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Shoooo..t Them!

If you know me well, or even you don’t; you’d know I am not a big fan of sports. I am one lazy pig. But I’ve always dreamed of whacking my teachers or shooting arrows at them when I hate them so much last time. I used to have this teacher who threw our books out of the windows when there are mistakes or undone work. And I used to secretly wish I had a book to throw right at her face. Mean but I really wished that happened. Here’s one activity I did recently that brought back such memories – Archery. I was at Stars Archery in Berjaya Times Square for a trial the other day to help do I LOVE DISCOUNTS next promotion. I thought it was tiring at the same time a fun activity. Though I wish in the future, there will be an archery which allows us to print our enemies faces and place them on the board for us to shoot. Anyone agrees?D3C_7223At Stars Archery,  you’d be given a personal training. Despite my hatred towards sports, I thought the training was pretty intensive, and stressful for a newbie like me. I actually tweeted that “There is this girl who is intimidating me”; thankfully, after I tweeted, she got done with her game and went off. And here comes another pro, I was like.. This is bad. Really bad. He’s really good too. But who cares right? It’s all done in the name of “FUN!”D3C_7231 Colours brighten up my days. Okay, random but yeah pretty tidy and neat place for such a place!D3C_7232 My turn through hell. Not that bad, but I got some “lectures” and some kinda talk on how to handle it. I was sweating all over. Stress gila! 😀D3C_7236 I got down to some actioooon!D3C_7237 Laughing about something my colleague was commenting. I know I suck at it. But I did it anyways. So, who cares if you suck right?D3C_7240 D3C_7241 See I was getting worst, so another guy came to coach me. Personal attention fuih! Giving you a chance to feel like a celebrity. HahahaD3C_7244 D3C_7245 D3C_7247 So, I did better and was left alone now. I felt lonely but pretty shock la. Especially the moment you let go the arrow, your heart skips a second. Really!D3C_7252 D3C_7255 D3C_7261 My last act of being a pro. No, not a pro but I had fun. You’ve gotta try it and I can assure you the deal is dirt cheap. Check out all next week for the deal. It’s coming. I assure you. It sure is.

1Malaysia Email – Need?

I initially wanted to take a break from blogging but I decided to put this into words. So, the mega news circulated over the Internet and creating a massive chaos over all social networks – Facebook, Twitter, etc. So, whats your take? I am gonna make this as thought provoking as I could, as how I always want it to be instead of making you flush down my thoughts in your throat. What is 1Malaysia Email? – It is basically an email given to any Malaysian above 18 with Does it makes one cooler or more united by just having the same surname or end-name? We could all be called Alvin Malaysia. How does that sounds? If you think having the same surname brings unity, I want you to know that it’s just a “name”. How about talking about issues regarding this whole concept? Security – You have to agree that Malaysians, generally can be the No 1 in introducing any products or any services. But when it comes to maintaining, we fail miserably. And hence, Security (password leakage) and all could be an issue. And this is something Malaysians really need to work on, MAINTAINING. Privacy – If you think you like someone opening up your emails reading them once in a while, then you are gonna love this. And imagine this is the GOVERNMENT portal holding all your I LOVE YOU, WHY NO KISS ME? I HATE YOU messages. I am diverting this away from politics; but ponder this: What if you talk bad about the government? We are a democratic country anyways? And all in all, COSTS – I don’t really care who is forking out the money. It doesn’t really matter. My point here is: Is 50 million worth it when something that is better and more established is already at our doorstep? 50 million could have done a great deal with closing the digital gap in Sarawak and the urban cities, yes? Are we really being thrifty by spending 50 million? Speculations have warned that Malaysia is going bankrupt. I am not talking about the authenticity of this news, but government should be THRIFTY in their spending. 50 million could bring 50 million smiles, 50 million could bring 25 million homes, 50 million do a lot. To sum it all, here’s the view of Chief Minister of Penang, Lim Guan Eng said to Prime Minister on this issue:

And I have to agree your suggestion is brilliant. This is clearly not a chicken and egg issue. When you have no WiFi, you have no connection, you have no connection, you have no email. My take: ADDRESS THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM. Give free WiFi. To make your day brighter: 1memail

Singapore 2010 (Last Post)

If you’ve been wondering where to go, what to do, how to waste some time in Singapore. Here are some brilliant ideas. Ideas regardless maybe price can be an issue. But good food in Singapore, good places to visit in Singapore or to be more specific, good seafood in Singapore. Here’s one pick!DSC03191 It’s really good food despite me not being a fan. I drool looking at such delicious food. It can be found in Singapore. I am not joking. It’s called MellBen Seafood, located at Ang Mo Kio. Book seats before going, it can be quite pack though. 😉DSC03194 I’ve to say that this is one of the non-seafood that I enjoyed the most. It’s a meat floss mushroom thing which is really appetizing. DSC03195 Bring you some crabs in Melben. It looks delicious, don’t they?DSC03196 DSC03197 Next up, what to do? I visited some friends and all. This baby is just cute, don’t you think so? I can put the picture all over my desktop soon! LOLDSC03199  DSC03204This is one of the reasons why I like or love Singapore. Their houses and condominiums are just gorgeous. I wouldn’t mind staying in such places. It’s luxury condos. And if you think there are a lot for sale, sorry. Not really. Well sold.DSC03208 As I was staying with some gang in Thomson Road. I had my share of “lonely breakfast” and how to cure such loneliness when everyone went out for meeting? i bought myself some breakkie! I’ve stil no idea why I’d buy nasi lemak there. It’s probably just.. Convenient?DSC03209 DSC03212 Orchard Central has the best shopping mall decorations too! I like this cute Octopus.DSC03216 Thinking how things are just not the same. Somtimes, life does hit on us, don’t they? Okay, I shall not rant so much!DSC03220  If you are at Singapore, Ben and Jerry is a much try! B&J is just awesome!DSC03224 When you decide to eat the Octopus eyes, here’s what happened: DSC03230  This was on the rooftop of Orchard Central. Pretty awesome location!DSC03243 DSC03247 Dinner place. Good abalones can be found here. Big ones too. At Victoria Peak, Singapore.You get really good abalones.DSC03248 Dinner menu. Looks really good, right? DSC03253 Size of the abalone:DSC03254 Some other snapshots:DSC03255 DSC03258 It’s holidays. Who wouldn’t go for supper right? So here we are: Mamak Shops in Singapore.DSC03262 Sweetcorn soup. Yes, in a mamak stall.DSC03263 DSC03264 I am amused with the names. Pretty cool!DSC03266  I ate this sinful thing at 1am. Yes, in the morning. DSC03273 With that innocent look on my face, I ate the whole banana split. Tell me what is fat again?DSC03274 DSC03275 A picture of scarecrow. Pretty good one. Handmade I guess!DSC03281 Ending this post with THE OIKOS – Taste and see that God is good!DSC03282Have an awesome Tuesday evening yo!

Selangor Has More…

This blog post is submitted as an entry to Tourism Selangor Writing Competition. So, I decided to go point by point and tell you my favourite. As a brief history, I actually shifted to Ampang, Selangor a year ago and I actually only passed by Selangor daily. But being a KL-ite, if you don’t pass Selangor, you are definitely missing out something. Getting back to the post: Selangor Has More…. FOOD: food Face the fact, I am a Malaysian. I can’t run away from food. We are all spoilt for choices. And everywhere I head to, it’s usually “Have You Eaten?” or “Jiak Pa Be?”. Thats how we really start our conversation. But my real pick in Selangor? This one: ramli This Ramli Burger gives me a “burg-asm”; my friend claims it. It’s one of the most messy burger I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s also a stall with long queues all over. Location: Jalan Kerja Ayer Lama, Ampang between ISKL and SPCA, infront of 7 Eleven. PLACE TO STAY: For obvious reasons right? I stay there. Sure there are place to stay. But I mean if you are tourist, Selangor is one of the states which has the best and coolest hotels all over the town ranging from Gombak to Klang to Kuala Langat and to Sepang. If you want the starts and the moon, Selangor Hotels definitely has different star ratings on their hotel. From backpackers inn to mid-range hotels to classy hotels. stay If I were to take a pick, I’d be bias. Cause here is my pick: house My House! It’s too comfy. I like the way it is. The environment. And of course the people in it that makes it much cooler eh? Location? Sorry, message me to find out la. Trust me. It’s the coolest place on earth! SIGHT-SEEING: I bet, it won’t be complete. The list just got too long that I can’t even tell you all of them. But some interesting places in Selangor includes: see There are just too many that I can’t even pick one to select. But in the whole long list, I am proud to have been to some of them. But someone sponsor me to go to all of them, can? But.. Let me just say this is my pick, and I think you’d have to agree with me: icity This was taken at i-City in Shah Alam. One of the most phenomenal lighting effects you’ll ever see in the world. Address of i-City: CityPark, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor THINGS TO DO: I actually don’t mean this in a bad bad way. I dont want to give you things to do. Instead I give you luxury to enjoy. Thats me, luxury is me. Honestly. So, here you can go shopping. shoping In my honest opinion, there are so many shopping malls in Selangor. A few I enjoy most? Here’s my pick(s)! There are just too many yo! Jaya One Mall:(No. 72A Jalan Universiti, 46200 Petaling Jaya 46200 Selangor Darul Ehsan.) One Utama Shopping Centre: (1, Lebuh Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.) If you are young and energetic, just like my. And all you wanna do is to Party on the Dancefloor, fret not cause Selangor does have Nightlife. nightlifeYou’ve bars, bistro, restaurant which you can party your night away. Okay, not in the restaurant. But my point is, if you are on a trip or a tour in Selangor, you don’t want to waste a single second here right? It’s important to make your trip worth-while. Here’s my pick for Nightlife: Laundry: (Lot G75 & 76, Ground Floor, Western Courtyard, The Curve, No. 6 PJU 7/3, Mutiara Damansara, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor) No I am not asking you to do your Laundry. But go check them out. It’s pretty awesome. Up next, EDUCATION. I beg to differ when people tend to think Education in other countries are better. It’s not always the case. educationThere are just too many education institution in Selangor. One of my neighbouring College, which I think it’s one of the best in the line is International Medical University Location: Jalan 51/215 Seksyen 51, 57000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor And also, I am not a Sports fan, but it’s always good to give yourself a tid bit of fresh air. Or I just love pronouncing it as “freshair”. todo2You know where sports bring people together. Sports is also important in bringing good health. In Selangor, it’s not just a place filled with Sports location, but Selangor itself is famous for hosting and sponsoring Sporting activities. I think one of those that I sounds most interesting in the website was: Flying Fox and Abseiling. Location: Pisang Waterfalls near the Karak Highway Don’t ask me why it’s called Pisang Waterfalls okay? Maybe the Waterfalls there really grow bananas. Also, Selangor Has More… OPPORTUNITIES. Whether it’s personal or business growth, Selangor offers a wide range of Opportunities. money Here’s my unsuccessful attempt in looking rich. No, I ain’t rich. It’s just 1 bucks. You’ve to experience Selangor yourselves to know the Opportunities you can get out of here. My pick? No exact, but hit me up at when you do get opportunities. I’ll be happy. HAHA CULTURE: In a diverse country like Malaysia, Selangor offers great cultural values and traditional differences which shows the uniqueness of Malaysia. We celebrate everything and anything. It may sound ugly and weird, but we really do. We are happy for each other. And that’s what it’s all about. Check out when I say we really do celebrate for one another: indian Notice the dots on our foreheads? We were celebrating Deepavali and I thought it was pretty fun and nice to do! All in all, Selangor covers all aspect of LIFE. It gives me pride to say that I am from Selangor. What more do you want in a country? or even in a State? It’s all in here. Again, this blog post is submitted as an entry to Tourism Selangor Writing Competition. I hope it helps you in making Selangor your next home or your best tourist destination. =)

Jelita Gala Night

  This is a long over-dued post. I need to get my buttock to start moving and to post up all the pending or over due post. In my attempt to make my blog more popular, I’ve decided to feature people. This time, I chose to feature some self-obsessed people whom attended a gala night with my parents. Jelita was a Malay magazine which actually worked with Alfio Rado.IMG_0227 IMG_0228IMG_0226 If you wanted a cool stage lighting effect, this is one example. I thought the lightings were brilliant and was very cleverly done. And the lighting manager’s role was clearly well done. The effects of the night brought out the atmosphere of a high class dinner, despite the hall which was not well maintained.IMG_0232 This was one of the picture I decided to feature. I told you, it’s my attempt to gain more popularity on the blogsphere. I’ve decided not to be selfish but to share and feature people too. In a good way. Haha.IMG_0234 IMG_0235 IMG_0236This girl which did one of the performances blew my mind and my eyes, and whatever you want to call it. She CAN REALLY SING.IMG_0265 IMG_0237 How can Alvin not talk about food right, here’s the menu.IMG_0240 Some souvenirs and chocolates. 😛IMG_0242 Some famous hot artists who was there to model and speak. Erra Fazira was one of the gorgeous one, Marsha from Akademi Fantasia too was pretty awesome. The rest I weren’t too sure.IMG_0244 Another attempt of shamelessness. Haha. Kidding.IMG_0245 IMG_0251 IMG_0252 This is real shamelessness, it was a brand new camera at that time, so they were playing with features. How I became the model? Don’t ask me. I don’t have guides on How To Be A Model.IMG_0254 IMG_0257 IMG_0263 IMG_0264 She came up once again to entertain and mesmerise. Pretty awesome stuffs. And this is one of the best STOMP performances, or Drum Performances for a Dinner Night, Gala Night, Event or whatever you call it. Was pretty fascinating – the beats, the movements and the tunes.

I mean, giving all the noisy bands a break, this would be a perfect idea to use for a great prelude and opening, right?

Flashback of Randomness

I was just figuring that I’d want to be taking a break from my routine blogging style and bring you some flashback which I evidently remembered that I did not post them up here. These are mostly random shots from everywhere (not exactly: just 3 locations). I thought I’d just post them up, and maybe you can make a script or story through these pictures? What say you? First thing’s first, learn magic stunts and magic show on my blog. It’ has successfully fooled Jiahuei Chong, with my Godfather’s step-by-step magic. You wanna learn step-by-step magic, you can holla me. LOL.IMG_0465And she still got so amazed with the simple tricks, just at Old Town White Coffee. IMG_0466 Next up was something we did quite a while ago, Buffet Steamboat at Yuen, Sunway. A gathering of a bunch of 10 people in 1 table, simply to have loads of funn!IMG_0478 Featuring her again, Jiahuei Chong:IMG_0493 The Lilian Lim:IMG_0494 The Jessie Loh:IMG_0495The Onion Kung:IMG_0496 Yuen’s has a pretty wide range of food I’d say. How’s the food? I thought it was okay, but the fact that you have a wide range of selection and eat-all-you-can buffet. I think that’s pretty awesome. It has long queues too. Pre-book if you wanna enter. Worth a try, if you’ve never been. Here’s really how random people party! ___________________________________________________________________________ Business Hours: Around 5.30pm to 11pm
Location: Restoran Yuen Buffet Steamboat (At Shop lots opposite Sunway Pyramid) 32A-1, Jalan PJS 8/6, Mentari Plaza, Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor (map)
Price Range: RM18.80 per person (Note: Does not include drinks)
Tel: Mrs. Susie Teh – 016-2086678, 56375825


This was an event held in January. I thought it was pretty successful. If you are looking for youth ministry ideas or events; this is definitely one of the most successful thematic youth event I’ve attended. The idea was a launching event to kick off the year. So we thought of calling it ALOHA which meant HELLO, i think. =D Dress code was obviously Hawaian ; refreshments was definitely some pizzas. It was a wet-party. Some of the girls decided to pose and be beautiful for the few seconds.DSC_4417 DSC_4418 It was then a great time of worship. How can we kick off a youth ministry without WORSHIP?DSC_4429 DSC_4431 DSC_4434 DSC_4440 And here, we go to the rooftop for some awesome games and ice-breakers. We had 2 big pineapples as decorations. I think this is the biggest pineapple I’ve ever seen in my life.DSC_4441 DSC_4442 DSC_4445 I WAS NOT STRIPPING. I am serious.DSC_4448 Some shots with Sher Lin; she’s one awesome girl! Now that she’s in JB, her presence is dearly missed obviously. 😉DSC_4450 DSC_4451 DSC_4452 Don’t ask me how I got into this picture, somehow I got in.DSC_4453 The war begun. Throwing balloons; protecting by just leaves and rubbish bags. No joke!DSC_4454 DSC_4456 DSC_4458 Throwing coloured pebbles into different tupperwares. I thought this was a fantastic idea. Looks pretty interesting, no?DSC_4463 Here we are, throwing, tossing or whatever you call it?DSC_4465 Here’s the best idea of them all. We gathered them in the centre asking them to do a dance and pause when the music comes. So, they were happily dancing away. No one would have expected rain would fall, right? =DDSC_4471 Here, they were asked to PAUSE. So, PAUSE.DSC_4475 Spot anything amiss here? We were up there raining them with water balloons.DSC_4477 And comes more, the rain. We sprayed water via the pipe. They were running all over for shades. Some were really wet.DSC_4478 See the water effects? =DDSC_4479 DSC_4480 DSC_4481 DSC_4482 Don’t you just love their expressions? This is one of the fun, catchy, up-to-date youth events that can be done regardless where you are. Pretty fun and easy to handle as well for youth ministries. =D


      Video has been removed.           This is the video where it was claimed that Malaysia’s Top Opposition Politician was involved. It is not the full video uploaded by “thepowercam”. NewStraitsTimeOnline says this:

KUALA LUMPUR: A video clip, believed to be part of the controversial Datuk T sex video, has been uploaded to YouTube. The clip, which runs for one minute and 47 seconds, is said to show the start of the more than 20-minute video originally shown to media at Carcosa Seri Negara on March 21 2011.
The black-and-white video has no audio, and shows three people in what appears to be a hotel room. Two are male, and one female. The video was uploaded to YouTube today by a user called ‘thepowercam’. As at 5pm, it was the only video uploaded by the user, and has been viewed 311 times.

You be the judge on Who’s Who and What’s What. I made no comments and will not make any. How about YOU dropping some comments?