please get it clear

Let’s get this right: If you are having a bad mood or somehting bad, don’t just freaking come up to me and release your tantrums. I am just a friend of yours. No relation. I am innocent. Just know your own mood and learn to keep it to yourself. I am your no body. I am just a friend of yours. People who are allowed to throw tantrums at me doesn’t do it and you who is just some sort of friend is doing it. What the heck?

Stop giving me all your mood swings. Seriously, if i don’t want to answer your call at that time, it’s just me. Get me right. You don’t have to tell me what I need to do. And if I am seriously, asleep, trust me! Don’t come call me for some emergency things like needing someone elses phone number for the MANY times. I am NOT YOUR DIRECTORY. Don’t come into class telling me that I didn’t answer your phone call(s). I was seriously asleep. What do you want me to answer you? Answer you in my dreams? Don’t force me to reply something I don’t feel like replying okay? When I didn’t reply you means I don’t have that person’s number. Stop showing me all your ugly faces in class in front of me just because of that freaking phone call. It justs ticks me off. Come on, I can’t answer you when I am sleeping right? How am I suppose too?

The fact that you are angry because I didn’t reply was because I was asleep. I would have replied if i was awake. It was already almost 12am. What do you want me to do? Maybe I should put my mobile phone on general mode and let my parents kill me again for using the phone when I am sleeping. They just hate it. I am tired of all your ‘faces’ and ‘moods’ just because I didn’t reply your sms and calls. I know what I am doing. You are just a friend of mine. Who do you think you are? People who ahve the rights to do it, doesnt do it and you… GET REAL!

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