Monthly Archives: December 2005

I am finally back, after a trip in Hong Kong and China!!!
I am now half dead, having a bad cough, flu and headache

Well, I manage to visit a lot of places throughout my stay there! It’s fun but tiring!

Above is my sister, cousins and my aunty in the restaurant in Hong Kong!!!In Ocean ParkThe tree above is a recyling bin!
Posing with the nice view!!! The breeze there is cooling and nice. It was approximately 5pm in the evening!In Victoria Peak at night to view the scenery in Hong Kong! The scenery is beautiful!! You can see high-rise building and lots more!In Disneyland!…
A group family picture right in front of the train and the Mickey Mouse logo!
Another group picture with a small view of the Castle!
Picture with Snow White!

In front of Tomorrowland!This is all first……….END OF PART ONE! COME BACK FOR MORE

Last blog!

Well, this is my last blog before i live for my trip!
I wanted to post my itenary here but no time leh!
After my trip, i’ll put….

Anyway, not much happen today! Just wanna say buhbye!

Will update more when i’m back!