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Yes, it’s the 21st Century… BUT…

When people talks about the 21st Century, everything you say seems possible. But is everything permissible? Have people really think twice before taking actions in this heartless world?

I came across this article; I was not furious (because I know, at Malaysia, nothing is not possible) but neither way I happy with the way a high ranked minister would say such a thing. I would probably say that it doesn’t make Malaysia proud at all, at this 21st Century.

Malaysia minister: God made animals for testing

By JULIA ZAPPEI – 7 hours ago KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — A Malaysian minister defended an Indian company’s plans to build an animal testing medicine lab in his state, saying Monday that God created monkeys and rats for experiments to benefit humans.The plans by India’s Vivo BioTech Ltd. to set up a biotechnology center in southern Malacca state has come under fire by activists because it will conduct tests on dogs and primates to make medicines. The activists say Malaysia has no regulations on animal research, which could lead to test subjects being abused.But Malacca Chief Minister Mohamad Ali Rustam said the lab had received state approval, and animal testing was necessary to make drugs. The project is still in the planning phase.”God created animals for the benefits of human beings. That’s why he created rats and monkeys … We cannot test on human beings,” he told The Associated Press. “This is the way it has to be. God created monkeys, and some have to be tested.”He said Malaysian agencies, such as the wildlife department, could monitor that the animals were not abused and proper procedures followed. He said eating animals could also be seen as cruel, and yet it was widely accepted.Vivo inked a 450 million ringgit ($141 million) joint-venture deal in January to build the biotechnology center, including laboratories where trial medicines will be tested on animals. Its partners are state government-owned Melaka Biotech Holdings and local firm Vanguard Creative Technologies.In a joint statement last month, Malaysia’s Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection and the European Coalition to End Animal Experiments decried the project because Malaysia has no laws protecting the welfare of animals used in experiments.The group opposed the proposed facility for “both ethical reasons and the lack of scientific validity of using animals in testing.”The groups has submitted a protest letter to the government, urging it to halt the project.”Malaysia should not open the economy to businesses like this as it promotes cruelty,” SPCA official Jacinta Johnson said.Activists say companies are increasingly outsourcing animal testing to Asia, where regulations are more lax and costs are lower than in the West.Vivo has said previously it may import beagles from Holland and try to obtain domestic primates for testing.Last year, a French pharmaceutical research company proposed building an animal testing laboratory in southern Johor state using imported macaques, but the project was suspended amid an outcry from environmental groups. Copyright © 2010 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

I mean, can you believe what you just read? To say that it came from a Minister, I am just so disappointed. I chose to be silent to many things some Ministers would say, but never would I have ever thought that this would be one of them.

I find it so inhumane.

For those who knows me well, I hate (okay, i meant i dislike) animals. But it just doesn’t make much sense to have this being said. Sometimes, I think ‘SHUT UP’ would make such people looks more brilliant.

What are your stands on this (crazy) news article?

Where I Am Now?

By the time you read this, I am already on my way up here…

So Manglish-lah?

*this post is gonna be unique. i’ll give you some Manglish as we go on just to enlighten you (yes, it’s stupid)*

I guess I’m not gonna make a fool out of our own Malaysians, but generally I guess it would somehow insult some Malaysians and also in some ways, guess my stand on the use of English language in our everyday life. Just take a browse through at the 3 pictures below and see how ordinary and proper English has become Manglish-lah.

With the much ongoing debates over the ‘Editorial’ section on New Straits Time and The Star, I constantly find it very annoying when certain parties choose to think ’50 years ago’ or certain parties who are always in denial about the current education system in Malaysia.

Manglish #1: betayudon – mild warning, as in “You’d better not do that.”

I know I can’t change anything (at least, I know I am not capable of doing so) because our dear Education Minister has decided to revert Maths and Science back to Bahasa Melayu. And don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that Bahasa Melayu is not good or not important (bear in mind: I at a Bahasa Melayu teacher). Being in the year 2010, we should know that technology has advanced and we, people too; have become more and more intelligent. And to get the source of our education from our “second hand language” just doesnt sound right.

Manglish #2: (don) tokkok) – playful insult (“Don’t talk rubbish!”); the etymology of tokkok is uncertain but it probably derives from “talk cock” (as in “cock and bull” stories).

I, for one, thank God that my batch complete Form 1-5 in English. It was one of the greatest joy and blessing. Generally, our competency level in the international arena has been dropping; in almost about all areas (badminton included). Somethings that our authorities “think” it’s good has been somewhat not good.

Manglish #3: osoken – “also can”; variant of kenoso; in other words, “Anything goes!” or “Fine by me!”

Students and kids nowadays has been thought to speak “Manglish” – Malaysian English, even when they are born. It’s saddening to see the standard of English in our country is dropping day by day. It’s not just that ‘LAH’; there are other words and phrases as well.

I really hates it when those phrases goes so terrible that even they themselves could not understand. Can you just imagine? And while I was browsing through a forum, I saw someone asking this, ‘What’s you’re favorite way of ruining the english language!? xD’. Can you believe it?

Manglish #4: yu-a-yu – term of friendly accusation, meaning “You’re too much!”

And hey, the harm it is doing may seem invisible now, but very soon – it’d be!

Quoting from Dorcas from Facebook, “We are unconsciously witnessing the birth of a new language”

Do you really want (your kids) to speak Manglish in the future? Think about it.

Disclaimer 1: I’m not perfect in my English either.
Disclaimer 2: I’m not teaching you Mangish, I am just enlightening you about this “new language”

Shortcut to Fame?

You know, I’ve been thinking hard (and deep) on what to blog about on my next post because I wanted to give “events” a break from my blog. And guess what, the thing that popped up in my mind was – ‘Justin Bieber’ and ‘Fame’.

Well, undeniably true that, Justin Bieber got into my mind when I saw him singing on American Idol (click link to watch) just last week and when I heard his song again at Pavilion at Bola-Bola event. You know, I went ‘Baby, baby, baby Oh…’ after those 2 days. It was like so addictive and it was going round and round in my ears till I kinda hated it. And I guess this was how phenomenal he was, watch this:

But hey, have you ever wondered if Youtube was the ‘Shortcut to Fame’? Apparently so, Justin Bieber got famous via Youtube. This guy has got a whole long queue of haters and yet he also had another long queue who is in support of this young chap. I’m honestly neither at both parties. Maybe how I go on writing, you can decide whether I am for him or against him.

On the critics side, many have claimed that this boy does not deserve to be there because of his immaturity and his voice. But does immaturity really matters in the entertainment industry? On the supporting party, many also claimed that this guy is talented and he can sing. As a singer (kononlah) myself, I actually think ‘singing’ is a very subjective matter. Mr A may think you can sing but Mr B may think you can’t. And before I finish talking about this guy, just watch the below video to see how much people really “adores” him (note that sarcasm)

But hey, enough of Justin Bieber (I think some of you might be hating me now already :P).

There were actually many people who actually made it famous via Youtube after some reading and some researching.

One of them includes: Marie Digby. Although she was already signed by Disney, the song allowed her to be snapped up by Hollywood Records. She was asked to play on Star 98 Radia LA, performed on the Carson Daly show and the song was also featured on the MTV show ‘The Hills’.

Does Youtube still really can make us famous?

There are actually many others who made it via Youtube; but there are obviously others who also make a fool out of themselves on Youtube. Yes, I’ve seen some things you wished you never see.

Okay, my blog today is messed up because I woke up early and didn’t get my nap. Forgive me please 😛

Before I leave, let me leave you with this, I think she’d make it big too, or she probably is already a star-in-the-making

Why not you tell me if Youtube can me the Shortcut to Fame? Maybe I can go try my luck one day 😛

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Japanese Buffet at Saisaki

Just weeks ago, me and some friends went to Saisaki at Wisma UOA (near Pavilion or perhaps, KLCC). I think I actually sinned cause I think I actually gluttoned. But it was just like, endless supply of sushi, desserts, soup, fish etc etc etc. I think I can’t list them all.

Why not you take a look and tell me how that tastes? 😀

The oysters Caleb took!

This was hilarious shots! We were taking multiple shots but there were too many to be uploaded!
Treat me coffee and I show you the story okay? 😀

I guess I summarised everything in 1 post. It was tough but I think it’s better I leave it as a post by itself! Tell me if you got better restaurants to intro okay? 😀

*Pictures credit to Amos Oh
Saisaki Japanese Buffet Restaurant
Unit 1-9, First Floor , Wisma UOA II
21 Jalan Pinang
Kuala Lumpur

The Bananza Party (Pt 2)

Okay. As promised for a Pt 2, I’m here uploading more happenings into my blog. I’ve decided to put full size pictures from now onwards too! Guess it’ll be clearer.

Featuring the one and only Jiahuei Chong dancing (and me too lah, of course ;p)

My sincere apologies for those who thought we wasted food, it was just once in a thousand year. All bananas were eaten and the rotten ones were disposed. I do remember the kids in Africa. I promise. =)

*edits* Oh ya, I met JJ and Ean from at Pavilion being in the lockup today with some friends. It was cool. And we forced Edmund to play futsal with the girls. And when interviewed by my relative Julie Hooi, he said he was from St John’s; and they sang the school anthem with JJ from Hitz!

Do you guys want the HK Blogpost or the Saisaki Blogpost first? Comin’ up more tomorrow!

Let’s Talk Banana (Pt 1)


Apparently so, I was at ROCK‘s Bananza party. And that was the language we were speaking. It was a fun day playing bananagames, singing and dancing bananasongs, talking bananalanguage and most of all, eating bananas!

We’ve had pisang goreng and banana split and real bananas.

Here was what exactly happened; we had a game of the blind feeding some monkeys (i meant, humans :P) bananas. We also played a game of Banana dummy!

We also gave out the Most-Banana Lookalike Male and Female Starbucks Voucher at the end. The picture below will tell you who are those banana(s)!

And I also want to thank Fion for her Espresso Cream Frappucino. It was awesome. How can I not love being with these bunch of youths?

Stay tune for Part 2, okie? 😀

I’m Officially Back

Hi Guys (and Girls)!

This is a short post to say that I am officially back into the blogsphere. Let’s hope I’d blog continually and update this site of mine so that you can keep coming back for more.

I hope you’d drop by again soon and get some new updates from me, my events, my thoughts and my opinions.

Don’t leave this place or don’t click an ‘X’ before dropping by a comment on my Shoutbox or on this post! (I need encouragementlah)! Don’t be so ‘kedekut’ with your opinions okay? 😛

And just so you know, there are new widgets and functions on the sidebar on your right-hand side of this blog such as (Shoutbox, Links (click ’em!), Followers (follow me!), Ask a Question (Question me and remain annonymous), Twitter Updates (follow me there too, twit me up!) and Have A Peek (my photos!). There would be Videos and Poll on my blog as an when necessary.

Any other recommendations that you’d want to see in my blog? Drop me a message!

I hope this blog will go on (and on, and on, and on) permanently for the coming days, months and years!

Till the next update! Have a great day, peeps!

Disclaimer: Some blog links have been removed, drop me a message and I’ll update it back immediately aite?