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I don’t seem to have much of a Christmas mood this year. I wonder why.
Probably am too busy. This should be my last post in this home (No. 7, Jalan Indah 10) before I move to Jalan Jujur Taman Bakti. It may seem exciting shifting houses (You think) but it isn’t. I first thought it was, but well now, it isnt. I suppose it’s due to my LAZYYYYY self. I am LAZYYYYY okayyyy?

All the rubbish I get so reluctant throwing it but I have to. Dad already screaming and shouting, ‘No Junk!’. Augh. But well, I will see how much rubbish my room can fit. It’s big, double of my current room (almost la).

Christmas hasn’t been treating me that great anyways. (Sorry Jesus!) I lose that excitement this year. I’ve bought practically nothing except for 1 thing- The ADIDAS Bag. Nothing else I bought for anyone this year. I seldom but it’s true. Don’t have to ask me whose ADIDAS Bag is gonna be. But yeah la, but the costs me a bomb although it was cheaper by 70 bucks that I budgeted. I am grateful for that!

I want to watch YES Man! Very urgently! It looks hilarious. It looks good to me.

Another new year is dawning. I hope another greater year ahead! God will continue to be awesome I know!



I am soooo sooooo so exhausted after a whole day in church from about 6.30am for Prayer Watch and there starts my day. It was exciting yet was tiring finishing the unfinished stuffs and the logistics. I can tell you it’s scary when at 4pm, nothing is really done for the pre-event. A crazy day. I know I somewhat scolded many people as well. But wells, I apologise for that but I hope it was for the good.

Had a tiring day and I think I took the lift for umpteenth times and all. And walk the stairs countless steps. But I think it was worth all the hardwork and effort we have poured in. Many people came and lives has been changed and transformed. I wished and know there is more. It ain’t gonna stop there and next year it will happen again!

That night was filled with fun and excitement. The youths were not as energetic as I thought but their energy was pretty good as well. The too had a great night and God’s anointing and power definitly filled the hall and His presence is strongly felt. I was so afraid and nervous when I was up there but God’s peace has been upon me. I startled initially but managed to put words together into one piece.

I am amazed that people thought we actually invited in the 2 hosts; which many thought they were pretty good and had great chemistry. It took so long to select these 2 and to get them into it. The pre-event wasn’t very successful but some people did enjoyed themselves.

And what more God hold the rain just for us for the night. We prayed for the weather so hard in the afternoon as we were so afraid that it will rain but God was so great that He hold the rain and brought so many people to come. I admit I underestimated God’s power. I thought if there were more than 200, it would be great. But God gave way more than that. God gave over 300. It was Hebrews 11:1 which talks about Faith; I was doubting. But He was still faithful.

Indeed, it was a humble and great start for all of us and we’ve learnt so much from this. And we want next year to be bigger and better for God’s glory. This is one of the greatest achievement from ROCK and I am proud to be in this great project. I am so excited for another year (althought I don’t know when). I am sure God will use this concert celebration for His own glory and for His the renown of His name.

Maybe we should even start praying for ADORE 2009. Am sure God will answer our prayer to increase by a hundred or to even double up the amount. KL Youths out there needs this shining light of Christ.


Pics will be out when I get it.


I hate what you just did to me 2 days ago so much that I feel like waking you up.
You will never really realise how much you mean to me and how much you are killing me.
I don’t know what more to do.
I hate acting that everything is fine when I see you (or perhaps your pleading asking me out).
I don’t want to act that it is fine when it is really not.

Blessed? Hmm..

I feel blessed having a strong crew and people behind me for ROCK ADORE 2008. I know I am not alone. These people has been more than a great help to me throughout the process of the event. It’s 2 days more and the awaited day for ADORE 2008 is gonna happen. I can’t wait to see what God has installed for us. I feel lethargic these few days. I even ter-fall asleep in my friends car on the way to lunch. Can you imagine that?

But I know it’s all worth the bit. I am speechless as to what I wanna write la actually. See ya people that night!


My heart is so excited with this week. Preparing to be busy and tired but wells, I know things will go on well because I know God has been great to me and he will continue to prove Himself greater in my life. Nothing can stop me from being amused by His wonders and His works. I’ve learnt that whatever the turn out will be that night, even 100 people, I will still glorify His name because the lives that changes are the lives that matters most. Not the team, Not nothing or Not the many many people.

Although I am nervous to see how many will turn up. I am trying to put it aside and concentrate on what is more important; even now. So often my concentration goes everywhere but yet when I pray every night for the event, the Lord has brought me back. Knowing that all we do is to be used by Him and let Him do the rest is comforting. I just pray that many young people that night will come as one group; one voice with hands lifted up for His glory and for His Name.

I don’t deny I might easily get heart attack because my heart is so crazily excited for this day to come. More than ever any other events that has happened. Many things are done and I thank the ROCKers and the youths who have been actively supporting this event and being so helpful in many ways to ensure the success of the event. They have been a superb blessings to me and it ain’t easy to see them all united as one with one vision is to see God’s love be magnified in the lives of the youngsters.

This week will definitly be a hectic week. I need punching bags; I just told Lai Shan yesterday. Perhaps I need somewhere I can go to. I mean physically. But wells, I went for BOLT with LS and BL today after church after much pleading. Kinda a way to release stress. Not exactly. It was lose weight to be exact. Walking to KLCC yet again. Twice a week can be a lil sickening.

I suppose I bought myself a Starbucks after more than 2 months break (I think) to pamper myself a lil on the way to go meeting them. Had Toffee Nut. I use to dislike it but apparently, now I kinda enjoy it. Cause I tot Java Chip is a lil too heaty for me. Anyhow, just Starbucks. I don’t really fancy it anymore. Really. I gave away my voucher to BL also.

Christmas is around the season. Have not got a chance to really go buy stuffs yet. But I know I gotta do it soon or else I am so dead when someone gives me stuffs and I have nothing in return to give back. I know it’s not neccessary but wanna avoid the ‘pai seh’ feeling. But all in all, I’ve been reminded: He’s the Reason for the Season. Well, I don’t know what to get. I don’t have many things I want to get though cause I don’t give everyone. You guys know I am ‘kiam sap’. Not the first time.

But yeah la, I will give la. When I need to give. And when I sense the importance to give you. Hahaha. I am seriously mean. Argh, shifting of house is postponed to another week. Damn stress shift before New Year.

Just some random updates from me for now.

Catch me at ADORE 2008: Christmas. Concert. Celebration
December 19th, 2008 (Friday)
KL Baptist Church.
Come by LRT and come earlier by 6pm? Lots of prevents and fun for you to participate in.

Whatever title

Some people just have to make unnecessary moves to hurt people around them.
Have they ever think of the effects on all the comments and sighs they have made?
It is so discouraging.
They say. They talk. The accuse.
Worst of all, they backstab.
I mean seriously.
Yes. I am brushing it ALL away and keeping myself as positive as I could stay.
The negative remarks – Deep within me, I feel discouraged.

I know this road is not easy. Has never been easy.
I am just frustrated at how certain people would prolly behave.
I find it immature.
But well, I know when God is on my side, nothing can be against me.
Whatever you want to say, you go ahead.
Whatever you want to do behind, do it.
I don’t seem to find a reason to be against you.
For I know when God is in control, nothing else matters.

You know it.

You hate it when I tell you how I feel deep within.
But yet you don’t want to listen to how I feel.
Or perhaps even care about how I feel and how I think.
You just brush me away like the wind.
Yes, you still hate it when I tell you how I feel deep within.
You think its mere lies and jokes.
You only think you’re right all the time and I am wrong.
You just keep taking and taking from me;
And one day I am running dry.
Will you ever bother to listen to me for once?
I have so much deep within I want to say but it’s all kept deep within.
No, I don’t want others to tell you how I feel about you.
Why must it be when I give, then everything is fine;
When I don’t, everything isn’t fine.
Your ignorant self is killing me.
Your weird attitude and thoughts are keeping me intrigued.
I hate thinking about you;
But I can’t help myself.
You always think you don’t deserve someone like me;
Yet you never try to take a remedy to it.
You just say. It’s mere words.
No actions are taken all the time.
You tell me to make me happy just for that second;
And vanished the next second.
I wish you actually realised.
You’ve taken me for granted. Too much.
But yet, I can’t help it.
Why? Why? Why?
Life with you is tougher than anything else in this world.
I’ve tried to go every mile to make you smile;
But have you even gone a feet far to make me smile?
I’ve given every hundreds in my wallet to make you feel good;
Have you ever spend me cents to make me feel the same way too?
I’ve spend my time waiting, thinking to ensure you’re fine;
Have you ever spend the same amount of time for me?
I feel like waking you up.
You’re not the person I once knew. Not at all the same.
But you think you’ve changed for the good;
I can’t help to feel helpless and speechless when you say that.
I feel small. Intimidated. Insignificant.
Life have changed tremendously when I first knew you.
Stagnant as it is now with you.
Hurting every part of me.
Your threats kills me all the time.
The part of heart is for you and it will always be.
Once the scars are there, it’d always be there.
I have my own feelings too, I hope you realise.
It’s not just about you you and you.
In my dark times, have you ever been there to hear me out?
Yes, last time. Now, never. Ignorant comes into play.
Sometimes I wonder how significant I am.
Was it what you used to tell me years ago?
I wonders deeply. It ain’t easy.
I’ve tried letting go but it doesn’t seem to apparently work.

Argh!~ I need to work on something to get myself busy and to stop contemplating!
Maybe I should be deprived of the Internet or something.
Anyways, I will be in a weeks time when I get into the new house.
Streamyx ain’t that good after all to come immediately.
I need my external hard drive! Urgently.
Or else my computer will explode. Real soon.

Blogging from APIIT

I kinda don’t fancy and enjoy annonymous people who likes to drop comments everywhere. If you want to tell me something, please do! Don’t go around the bush to tell me or tell someone something. And worst still drop a comment on my posts and act annonymous. I won’t get so frustrated if it wasn’t for the annonymous names.

Forget about that, I am in the ’emo’ mode today. I don’t know why. Feeling frust with every little thing and getting upset over things that are so minute. I know this is going no where but this is just not my day today. And the dark weather is making things worst. Nothing better.

I am trying to squeeze my blogging juices out once again to try to keep my blog as alive as it could be. I wished I have pictures but my pc has been lagging. So it’d take time and hence, I’ve decided not to.. Wait till I get my external hard disc and I’d prolly get more things up. Will see when I have the time to do so and prayerfully my new place Internet is fast la..

Am blogging from APIIT now and yeah, gloomy environment here. Apparently, I am too good boy. I always don’t keep my promises when i say I want to skip class. I can’t help but to be concern over my own classes. Skipping a class is like a torture (in a way) for me. Probably I am not used to it anyhow.

My mind is so full of random stuffs that you won’t wanna know at all. Thinking near. Thinking far. And I’ve not been having good sleeps either.

But I’ve had a time of my own the past 3 days when I was alone at home. Well, I suppose- I need solitude once in a while. Really a time of refreshing for me to jst spend time alone..

Will blog against once I have some new ideas.

I’ve grown from my old self..

I realised that I’ve grown so much these few days and weeks. I’ve grown in many many ways that I can’t be ever more grateful for. God has taught me so much that I pray I know how to put it into words to tell you how great my God is.

‘The end does not justify the means’ have also taught me much. The end does not determine how well something is but it is the process that matters. Process and the experiences gained throughout the process is what matters most; which has taught me so much.

I’ve been very faithful (at least I think) in prayer and intercession. And I believe God has been the peace and strength in my heart in these times of needs. At times I feel like giving up, I know that I have to persevere because I know He will carry me through and true enough, He never fails me. He never gives me something beyond I can bear. No matter how tough, I know He’s with me.

On the other hand, my house is kinda going to be (or already is) in a deep mess with boxes, toilet bowls, basins, paints and all which has to be brought to the new house. The toilet bowls and basin just got ferried there 2 days ago I think. I am shifting in less than 10 days. I am excited yet reluctant. The misery I gotta go through shifting stuffs might easily kill me. I realised I am a sentimental person and so, I really need certain things to be in the new place and certain gifts and cards, I want it back as memories. And because of this, no one can touch my stuffs when I shift cause if it is my mum, she will throw every bits of paper she sees. I mean it for real.

And hence, I gotta pack everything myself. Argh. Pathetic. And yet, next week is the busiest week as ADORE 2008 is gonna be on Friday. Much preps and deco and logistics has to be done. More planning and sleepless nights but I am sure I can go through it. Bear in mind, I still have classes eh! I envy those who doesnt.. Shucks!

New house on the other hand looks interesting but not that interesting. Looks modern too. To say it is big. I suppose yeah, it’s big. But I will miss Cheras Indah definitly, I’ve stayed here about 15 years I think. Can you imagine my yucky smell and all are gonna be here.. =P while the new house aedy don’t have… Okay. Am gross… =P

But yeah, if you see me without a connection for a week or so; meaning there’s not Internet at my place YET. And yeah, Maxis line in my new place also kinda suck. I don’t know long term or just that day though. I pray it won’t. Or else people can’t contact me (or I can’t contact people! =P)

Christmas is coming though. Feeling some excitement but apparently I feel more excited for Chinese New Year. I don’t know why. Prolly people visiting new house? Haha.. Can bangga a bit? But we’ll see. You peeps can definitly come! =)

We Were The Reason

No one should miss this video. The recording wasn’t so good but the song is meaningful. I have the live version but I can’t post it. So youtubed it.. =P