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After such a busy ISKL, i am back blogging!

It’s great…
*missing schools for 3 days(Wed-Fri)
*going to ISKL meeting new people
*not having homework for 3 days
*not seeing all of my teachers for about 5 days!
*to receive allowance for going to ISKL-RM 24.00


It’s not great…
*cathing up with studies
*with the homework i’m currently having

Anyway, let me show you how much homework i really have, indeed it sucks!

Karangan, Rumusan, Buku Latihan Pro Eksel and Tatabahasa
Daily Journal(to be emailed to teacher), NSTP Essay Competition, English Week Drama Script, Reading Comprehension- 4 pages of exercises
as usual, daily questions and exercises
I have not done all the exercises in Chapter 2!
Extreme Busters A Exercises Chapter 1 and 2
Lab Reports
Notes, Latihan Bab 2

The fact is Ive gotta pass up all this book before exams!
And exams is around the corner… Next Wednesday!

By the way, have anyone heard anything of BioMetrix?
Our schools is going use that for Student’s Profile.
We’ve gotta take individual pictures and finger print..
So lame…

I think I’ve gotta go liao,
By the way again, i’ll be going to Bangsar Actor’s Studio tonight for a show..
So, ive gotta finish my homework before i go..

love u guys!


*This post is a collection of things that happen to me the past 1-2months

A word to describe Asian Baptist Youth Camp: Wow!

It was indeed a great experience meeting people from diffrent country, different race and people with different culture [including different attitude lah!]
This conference indeed is a very memorable one!
About approximately 700 people joined the camp! And i was 1 of the 700…

We had a good time of fellowshipping with other people and getting to know them as well!
I personally enjoyed the great time of worship… It was just AWESOME!!
The conference was awesome and i managed to learn a lot from it! It benefited my life, indeed!

*I shall upload the pictures another day! My computer is having some difficulties uploading it!! Therefore, watch out for my next blog!

PMR Results!
Some people might still be curious about my PMR Results!
It’s amazing how i scrap through PMR.
I have been studying like mad just for it and i guessed everything has been paid off!
I got 6A1B. I know it is not excellent but i think i’ve done my best and i’m going ahead preparing for more- SPM.
I am currently taking pure science stream which includes add maths, physics, chemistry and biology.

Was a good celebration, receiving gifts and i got some of the things i wanted. I’m so blessed!!

New Year and Chinese New Year!
Everything is the same and not much changes! As usual!
Every year the same, boring celebation!

Happy Blessed Belated Christmas!&

Wishing u a blessed, happy and prosperous New Year!