if he has once held it tight’
or; ‘Maybe this someone has never once held it tight’.

I don’t know. And not for me to care either, right?

Thanks to the Foundations Class for once again making my day!
Thanks for spending RM 10 of cream to smash me with.
Wasting money lah, you guys.

Pics coming up soon.

A happenin’ week, i reckon..

Porn Movie = Laid?

I hate how some people tends to accuse one of their own mistake.
I find it stupid.
Yeah, you are overcoming your own weaknesses by hiding and bringing some others into the play.

These few weeks, I have been pondering a lot about my own life.
I have been thinking and don’t know why; telling myself that I have a lot of weaknesses.
Weaknesses that I am tired to play pretend with or to get someone else to cover it.
Yes, the starting line refers to how much some might hate me as well for doing that.
Counting my weaknesses – I think it will be countless.

But I have realised God overcame my weaknesses.
God’s perfection overcame all of it.
Despite what I hate about myself.

Like someone who once told me this;
‘You watched a porn movie, doesn’t mean you get laid’.
It won’t seem nice accusing one at times.
I have been accuse, I am sure you have too.

As much as I hate others accusing me, I think I should stop accusing people and just admit my weaknesses.

I have been extremely busy but i am not doing much.
I don’t know why but my lazy cells are getting me.

Note: I am not telling you to watch a porn movie or get laid. Thats just something hilarious someone told me. And it’s still funny.

The Watermelon Feast!

THE ROCK Watermelon Party.
Organised by my youths!
Was fun and exciting!
But don’t try such things at home.
Or you’ll get killed by your mum.

ADORE09 Blogaway Contest

starts today!

All you need to do..
is to write a post.

…short or long

long or short…

…upright downright

funny or serious…

…lame or meaningless


It won’t cost you much, would it?

Cash prizes up for grabs that night at the concert!?!

All it costs you is just a little bit of time.

Still not convinced?

Let me write more..

This Blogaway Contest requires you to write a post about HOPE.

Whether you want to show some videos, do some analogies, write stories etc etc.

It’s entirely up to you.

Finally, Email your BLOG URL and FULL NAME and CONTACT to

Await results on ADORE09 Youth Concert; August 22nd 2009; KL Baptist Church; 4pm-10pm.
Concert starts at 7:30pm-10pm
ADORE Bash (Partying) starts at 4pm-7:30pm

Ask me if you need more information.

Just write, Just come!



People have been asking me a lot about someone yet I struggle to answer everytime.

Just this afternoon, same thing.

Why? Because I don’t know anything.

I practically told them to find out themselves about this person and it’s a rare I’d do that huh?
But once in a while, I still scroll through my handphone inbox.

Nuff” said.


I thank God for busy schedules which help take away all my thoughts.

It is tough.

I know on the inside, it is struggling.

But what can I do?
Perhaps, what have I not done?

Giving my best and getting something like this in return kills.


About the analogy in my previous post.

I’ve not figured an answer either.

Maybe some people just goes around getting new friends.

with friends, family, schoolmates.

It’s all in a mess.

I’ve never been good at it since day 1.

And all I thought was to give my best in all of it.

And to keep giving, giving and giving.


I feel old.

Wearing a new Adidas t shirt to church today makes me feels so old.

I don’t know why.

When I got it, I thought it felt so youthful.

Bah. I am getting old.

My mum just said in another 7years time maybe I can have my own child.
Cause I complaint Sue Ann is not fun to play with anymore.

I like kids, they make my day.
I can just smile with them all around.


How much can you affect the person you care for?
For me, I think none.
But I’ll still go to the ends of the earth.

Jesus’ did too.