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I guess many fans have been waiting for this to happen for 2 years or so. Switchfoot is back LIVE IN KL in 2011.

poster San Diego-based rock band Switchfoot will return to Malaysia on May 1st as part of their 2011 tour to support their latest album, "Hello Hurricane". If you missed their show at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre in 2008, this is your chance to witness one of the best live shows in Malaysia! Hello Hurricane was recorded by the band and produced by renowned hip hop bassist and producer Mike Elizondo, known for his work with the likes of Dr. Dre, Eminem, 50 Cent, Pink, Maroon 5 and Fiona Apple. “I first met Mike through Sean Watkins (of Nickel Creek) and we had a jam session together in LA,” remembers Foreman. “We felt like old friends right away.” The result is Hello Hurricane, which follows the band’s 2006 studio album Oh! Gravity and last year’s era-ending Columbia Records compilation, The Best Yet. “It was exciting to work with someone from Mike’s background and to take some different approaches to rock music,” adds Butler. “He definitely helped us push the music in some new directions.” “Absolutely,” nods Foreman in agreement. “We saw a chance to reinvent ourselves with Mike. Good songs can be played in many different ways and still add up. For me, that meant tearing things apart a little bit and, as a result, Hello Hurricane has some of the most aggressive tones we’ve ever had when it comes to guitar and drums.” The album’s driving and urgent “Mess of Me” – with its personal declaration of independence, as Foreman passionately announces to the world that “I wanna spend the rest of my life alive!” – powerfully demonstrates the edge behind the new tones. Not content to settle into a single groove, the band moves from the high flying album opener, “Needle and Haystack Life,” to songs like the stirring “Always” and the sweetly soaring “Your Love is a Song,” which – by its very nature – cries out for many waving hands illuminated by a blue cell phone glow. The anthemic, riff fueled “This is the Sound,” with its utterly timely generational themes, finds Foreman spitting, “This is the sound from the discontented mouths of a haunted nation!” The “Hello Hurricane” title track is even more poignant when it comes to the band’s perspective on themselves and the world around them. “I’m not talking about ‘Rock You Like a Hurricane,’” says Foreman with a wink before turning reflective. “There is a real despair that I see when we travel around the country… and it’s music that people turn to in a time like this. I wanted to reach out to those people with song.” “For the last decade or so, we’ve been a rock band that really thrives off that interaction with the crowd,” states Butler. “Our motivation for playing music in the first place was a desire to connect with people in a deeper way.” Out of this connection the band’s renowned live show has developed an incredibly loyal following both here in the states and abroad. All About Switchfoot:
Switchfoot – comprising Jon Foreman (vocals/guitar), Tim Foreman (bass), Chad Butler (drums), Jerome Fontamillas (keys/guitar) and Drew Shirley (guitar) – has sold over 4.4 million albums in its career. Founded in San Diego, CA in 1996, Switchfoot released three independent records before its breakthrough album, 2003’s The Beautiful Letdown, which was certified multi-Platinum. Each of the band’s subsequent studio albums – 2005’s Nothing Is Sound, 2006’s Oh! Gravity and 2009’s Hello Hurricane – debuted in the Top 20 of The Billboard 200 and elicited critical acclaim. The Best Yet, the group’s first-ever greatest hits collection, was released in November of 2008. Switchfoot has been touring extensively in support of Hello Hurricane and has recently appeared on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” “The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien,” “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson,” “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon,” and “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” In addition to StandUp For Kids, the band has partnered with Habitat for Humanity, the ONE Campaign, To Write Love on Her Arms and numerous other charities. There’s apparently 10% Early Birds discounts from 1st-5th April. LIMITED tickets only. Tickets will be on sale beginning 1st April 2011 at AirAsiaRedtix , ROCK Corner, Victoria Music Outletsticketpricing Don’t miss out this opportunity to rock up close with Switchfoot! Brought to you by Jupiter Projects. Here’s the location map to: Dewan Mutiara (4th Floor Kompleks Mutiara), Jalan Ipoh, KL map More source:

Kenny G Live in Malaysia 2011

 kenny-g-live-in-malaysia-poster I think Jazz Lovers will be so thrilled to know that Kenny G is coming to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2011. It will be held at Plenary Hall, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. Kenny G has been a soulful musician with a recording career of almost three decades. He also has 23 albums. I am sure you can know All About Kenny G on the Internet! The Grammy Award winning saxophonist – Kenny G usually goes on genre like R&B, Latin and pop but focuses mainly on jazz. kenny-g-ticket-seating-2011 You can get tickets from the below:

Tickets are priced at RM 198, RM 298, RM 498, RM 888 respectively. I am quite sure he is quite a hit. Let him jazz up your lonely (or not so lonely) nights! Find out more about Kenny G on his personal website here. And who knows, I’ve tickets for Kenny G Concert in KL for free? Stay tuned! 😀

AD: ROCK Amazing Race 2011: I Love My City

Print  ROCK Amazing Race 2011: I Love My City is back.
I know you have been anticipating this race since 2010 and this year, a brand new theme is up and is ready to be kicked off again. This year, "I LOVE MY CITY" is the official theme for the race. If you think you know your city well enough, or If you think you know your country well enough. This is the challenge you have to take it on.
You only have this few things to do:
1. Mark down your calendar: 26 March 2011 (Saturday)
2. Invite another 2 friends for your team.
3. Encourage your friends to form their own teams.
4. Sign up and pay the minimum fees
5. Run, Jump and Hop to STAND A CHANCE OF WINNING TOTAL CASH WORTH RM 2,250. It’s just that simple. 5 simple steps. If you’ve always been wanting to challenge a friend to a physical and mental race, this is a chance. And you get rewarded for doing so. Make sure you start inviting!
Here are some extra details you may need to take note:
Date: 26 March 2011
Time: 9am-3pm
Venue: Your Home, Your City, Your Country. If you are eying for the prizes as your motivation, check this out! It’s more than last year’s!
Grand Prize Winner: RM 1550 Cash
Second Prize Winner: RM 800 Cash
Third Prize Winner: RM 500 Cash *Because we know it’s gonna be so bombastically exciting, the above mentioned prizes on the poster has been amended to what I wrote. An increase in RM 200 for all. Registration Fees (per group of 3):
RM 45 (before 20th March 2011)
RM 50 (after 20th March 2011) If you can’t submit your forms by hand, drop us a message on our Facebook "ROCK KLBC" or "Kuala Lumpur Baptist Church". Alternatively, you may fax your forms to 03-2141 6167 (Details required include: Name, Age, Telephone, Address, Gender per team member)
For more details, call me up or even drop a comment on this blog post and I’ll get back to you as soon as I could. If you wanna know what happened last year, here’s a gist: Part 1 | Part 2

Worship with Sidney Mohede

A long long overdue post due to my new found love – procrastination. Honestly, I’ve another like pending 8 events from 2010 to blog about. And gosh, this isn’t good for my reputation. LOL. Anyways, this was one of the event I think it was significant to me and to many others. In October, we had a Worship Night with Sidney Mohede, who was here for the weekend. The humble man who always calls himself “Sidney More-headache”. I had a fun time worshipping. Prolly it’s always fun to worship God despite the circumstances we are all going through. And of course apart from ADORE, which I had even more fun worshipping. Imagine shaking the heavens together in one voice and 7 chairs broke that night. For real. I’m talking too much, let’s get the pictures going.IMG_0755The Saturday night Worship event with Sidney Mohede in Kuala Lumpur Baptist Church with the Church’s main team.IMG_0731The guy himself: Sidney Mohede. Oh on a random note, he loves Malaysian coffee! IMG_0736 IMG_0738 IMG_0739 IMG_0741 I know this is blurry. But I wanted to show that Worship is NEVER boring. It’s always fun.IMG_0743 And on Sunday, he led worship in church as well. I was a part of the team on Sunday. I’ve to tell you I’ve learned so so much from the man himself. He thought me humility most. A guy with his humbleness who has brought him thus far. God’s good.IMG_0753 Also, we also brought him out for lunch to SUKA. SUKA is a new restaurant around Bukit Bintang area and is a cozy and nice hangout place. We know the owner there so we kinda love going there for a quick hangout. The ambience is nice with high ceiling, relaxing songs and above average food. Oh, it’s affordable too. The table we booked:IMG_0757 IMG_0759 My parents and my so-called sister snapped a picture with the man himself before meals. IMG_0761 A family snap shot (Amanda Saputra, so called sister) with Sidney.IMG_0762 Sidney telling his life story. Okay, I kinda remembered he was lah.IMG_0764 The 2 girls with their drinks – Amanda and Ashley.IMG_0767 IMG_0769 Here’s Sidney busy twitting his 3 varieties of food. And on another random note, he apparently likes Malaysian food too. Oh if you want to, follow his twitter at: @SidMohede (follow mine too lah! :D) IMG_0771 That was what he ate in one afternoon…….IMG_0772 IMG_0773IMG_0774 ….. JUST KIDDING! We kinda shared to get a taste of them. It looks really delicious lah! It tastes delicious too!IMG_0775 IMG_0776 Me, having sweet tooth, I love desserts. Cantik kan?IMG_0780 And here comes Amanda’s 21st Birthday Surprise. First time ever celebrating in Malaysia without her family. But yeah, still my sister lah! 😀IMG_0782 She was in tears that we remembered and gave her a cake, and of course it was together with Sidney!IMG_0785 IMG_0786 The 4 siblings! Tai-kar-cheh seated.IMG_0787 A few more piccas before we head off from the place.IMG_0794 IMG_0795 IMG_0800 IMG_0798 IMG_0799All in all, great time of learning and worshipping in one weekend! I’ll just keep doin’ it and never wanna stop! 

Pepper Lunchie

For some reasons, I don’t know how this photo ended up in my album. But these 2 ladies below has become some sort of strollers! 😉DSC03173 Here’s a group picture after the scallop eating. Was just so fabulous! With our host! 😉DSC03174 You do know I would prolly hop by Starbucks once in a while right. So here’s the one in Singapore.DSC03175 A view from my apartment.DSC03176 The next day, I had the time to myself in the morning. So here’s Swensens. Been craving for them since quite a while ago.DSC03178 This was my lunch. Despite me eating along, I find this lunch so delicious. Sometimes, I really do enjoy the “me-time” to myself. Doing things I like, thinking things I love, dreaming of dreams I’ve never dreamt before. It’s just so awesome!DSC03179 DSC03180 DSC03181 If you didn’t know, this sweer-sour jelly thingy has been something I love. Don’t ask me. Get it for me and I’d be a happy persons after all. 😉DSC03182 Quite amazed with this potato chips. Looks really good. But was too full to try. 😉DSC03183 Spotted Old Town coming to Singapore too! I predict it’s gonna be quite a hit!DSC03184 My favourite hangout place. I just can’t avoid going to Vivocity whether it’s with myself or not. I was with Rachel when I was there. It’s just a mall I wouldn’t wanna miss. The atmosphere, the shops there are so nice!DSC03186 DSC03188 Lastly, check out my next post of a cute baby. You’ll love it! 😉

Singapore, again!

You know, I just think that I blogged about Singapore Trip just not too long ago. Prolly less than 6 months, sigh. I think this is so much cause of my procrastination. This Singapore trip was actually in July. I was on a Semester break, while my dad had a meeting there. So, I was my own tourguide. First thing I always crave for when I go to Singapore is the Oriental treats. You know how much I missed them? Words can’t describe. I wonder why Malaysia stopped producing such soup? Campbell, if you are reading, tell me! I got them from a friend somehow anyways, just few weeks back!DSC03161 Upon arriving, this is the road we saw in the car. I went with an Alphard. I was like a VIP, the car was entirely dark. So, the photo is considered good! :pDSC03122 The guys accomodation, in a church. The place I stayed – Thomson Road Baptist ChurchDSC03123 DSC03124 The cozy apartment, okay. I stole the neighbours wifi. But who cares lah? :op I do that all the time, watch out for me!DSC03135 DSC03136 I wonder why I placed them here!DSC03137 You do know some of my favourite hangout spots, dont chu?DSC03140 DSC03141 I went with this bunch too.. =)DSC03142 More of my Singapore funny stories next – I took picture with some people who thought I was some stars!

Doubletree Hotel by Hilton

Some of you may have overheard or ter-read on Twitter or Facebook that I won a 2 Days 1 Night Stay at the Guestroom at Doubletree Hotel by Hilton. Doubletree Hotel by Hilton is actually the old Crowne Plaza, if I remembered correctly. With the winning entry on one of their Merdeka Day Facebook Contest, I was invited with a bunch of winners and bloggers to attend their dinner as well as to collect my prize. Like I said, I won a 2 Days 1 Night Stay. Some blogger from Advertlets were there such as Josh Lim and Jin from Hitz.Fm Party Show (which he also blogged about it here)IMG_0360I was also treated to a sumptuous meal at the Makan Kitchen. There are various food in Makan Kitchen and each section called Kitchen has their own specialty.IMG_0361This was the Chinese Section where you get the Chinese food like Dim Sum and some other normal Chinese Food. IMG_0362This was more of the Malay Section, where you get rojak. Goreng Pisang and all. The goreng pisang was nice. Really nice. 😉 IMG_0364This was the Iban side of food. Which I think it was also combined with some Indian food. I didn’t try this much as I was not a big fan of Indian food. But I did try some of it. IMG_0366 IMG_0367Some of the seating positions at Makan Kitchen. They have really nice interior. Loving the designs and the simplicity as well as the lightings accompanied with it. IMG_0368The view from Makan Kitchen. IMG_0370And we were also given a tour before we actually ate because we were waiting for buka puasa. We were brought around the newly renovated and refurbished hotel. I’ve to say it’s really nice and well done. We went to the gym first. The gym has loads of equipments as well as its a really nice environment.IMG_0372 IMG_0373This was their Italian Restaurants. Sorry for the lack of pictures. But it looks really nice. IMG_0374This was a random view shot from below which I took.IMG_0376The outside section where you can grab a drink. IMG_0377Because it was time to buka puasa, we went back for a meal first. But this is something you might wanna look for when you’re there – The Teppanyaki Ice Cream. It’s really crunchy and nice. I loved it very much.IMG_0382And this is the Teppanyaki Ice Cream IMG_0383My lovely ice-kacang. Other food I didn’t take much! :) IMG_0384We were brought up to the hotel too. These are some of the images of the room. IMG_0386 IMG_0387This is funny so I had to do this, the glass was transparent. You can see whatever happening inside the washroom if you leave the blind open. LOL. If you wanna show your partner something, this might be something interesting for you to do? :op IMG_0389 View from the hotel rooms.IMG_0390Another part of the hotel: IMG_0391 IMG_0392 IMG_0393 This is The Food Store where they sell stuffs:IMG_0394They are also famous for their Chocolate Chip Cookies. I was given one. They serve it to the guests who comes when they check in. It is also available for sale of course:IMG_0395 So, this is such an adventure by winning the 2 Days 1 Night Stay. I have yet to use it yet. Wanna tag along? __________________________________________________________________________ Doubletree by Hilton Kuala Lumpur 182 Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 50400
Tel: 60-3-21727272   Fax: 60-3-21727270  Website: click

Indian Dance

Let’s just hope the topic above will not attract a whole bunch of Indian friends. Okay, I am kidding. Not being racist. At Batu Caves, we were treated to a dance as well as being invited to dance with these Indian dancers.IMG_5448 My classmates doing the dance with the Indian dancers. Potential eh?IMG_5449 IMG_5450 IMG_5455 IMG_5463 Another part of Batu Caves where you see a green statue.IMG_5482 Lunch was vegetarian at Batu Caves. If you were to ask if I enjoyed it, I personally don’t really enjoy it. But nevertheless, I think it’s something worth a try.IMG_5489IMG_5484This was the banana-leaf rice. I did not eat this. Yeah, I am not that adventurous with food. Photos by Indro Putranto (classmate)

The KL Adventure

I ain’t sure, but I can guess that at least 50% of Malaysians have not visited Batu Caves before; let alone the KL attractions. I am probably in that group of 50% because I’ve been to Batu Caves like many many years back and I prolly even forgotten about it! 😛   Here, my lecturer on the left; my Public Relations and Visual Communication lecturer.IMG_5286 The ever-famous statue.IMG_5304 I love this shot of Leka and Peace chasing those doves. I think they are doves, are they?IMG_5312 IMG_5319 IMG_5327 Entering Batu Caves after the many many steps of climbing. The climb was quite fun actually!IMG_5333 Entering Batu Caves.IMG_5336 Now, these 2 daring girls took the snake and pose with it. Had to pay somemore. I did not have the guts of course. If you know me well, I ain’t a big fan of animals.IMG_5375 IMG_5379 On the way to art gallery. This shot is really nice. :)IMG_5412 These are 2 of my other classmates. I think we were a little crazy lah! 😛JSC02954 Ending the post with a pitiful Monkey! :)z Anyone wants to feed this little one? Heee.. *edit*: Photos by Indro (classmate)

More food & My Embarrassing Moments

At Kong Kong’s birthday, food was aplenty at all table. It was truly a great celebration we had._MG_1937 This is Kong Kong and one of my relatives; you know I don’t really remember who’s who as I get more and more distant from my long lost relatives._MG_1941 Cousins #1 – Elizabeth, Justin and Terrence _MG_1942 Cousins #2 – Jason, Nelson, Allison_MG_1943 And more food. This fish was really awesome and delicious. I remembered I had loads of it. Now you know why I am fat, don’t chu? 😛_MG_1947 This was what I was saying, my embarrassing moments. I had to do a performance with some of my cousins. I literally hold the mic throughout the song. I’ve been singing often, but not in front of a bunch of relatives and with my cousins as my support. It was one great experience though it was just a little uncomfortable singing in front of your relatives. And prolly despite how bad you sing, it’d still be good feedback. I did felt a little uncomfortable._MG_1954 _MG_1956 And this cousin of mine Justin; played the electric guitar as a performance. I seriously forgotten the name of the complicated song though I know it was a tough song to play._MG_1965 The ever joyous and lively Kong Kong:_MG_1969 Performance by my other cousins:_MG_1975 Don’t they look like twins? Adeline and Amy. Amy is just a year younger than me._MG_1979_MG_1995 I did a multimedia presentation for my grandpa’s birthday. It was just great memories to see how much each and everyone has grown. Yes, spot my baby picture in it if you can! 😛_MG_1997I just realised I’ve not uploaded the video on Youtube, i’d do so tomorrow aite? Love your precious ones!