Monthly Archives: March 2008

I know I am famous for not writing nice posts.

I gotta admit, I was disappointed. I was unhappy. I was upset. I was jealous.
I was wondering why in the world I would do so poorly in my SPM examination. My mind was just blanked a moment when I first got the results from Ms Chan. I admit, I had high expectations over myself and sometimes too high for myself to even achieve it.

When I first started looking at other friend’s results, it sounded okay. It looked okay actually. So I thought I won’t do too badly. But well, at the end, I still think I fared badly.

I have told myself that I will not complain whatever that I am going to get and just to give thanks. So, I was trying. Trying. That whole night I didn’t rest. I was feeling bad. Feeling guilty that with such results, I can’t apply for scholarships. All I do is to wonder around the same bush which brought me no where and I ended up dreaming. Sounds pathetic, doesn’t it.

All in all, I only got 3A1s, 1A2, 2B3s, 3C5s. It’s pretty disappointed isn’t it. All my Sciences got C. Well, the most disappointed thing was that my 1119 was an A2 and my Maths was A2. After so much hard work, that’s the results I got. Not exactly ‘much hard work’ but I did put in hard work. I really wanna thank people like Teacher Esther, Uncle Philip, Elizabeth and all for their great help! And most importantly thank the bro, OBL who was spending some time with me doing last minute revisions. i truly appreciate that a lot. He was my source of encouragement, though he did hurt me at some point of time, he did a lot for me too.

I am still disappointed. But I am now officially a student of APIIT UCTI doing some foundation to path my way towards a Diploma. It would take approximately 3years and 9 months. I still wished things could get better..

When SPM results is released,
I …
would …
be …