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you think you know best

You think you guys know best. I am often misunderstood lately. Being misunderstood by everyone and anyone around me. Am I that unpredictable or is my words that twist-able?
I really don’t get it.I was just trying to make a point for the benefit of the team. Yes yes yes, I did say that you guys got first place by luck but what? Can you guys just listen to me before digesting the first phrase of what I wanted to tell? What I wanted to convey to you guys is that, YES, YOU HAVE WON YOURSELF A TRIP. What I meant by telling you people that you won by luck was to actually buck up.

I cannot change the results and I won’t want too. It is my school, a team that is representing the school and indirectly representing me. Why would I want to critisize you guys? All I meant was that you guys buck up and prove that you guys didn’t win by luck to others. I wasn’t insulting you guys. But what I meant was that you guys have been chosen to go Langkawi and many are saying that you guys won by luck. You guys should buck up and re-do and re-edit the weaknessed before going to Langkawi and to prove others wrong?

And you guys tell me with pride and arrogance that I was trying to critisize. I want you guys to win Langkawi too. I don’t care what has past. And if I was a bad director last year, I am sorry. Maybe it was totally my fault to that i brought you guys to failure. But at this point, you guys should be open to criticism and try to edit as much before it is too late. I don’t want to see St John’s or the KL team coming back without the Champions trophy.

And stop uttering those F words towards me. I was just telling you guys what other school said. And if you think they are sore losers, some of them didn’t participate. They were just visiting and observing schools. You know it just shows me how matured you guys are, uttering the F word to me just because I said something that you guys didn’t want to hear. And pride- the downfall of all men.

If I was that evil to not let you guys win, I would have not prayed that hard before the results were announced. Seriously, I was praying that He answers my prayers. And yes, my God did answer and it turn you guys into arrogant pigs. Come on people!!!~ WAAAKE UPPP!!

No one wants to see you guys get even a second place in Langkawi. We are in the same school. How uncivilised am i if i told you I am supporting another team? Ask around my friends whether I have ever degraded the drama team. I have never and will never do that. No matter whether I am in or not, it is still my pride.

If I meant to insult you guys, there are many other ways. Just think for yourselves. Last year, more than 40 schools participated and it was held in 3 venues, top 2 enters the final. While this year, more than 20 schools participated and it was held in 2 venues, top 3 enters the final and the winners get a bypass. Just use some of your brain juices and do the math yourself. Stop saying that I was insulting you and all. I can do it in many other ways if I want too. I was just doing for the benefit of the school and team. How much have i protected the name of the drama team in front of my friends and this is that thanks i get.

I don’t need thanks, if you guys don’t insult and curse me, thats already fine with me!

If anyone of you read this, just hope you understand that I was doing it for the good of you guys.
The words i said about being lucky and all were really not from my mouth. It was from a few people.


San Francisco, an advance birthday i’ll never forget…

And oh, someone treated me Kim Garyyyyy!!!~~~~ wahahaha


We do molest Adam for being a disturbance sometimes =P Adib sleeeeepin. We have many sleeeeeeepers in class =)

Yin Tai- another victim

Prefects vs Students
Single and I think still available =P
1. -N/A 2. Lai 3. Yun Han 4. Mun Wai 5. Kok Hong 6. Bryan
Posers =P
We were trying to act like we were arguing. But Chiu can’t resist laughing =P

There you go. Failure =P

Another try =P
Groupiesss =)
Handphones, books, MP3 etc etc.

Mun Wai, myself and Chiu
There you go =)
Physics lab. Pn Rismawati was in front =P
Alvin and Mun Wai

class =)

When I say 5/O is going crazy and acting as though as SPM is over. I really mean it.

You see the crazy things we have done lately. Camwhoring in class, playing game boys in school, reading magazines in school, playing hand phones in school. We are indeed a crazy bunch.

i enjoy every moment of it because i know i will miss this whole opportunity next time. It’ll never be the same.

Mun Wai acting cool with Randy’s bass guitar The class potrait. Mostly chinese and malays. No chocolate indulgences inside the pic =P

The Datuk K and Malay gang and me

Fadzriq, Myself and Danial

And we are really going crazy lately.

The more the teachers push us to the wall, the more we go against the wall =P


This week has been hectic. A week of mix feelings too.
I can say I have not ahd a great week. Just an average one. I have tried in everyway to make myself the happiest person i can ever be, but things pops up. And it is bad things =(

I am no longer pissed with him. I have tried to just put things down and talk. Although in some ways, I am not too happy with what has happened between us, but I am still trying. I know I was pissed with him. Very pissed indeed. But my anger has just slowly fade. Knowing that I still love and care for this bro of mine. I can never describe how important and significant the impact he has given me. I can never leave him in anyway. I am not being selfish here but in a way, i need him- the someone whom I can really trust and give my all too. Someone like him who has never fail to cheer me up. I am still not happy, but yet, I am no longer sad. I think I should just give him all the time he needs at this time as he is facing some major problems too. I don’t want to get into his way. That is being very ridiculous and not understanding of me if i do that.


Class has been awesome today =) it may be Thursday- the sucky and boring day filled with Chemistry, Biology, History, Maths, BM etc etc. But today rocks. Thong Leong was absent though. But the first 2 Bio period saw me and Soh writing scripts of some ‘dirty’ stories, and with Qi Kit, Hakim and Davis playing with phone, Davis, Hakim had their breakfast in the lab and Chiu actually ponteng Bio class and last but not least, Jun Yang playing his game boy.

During the 3rd and 4th period of Chemistry, things got even worst- we were all busy listening to the teacher and busy making own Chemistry terms and busy interrupting lessons. But the fact that we knew what was happening.

BM teacher wasn’t around. Moral teacher didn’t came in suprisingly. So we had pure fun- all the non Malays. Heh. We actually drew a big picture of Jane Chan and we actually threw shoes and dusters all over her potrait on the white board. We were enojying ourselves and indulging in MP3s and taking photos of ourselves. We camwhore too somehow. And we were dismissed at 1 because Pn Norbani replaced her class during BM period =)


Masquerade pics

There you go, treat yourself with some Masquerade concert pictures =)

please get it clear

Let’s get this right: If you are having a bad mood or somehting bad, don’t just freaking come up to me and release your tantrums. I am just a friend of yours. No relation. I am innocent. Just know your own mood and learn to keep it to yourself. I am your no body. I am just a friend of yours. People who are allowed to throw tantrums at me doesn’t do it and you who is just some sort of friend is doing it. What the heck?

Stop giving me all your mood swings. Seriously, if i don’t want to answer your call at that time, it’s just me. Get me right. You don’t have to tell me what I need to do. And if I am seriously, asleep, trust me! Don’t come call me for some emergency things like needing someone elses phone number for the MANY times. I am NOT YOUR DIRECTORY. Don’t come into class telling me that I didn’t answer your phone call(s). I was seriously asleep. What do you want me to answer you? Answer you in my dreams? Don’t force me to reply something I don’t feel like replying okay? When I didn’t reply you means I don’t have that person’s number. Stop showing me all your ugly faces in class in front of me just because of that freaking phone call. It justs ticks me off. Come on, I can’t answer you when I am sleeping right? How am I suppose too?

The fact that you are angry because I didn’t reply was because I was asleep. I would have replied if i was awake. It was already almost 12am. What do you want me to do? Maybe I should put my mobile phone on general mode and let my parents kill me again for using the phone when I am sleeping. They just hate it. I am tired of all your ‘faces’ and ‘moods’ just because I didn’t reply your sms and calls. I know what I am doing. You are just a friend of mine. Who do you think you are? People who ahve the rights to do it, doesnt do it and you… GET REAL!

blessings overflowing


Suddenly I felt I am the most blessed person on earth (:

I am so thankful. I have never felt this happy the past few months. I know I have been so pesimistic about things, so negative in my thoughts. But maybe after months of ordeal, things are starting to get back into how it used to be. =) I am glad that things are slowly getting on and moving on well in my life. I know, if I were to compare my life to some people, mine is way way better. I am grateful and contented.
Firstly, MASQUERADE NIGHT is such a memorable night. The night consisted of a worship concert and a party really showed me how the Almighty God works in many many ways. I led worship. It is not about who leads what and who does what, but most importantly, it was great because God was in the picture throughout. God blessed us financially, He blessed us with a good weather, a good PA syster in Shalom Hall and Rooftop. Things were great. Our prayers were never in vain from the beginning to the end of the night. The concert was fantabulous I would say. It was a bomb. Nevertheless, we ran out of food that night because we did not prepare for that many that night. But the good thing is, food wasn’t enough and it was a good sign actually. We ended up running all the way down to grab some other food in Jalan Alor like satays and noodles. The weather on the rooftop was perfect. We were so worried that it would ran after setting up the stage and lights and all but God was in charge from the beginning to the end. Ended up we had fun. An attendance of about 160 turn up.
Secondly, WOW, I guess this is the best suprise I have ever got so far in this year. Who would have ever thought someone who didn’t bother to see me after so many months since last year turn up just to give me a big suprise. I was just shocked. I am out of words to describe that fantastic feeling. =) And so, yeah, the ROCKers actually kinda ditched me for the movie TRANSFORMERS. So, I was alone in the lobby of the church talking to my mum. Heh. And not expecting the coming of my bro, since he said he was lazing at home. It was normal for us to report our stuffs and our location to each other thru phone or sms-es. And suddenly, I saw him walking pass the door (: And the first thing was he saw me there. It was kinda drizzling at that time as well. But he managed to come for MY SAKE! Was just chilling around with him at the lobby and I decided to go out with him instead of going home. Heh. We walked around at Sungai Wang and just kept walking aimlessly actually. And suddenly, we bet on the existance of Chosen Treasure. AND HE LOST THE BET! He was lucky enough, because I was so merciful towards him xD We went to Times Square later and he got tickets to watch Transformers with his girlfriend later at 330pm. Yeah, he ditched me later too =P actually not really lah. I got to go too. I left at 330pm. We had lunch and walked around while waiting for the coming of his ‘baby’, my sis-in-law =P We went to BORDERS after she arrived for a walk and read and that was basically my day with him. His girlfriend completely took over from me =) So, I left them for i have some ‘appointments’ too. =P
Just want to let him know how grateful I am to be able to see him. He is the best bro that I have ever got and ever have. I hope we will still get to see each other with more suprises installed for each other.. (hahahaha) Well, thanks for everything bro. That is all I can say. It is beyond words to show my love, care and thanks for this bro of mine. You really made my day. *smileswidewide* *pokepoke muh bro* =)
Next, some stupid monthly test I have, I got 100. lol. What a joke =P
And there are just so many things that i can thank God for. It is never ending.
After so many months of depression and all, I AM BACK!
I am extraordinary because I really do have an extraordinary GOD =)