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whatever you call it.

I am not gonna bother of thinking ot a title as this is gonna b another random post again. Just after 3 days in my Semester 2; i noticed and realised a lot of stuffs that I am and will face. Let me just roughly introduce my modules and see: Communication Skills, Introduction to Business, IT Application, Quatative Methods Study. Let’s just take a look at a list that I’ve come out with:

1. Overlapping of syllabus
I have realised the topics on my new modules are very much similar to my Semester 1. I don’t know why but it seems that the modules overlaps each other. For instance, Communication Skills overlaps with Personal Development and Study Methods; Introduction to Business overlaps with Organisational and Social Environments; and Quantative Methods overlaps with Mathematics. I am not saying the whole module and topics are in common but there are mostly the same. Maybe this semester might be more in-depth study. I am not sure. IT Application basically is about Microsoft Words, Excel, Access and Powerpoint. That is basically my syllabus for this semester

2. Suffering over the new timetable
I hate my new timetable. And no, if you think Alvin hates all his timetable, I don’t. My first semester was quite okay for me. My new timetable starts all classes from 8am to 5pm or 6pm from Mondays to Fridays except Thursdays. Thursdays are my official off day. However, can you imagine the amount of time spend in the college doing unuseful stuffs. Bear in mind, I got 2-3 hours break in between classes every single day. It’s such a waste of time and money. I can actually finish classes 3 hours earlier if they take off the break. And probably I’d been having sufficient and adequate rests.

3. The permanent lecturers
I mean I am not saying anything much on this. But I gotta add that I got a new Quantatative Methods lecturer. She wasn’t suppose to be my lecturer. Ms Jessica was. She came in and she is so inexperienced. She can’t even control the class. She controls the class like a primary school. Her soft petite voice with poor command of English just makes you feel so annoyed. Her threats of bringing us to see who-and-who doesnt work at all. Her glarings are all just so useless. She does her work at her own pace; not at ours. I don’t know what she is teaching at all. I am seeing ber for both tutorials and lectures, if you are wondering. 3 times a week of her face is just sickening.

4. Facing the Admins!
You know what I mean, problems are already arising at it’s first semester. Classes and Names not right. Last mnute notices. The unclear notices and so on sometimes just bothers you. They can’t take the initiative to print the whole list out and for students to change it. They have to hear long stories and they change from the computer itself. You don’t even know how messy and time consuming it was. Their reluctant faces was terrible. And there, they got so efficient by calling everyone of us personally through phone to pay our fees. Isn’t that ridiculous? Time isn’t even up. You aren’t even settled with your own admin problem and you come ask for fees from us?

All in all, I shall summarise that college is great without APIIT’s admin. 2nd Semester will not be easy for me as I can’t get the opportunity to crap already. And thats so sad. I am deprived of sleep lately. I am getting so lazy because Semester 1 just finished. And I didn’t study for Semester 1 either. So I’ve not studied for some time.

I am and was selected for a debate sessiong this Monday. I am clueless how to debate on the topic we chose ourselves. It is part of Communication Skills. Let’s see if you can help!
‘Every couple should have children’. I am on the pro. In short, I am supporting that everyone should have children. Tell me about it?

I know the topic is weird but well, not like there are any better choices. Ms Shamini whom herself is weird gave us weird topics, such as Sex Education, Plastic Surgery, Vegetarian and all. So, not much choice. The other team choice Sex Education.


I’ve come to a point where I am seeing things differently. Different in the sense that I don’t see things as naive as I used to. I don’t get easily cheated anymore; neither do I go around believing what others say without even checking. Coming to think about all these; I was foolish. Or perhaps the word I should use is: immature; childish; kiddy.

I am officially 18. Being 18 means a lot to me. I used to dream of growing up. Growing tall. Growing big. And I used to ask if I can emulate this and that. That was when I was young. But I no longer am. No longer I will be that young again. In another words, I am in a stage where I can’t be that naive or stupid or foolish anymore. Not that I can’t but it wont be that easy for me to be naive, in a way.

Being 18 means maturity. Since many have been questioning and commenting over the post that I wrote I am aging. I am not gonna bring the word up. Instead, maturity is what I am talking about here. Maturity to me is a symbol of growth. It symbolises that I have the ability to make decisions for myself, the ability to stand up on my own, the courage to take up challenges, the boldness to experience the outside world and so on.

Being matured here doesnt mean being old. Neither does it mean being young. Maturity in a person can come at any age for any sex. It is believed that many scientist has proven some graphs and all on maturity, but it still varies in different people. A physically petite and small girl can tell you things you can’t imagine of. Sometimes, even words adults don’t say.

In this world now, everything changes. Things are getting so different. It does affect the maturity of some people. I am saying this because I think I am considered matured since I entered 2007. I don’t know whether it is a bit young or old to really get matured. But I do think that being around people with good influences does affect growth.

I grew up in an environment where I am always around church members who cares and who conducts and brings themselves well. From there, I’ve learnt so much about life. Someone once told me, you can easily adapt anywhere you go because of the wide communication you have and the endless people you meet with different personality. I never understood that phrase till now when I really come to think about it. It is so true. Now, wherever I go, I can easily adapt.

Like it or now, we don’t have the power to decide when we want to get matured. If we do, this world will be all wild and cranky. In fact, I thank God the power doesnt lies in our hands.

I do get annoyed with real big adults who behaves like kids at times; does things like kids. Spitting. Cursing. Swearing. I forgive you if you are a kid but you’re an adult. But when I come to think about it. They probably just aren’t matured enough

Enough of yapping =D I don’t know what rubbish I am writing already. This post is messy and confusing. Tell me about it! =D


It feels great to be special.
It felt great to be wished.
It didn’t feel great being 18.

Feeling the hit that I am aging gets me thinking; maturity. Have been so busy being booked by everyone and anyone. I truly appreciate it. I have postponed 2 bookings so far. Am truly sorry. My time is real pack. More pack than you expect it to be. I thank all those who have sms-ed me, wished me, greeted me and so on. I have received close to 40 messages about birthday through SMS, countless on MSN and everyone of you has made my day a real special one.

I jst watched another 2 movies just now. Now I am dizzy.

Things you might want to stay tune here:

long post, it’d be: worth reading!

Worth Reading:

I am sorry that I could not update my blog on the eve of my birthday. I didn’t mean to make anyone of you wait as I saw the growing numbers of people in my blog last night from 1,600 to 1,808. Maybe you thought I’d be fast and quick enough to edit stuffs and all. But I wasn’t in the mood or perhaps, I was rather busy at night with relatives bringing me out for dinner. I have been fully booked the past few days with so many events and activities that leaves me no time to even take a nap. However, still free on Saturday and Sunday.

Yesterday was the end for my Semester 1; after finishing my Personal Development and Study Methods. I know and can declare myself as a crapping king (it truly demotivates me). The whole paper was full of crap and crap. I don’t know how I ended up finishing almost the whole booklet of answers (left 1 empty page). I was crapping my way through for the paper. With some joy and enthusiasm, I rushed my way through so that I can get out 30minutes before the exams as I don’t want to stay in the hall for so long. It was relatively a fact-elaboration-example paper. Which means all facts and pointers has to be supported by definition and examples. Examples are not too tough to crap after all, ain’t it?

We finished the paper at 12:40pm with a great relieve. As I’ve mentioned, I am fully booked. So, my coursemates booked me after the exams. I didn’t know till what time but I agreed for another appointment with relatives at 7pm. Amusing?

Those gang blindly led me to 1Utama although I thought it was just IOI Mall. Since they offered to drive me to and fro and all, wherever doesn’t matters. They pleaded that I should watch Batman again. So, I agreed. To my suprise, all my meals and movie tickets to cakes were all paid for by the 11 of them. We had lunch at Sri Melaka and then proceeded to watch Batman. Things ended at about 6.15pm. Was rushing home and thankfully my relatives were kind enough to wait for me for dinner. Reached about 7.20pm. It is seldom that I go late. But well, I didn’t do a proper count for timing.

The pictures will tell you more…

Basically, I spent my day with my coursemates. And am sure we had a lot of fun too. It was rare that the girls and a few of them followed us. But it was like a big complete group of our gang that came out. And all the thoughts that you people put into organising it. The food, movie, cake that you people have paid; I do appreciate every bit of it. Quoting Justine, “I can’t wait to know how it feels not to pay“. You guys are just amazing!
Basically, dinner with relatives aren’t too interesting either, isn’t it? I still have my family dinner tonight again. I know I am blessed. I know I should be content. I know I should. Like I said, textbook answers tells so. I am truly showered with good friends.
I know many has stayed up to see me frow one year older. Perhaps, being legally legal. I am officially legal as of age. Sungai Buloh prison awaits me if I ever do anything wrong. And quoting Mr Warren on Sungai Buloh Prison, “You could be in there for so, so, so, so long that you parents couldn’t recognise you“. I know.
But I do see a deep sense of maturity in me now. I have learnt how to descern what is right and what is wrong. What is good and what is bad. Perhaps there are just things that I really be matured about? You guys know what I am talking about.
Yes, deep within the self-contentment is not there. YET (i hope). I’ve said it before, and now: I can forsake and sacrifice all things (parties, celebratitons, gifts) in exchange for hearts and cares. If you do read my blog now still, or if you still care to read my blog. Yes, it is about you. If you feel the pinch, I am talking about you (or perhaps: you both?). I know I am not materialistic. Nothing close to being materialistic either. Gifts are just temporary happiness, Celebrations are just mere fun. It does not last long. The joy and happiness does not even last long enough to see me through next year. But it is the thoughts, care, concern and love that matters.
You know I am talking about the past, the past has been so great. It felt like forever. Things were forever with you just 2-3 years ago. But it has now changed; perhaps I have not changed. My heart is and will forever be the same here. Feeling the emptiness all the way. You people abandoned me to care for someone else. Why must it be this way? Can’t you show the same care to 2 people at the same time? Tough as it may seem; but it has never been difficult. What is so tough about communication anyways? It has been made easy.
I know I have high expectations on certain people. To be honest, just 2 person now that has been playing in my mind. I know I miss someone so much; more than any other things. It’s a girl you know. Well, the other: you guess! You know every single thing that has been done lately has not been doing much justice and good to me. Instead, making me think think and think. Yes, I did not sleep the whole of last night because of selflessness.
I don’t know what to expect from them this birthday. If it is materialistic, fine. But if it is a great change that will give me back the past-feelings, then I’d most probably be the happiest person in my life. Because missing them is such heartache.
Firstly, I hope that the pieces will be made perfect again. I admit not many people can touch my heart like some do. I am bias. Like it or not, I am bias. My feelings of love and care towards some people just tends to overflow. And this some people is just maybe a few of them. I am stubborn. I know. Or else why would I have been asking for the past? I know people changes, but heart does not.
You guys are so influenced by others(them). Have you ever spend some time putting yourself in my shoes and just go through what I am going through. In the past; you used to symphatise and even sacrifice for me but it seems that it isn’t the way it is now. Like it or not, I’ve had a tough night last night. Thinking of all the things that you both could’ve been doing in my life during my 18th Birthday. Apparently my mind just went wild and stopped me from sleeping. I should be in church now but I decided to take public transport there as I am lethargic.
In a nutshell, all I want is the past. Nothing more than just that. It is something controllable. Not like it is something that needs cash or so? It is something that i know they can do. I am prepared for the girl’s birthday as I mentioned, which is coming just in time. The heart is there. My heart is there. For the other, you are unpredictable. I know it wouldn’t be just mere SMS? I don’t know. I am confused. I am having those mixed feelings. Ah. Just want to forget about it for now. I don’t want to crap such things on my Birthday when I know my mind can’t stop thinking about it. I am too lazy to put things into words now.
All in all, my heart is in pieces seeing things the way it is. Like I said, If you are reading the blog, you feel the pinch, I am talking about you. You can choose to brighten up my life or to just screw the whole thing up. You know my desire. Knowing you people for so long really have a long-lasting impact here. It will never be forgoten. I just wished I could rewind the past and just replay it again and again every year. The joy, the happiness, the smiles: so real.
18th Years of Growing in the Lord day by day has also been a magnificent experience. A great one I’d say. Seeing how he guide and lead me every step I have made it just fabulous!
Something else to add on, I hate liars. I can’t help but to release some anger here. And people, listen up! When you don’t feel like chatting, never tell someone you are going to sleep and appear offline because the truth will reveal. Never even add that you are tired and so on. It makes me feel as though I was bothering you. I was irritating you. Was it so hard to even say that you don’t feel like chatting? Makes me feel like some annoying idiots. It isn’t easy to take in it. But perhaps, I shouldn’t bother much because I’ve pledged not to give a damn to this person anymore. I am just so pissed that you people lied to be away from something. Is honesty something so hard to do? And worst still, this is just so minor. I can’t imagine you lying over bigger things. You hate me or not, I don’t care but liars I just hate big time. Every single time I find out someone lies, I get so annoyed and so frust.
I still have not have enough of the quote my Amy Carmichael:
It is so true that you cannot love someone and not give. I’ve been giving so much at the expense of myself. Perhaps, she(Amy Carmichael) is one who has been giving endlessly. Maybe it is something worth emulating not at the expense of your own feelings?
To whoever here:
I thank you for reading this long post. I hope it was worth reading? I thank you for all your care and concern. I am doing fine.
But all in all, HAPPY EXTERNALLY, HURTING INTERNALLY only you both can be the remedy?

line-up to my birthday =)

I know I am supposed to be studying but I can’t resist telling people apart of an interesting day I’ve had today. It’s been fantastic. It is part of those line-ups to my birthday. The least you expect, the more you gain in return.

I slept till the sun was shining on my butt today. Basically until about 11.30am. It is kind of a record for me since I’ve not sleep in so long before. I slept super late last night. I can’t deny that.

Woke up and replied SuChen’s SMS. She insisted that I must meet her today. MUST! She scolded me last night when I said I was lazy. She was with her, ‘OI!!’ and so on. Well, so I decided to meet her since she was out of desperation. She said even if meet in LRT Station outside my place doesnt matter because she needs to meet me. Perhaps even exams must meet. That is really out of desperation huh?

I thought I was gonna be in trouble for cheating her or something.She refuses to let me know about why and what she is going to do.

I decided we shall not go that far. So Jaya Jusco Taman Maluri for lunch. And then after I said that, she said she already had lunch. Sadness. Well, so I went with BL since he said he is free to teman me. Had Nandos. Waited for the pretty lady for like half-an-hour. She was late. And somemore refuse to follow us to play pool after that. So, this was what she gave me. Take a good look. Don’t drool again, ya?

There you go, that was what a suprise I got for my birthday. Cupcakes specially by her. I truly appreciate the effort and time you’ve put in. No one else except you would’ve done this much for a person like me. It is definitly something I’d cherish and remember. I am not eating it yet because it is too nice to spoil it. =S
I went to play pool with BL for about 2 hours and he left for something else while dropping me off. Of course, we had to drop the gorgeous home first since she didn’t want to follow us =(
On the other hand, we (Me and BL) invaded Justin Lee Choon Kit’s house last night at about 10pm. Scare the heck out of Aunty Shirley thanks to him. BL was doing some kinda stupid funny nonsense while Aunty Shirley was outside. And I was forced or asked to do Justin Lee’s assignment was we were busy playing, chatting and crapping. And we realise BL doesnt know how to play something =D

Anyways, thank you so much for your time and effort in making it, Ms Chuah. I hope I’d have the courage to eat it. I hope and wish. Don’t want to destroy it’s beauty. Thank you for making today special. Another long day ahead tomorrow, I am not ready for Personal Development Paper. And I am watching Batman again with my classmates tomorrow. Notice the word, AGAIN?!
Fun times like these are worth remembering every single bit of it. =)
Being 18 might be aging. You think I am kidding? Maybe I am. Perhaps, I am more matured now I see. Life is getting more and more realistic.
If you read this, I hate liars.


Many have been wondering if I really go to college to study or to enjoy myself and be merry. I’d say is both. I’ve been having fun hanging out like never before in my life. It has become a routine for me (or for us) to hang out after classes, in between classes, before classes or perhaps during classes. Thats me. I know you’d be thinking I don’t do such things but I do. I know you are so gonna get jealous with my endless amount of food pictures. Before I proceed further, talking about my OSE Paper today. I mean it wasn’t exactly as tough as I’ve expected. Pretty simple if you’d have studied the questions the lecturer gave. But humans being human, we don’t remember exact things. So, I admit I crapped. But I thank God I memorised all the pointers. Crapped was only used for my elaboration and examples. I won’t say it is easy until I get an A+ out of it. You can ignore Justine saying that my assignments are A+, good elaboration and writing skills and so on. =D

So, after the paper we went for lunch near Puchong. But the ultimate plan was to go to this Ice Shop which serves all kinds of frenzy drinks and food. It was quite a nice place to hangout. Price wasn’t THAT expensive either. Just average services. We basically chit chat and talked a lot. Spending time together as a small little group do give friendship a greater impact. I know you are waiting to see what we ordered. Don’t drool in front of your computer, please?

You do see various ice cakes, ice snow, ice drink and so on. This world has become more and more interesting as time passes by. Various food appears, various things appear. When it comes to describing the world; I go speechless.
It is this way. Somethings that we think it is so easy and we take it so lightly such as WORLD, LIFE, LOVE, HOME, FAMILY, SORRY. We take years to describe or explain them. We take them for granted. It may be the simplest word a kindergarten children can spell but do you know what is it all about? What is WORLD to you? What is FAMILY to you? Have you ever wondered? Sounds simple isn’t it?
We often oversee it’s importance. We often think it is simple but it isn’t as simple as we are thinking about. It is way beyond our imagination that these simple words brings huge meanings and impact into our lives. It is so sad to see people saying ‘Sorry!’ for the sake of it. There was once I heard from someone that a student in a kindergarten enjoys hitting his friends. And there after, he’d apologise and say Sorry!. Does this sound so cheap? Does it brings any meaning to you? If I were to ask you what a Sorry means to you, can you elaborate?
What if I ask what does Family means to you? Can you give me an answer? Or do you need time to search all over the dictionary? Many at times, we take things for granted. We take words for granted. We say things for the sake of saying it. It ends up hurting the people around. How much do we value the words that we use? How much weight do we put on our words? I am not talking about keep promises but I am talking about how important simple words around us that we take it for granted.
Pondering. I don’t deny I take words like FAMILY for granted. I take words like LIFE for granted. I’ve taken simple words like these that has brought great meaning into me just like that. I seem so ignorant. You can ask me what LIFE means to me, I might hesitate and tell you ‘I don’t know’; whereas life is something i live on everyday. I know there are many words that we take for granted. Different words you know. Different words I know. But are we going to think twice on the effect and meanings it brings to others? Sorry can be a very real word but yet it has-been-made-cheap by certain group of people. Even a kid in a kindergarten takes sorry as a simple word. What more we teenagers and adults?
The words that comes out from our own mouth is what others is going to judge us on. You curse, you swear- what are others thinking about you? Just think. Every words has it own meaning and if we use it correctly, it brings out the life of the word. I don’t know if you get what I mean. But it is that powerful. Words are powerful weapons. A very powerful weapon to kill the heart of others. I don’t know if you agree?
I don’t really know what I am writing actually because I am dozing off.
And finally, I was asked to promote this and put the ‘SmashpOp PIMPS You’ logo in your blog for Bryan. I know I am a good friend. So please do so and fill up the neccessary details in his blog to inform him.


I don’t deny my number of visitors to this blog has been drastically declining. It is either due to my blogging style that has changed to my daily life or maybe it is due to exams. I hope it isn’t due to the exams. As you can see, I am here really carefree as if I am not sitting for an examination tomorrow. In fact, tomorrow is my toughest paper. I do hate the subject to be honest. Do or die. I have to sit for it and I know nothing about it. It is definitly something I don’t enjoy studying compared to othe subjects like Personal Development and so on.

Perhaps I just enjoy crapping out common sense answers for common sense subjects such as Personal Development or English. It is not something like; ‘You know, you do; you don’t, you skip’ situation. Perhaps I enjoy some of those moment. Organisation is so much of facts facts and facts. I’d compare this subject to history due to it’s heavy amount of theorys and laws in it. You can trust my words I am not ready. Assignments can only help me 30&. Nothing more; nothing less.

I know it is my fault that I sleep endlessly and kept watched movie serials. But it is just some entertainment. I did write notes. I know compared to many of my coursemates would not even have bothered. But at least I have notes but I know it wont bring me anywhere far. It is way more than just notes to get an A. I know my coursemates who are probably reading this would be studying like mad. Or perhaps they are gonna read this post after my OSE paper tomorrow.

Apparently, I’ve been drinking a lot of water too these few days. I wonder why. And I have been skipping meals whenever I am home. Yes. You are right. It is me skipping my meals. But well, sleeping has a more priority compared to eating. I know you do agree! I don’t know if it is because of the computer, but my eyes are really painful. I have rested my eyes for like hours. Perhaps my eyes are the ones that makes me tired. Not my body.

I wished that my new timetable will remain the same as it is. And maybe more breaks. However, I am seeing new lecturers name that has bad track record with my coursemates from other intakes. So, I don’t know if it is the same for my course. But it is not for me to decide. It is for the college to decide. I’d just go with the flow.

I do feel like I am ageing. You guys must be laughing. In a few days’ time, I’d be 18 and I am legally legal. Seeing kids around me makes me think that I am old. Really old, in fact. But what choice do I have anyways? It is not a choice. 18 years of blessings is quite something I should give thanks for. =)

bro’s day in and out.

A Personal Journey of Life- Sunday
The moment I expect things to happen least; it does happens. This is called LIFE. Everyone goes through the same thing. And many things happened yesterday that really made my day; made me smile to myself. Despite me forsaking my afternoon nap, my time and all. Everything was worth the time and effort. It was indeed a Bro’s Day In and Out for me. Never in my life I got to do so much in a day with people that cares for me and people that I care for.
I know it has been time since I last blogged this way on what I do and stuffs; but I know it’s worth blogging about it. This is no random as it was a personal journey that brings back some meaning into my life.
After church, I went out with Max. Basically, we were aimless. I was aimless. I had until like 1pm. And that was like approximately 2 hours. I was wondering what to do. And so he hit me right from the back and called me. And there we headed to Pavilion for his sake of Donut thing that he needed to do. But obviously we didnt barsh into because his friends wasnt there yet. So, instead we headed to see someone. His sister. Being in her working attire makes me wanna laugh big time. But wells, at least people are working. I wished I can still work. I want to work. Back at Starbucks. Low pay; I don’t care. I want to work and earn some cash. I am here stucked studying. Working life was fun and easy back then. I’ve always wished to turn back time, haven’t I? But I am so gonna grab any opportunity that arises when I get to work. Trust me. So, we headed to Starbucks right after that. I suppose it has been our trademark, hasn’t it, Mr Max? But I do enjoy the Starbucks’ ambience. So, grabbed our drinks and all and went into after that. There was a picture taken in Starbucks but he is to busy to send it over. was for official business. Nothing much there then. The fact that it was the time spent together regardless of just a few minutes. It’s the time spent that matters.
Went home and onlined and crap.
The BL asked me out. Yeah. You didn’t read it wrongly. It is BL. BL; my older God Bro. I did contemplate as to whether I should go. I went. As the titles already tell you so. Day Out.
Basically, I was aimless again. I refuse to drive athough he asked if I wanted to. I dislike driving big cars. So he fetched me, I had no where to go. I thought he had but apparently not. So, we decided on a few places but decided to eat our late lunch or dinner first. At 4pm. Weird time. I know. Headed to a Cafe that serves food like Kim Gary and all near Pandan Indah. Nice place and cool ambience too. And there we left, we went into the car, no where to go. We used the his new PDA to decide where we should go. Was some kinda luck-thingy called Guesser.
We decided to get to a cinema at Galaxy Ampang for a amovie. Batman; we watched. But since the time was in another 45 minutes. We didn’t want to waste time. We went to play pool. It’s been months since I last played pool; with him too actually. I have only played pool with Justin and him but usually him. I am suprised my skills were better than last time. But BL’s skills perhaps dropped. =D Went back for movie and we finished slightly before 9pm. Went to play pool again for an hour or so and left for home.

Added additional joy and happiness into my day. Was amazed time flies when you are enjoying someone’s presence.

When I reached home, I receive an SMS from him. This time was from Sarveen. Saying things that he seldom says just made me laugh to myself. And the things he said was comforting. I really do appreaciate that. And how the heck you would feel that you are neglecting me? Never. You won’t dare anyways. He always laugh, laugh and laugh for no reasons. I wanted to post his pics but I don’t have any with me.

And yeah, a day of great feeling. A day of great joy. They make my life meant so much more. I feel appreciated; i felt loved. I thank you people (the 3) for all your time and care and concern. It made my day. Undeniably, one of my best days in the past few months. =)

Yeah. SC. I know you are so gonna complain. Wait. One day a post just for the Preety Gorgeous Chuah Su Chen. =D Just some random stuffs from me:I am gonna be LEGALLY LEGAL in like a few days time. It really feels that I am age-ing. Not a very good sign indeed. I start to think that yesterday was a great start to my week.YOU CAN GIVE WITHOUT LOVING, YOU CANNOT LOVE WITHOUT GIVING

of Malaysian Studies and Lennard’s 18th.

Somehow, somewhere. I don’t know why my pictures are not in the correct and desired order. Okay yeah. I am lazy to re-drag all over again.. Eyes tired after editing the pictures one by one.

We went to Sunway after Malaysian Studies Final Exams today at BBJ Examinations Hall. Annoying place. Anyways, we went to Gasoline for some unknown reasons to celebrate Lennard’s 18th birthday. Another one of us is legally legal. I suppose everything was as usual apart from Adrian and 2 of he guys decided that they want to camwhore. We were all laughing like freaks. And yeah, they sure did.

Apart from that, the part where each of us at a big piece of cake to finish it off was disgusting. We so don’t like cakes now, even if it was Secret Recipe. It was just so full. And yeah, I did not finish it. But I don’t want to push myself either. Pointless, isn’t it?

Pictures will tell you more. I’ve enough of crapping here. I crapped with the gang for almost 4 hours in Sunway today. And yeah, people asks me again and again, Am I going to college t study of to play? I wonder too.. =D

As of Malaysian Studies, now I know why Mr Warren said it is an insult to our intelligence. It truly was. When I have the time, I’d give you examples of the ridiculous questions. Even my younger brother can do it. I did not believe him saying that till I saw the paper myself. I wasted my 2 hours of reading the sleepy history last night and all it was this morning.. Rubbish and Nonsense.
Yeah. What a precious gift from the government. Making us all take LAN Subjects. I promise I am so not going to study Moral for the next semester.
I wanted to blog longer on some stuffs. But my eyes are closing.


The word SIGNIFICANCE came into my mind today. Have you ever thought if you are a significant person? Or have you ever pondered if you are significant in the eyes of someone? I used to be so significant in some people’s life but it no longer is as time passes by. You know when you are significant. And you know when you are not significant. The time when you are NOT SIGNIFICANT is when something happened. Is when some disastrous things happens in your life or someone elses lives. Ironically, nothing lasts forever in this world. Everything in this world will fade eventually. I do think that being having significance is important. I wished I could maintain how significant I used to be in someone’s life. I want to be significant in their life. All I hold on to is I know that I am significant in the eyes of the LORD. Well, textbook answers says that. Sometimes I do ponder myself, How can I be more significant? Is significance that important? My mind needs to stop wondering and focus on my Malaysian Studies finals tomorrow. I am halfway through the Comfort Women topic. Argh.

Had a long and dreadful night last night I’d say. Came home and all tired. Was putting my sister to bed. And the moment I thought she slept, I climbed into my double-decker bed. Just the moment I lied down. My sister from below started calling my name. She started crying. I went all the way down again. She cried for an hour or so. Made foolish promises such as buying her Famous Amos, Baskin Robbins and so on(Reminder: she’s just a 9 year old kid) just to made her sleep. She misses mum. She misses dad. I too can say I miss them too. She cried for so long that I had to lie beside her sleeping on the floor. Her tears made me wanna cry too but well, still controllable. Sleeping on the floor is no joke. Trust me. And when she finally slept, I went back to sleep. Just the moment I was deeply asleep, she woke me up for the toilet. Wells, had to go out and all with her once again and tried sleeping again. I slept till 9am till morning which was quite a record because I seldom wakes up this late. Anyways, about 2 weeks more to go.

But today, I made her sleep early. She is soundly asleep now. Hope to get some test before FINALS commences tomorrow.