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Logos Hope, World’s Largest Floating Book Fair in Port Klang

Weeks ago, I was at Logos Hope, World’s Largest Floating Book Fair. I thought it was sad enough that I had to miss the Big Bad Wolf Book fair, but well, I took this as a compensation. Not much of a reader, but well, I do read lah. But hey, I used to be forced into reading. Hence, my half-past-six English. But I realised the more I read, the more the slang creeps into my Cantonese, where it can be scary at times. Logos Hope, arrived at Port Klang. It was raining but I the weather was aweesome when we arrived there. Like, really.IMG_0879The journey was so long, that the first thing we do when we arrived at the Cruise Centre, to head to the toilet. Oh, I went with some families and friends. IMG_0880 This picture was meant for Jiahuei, and yes, I sent it all the way to the UK for her to show her some bits of my sampatness.IMG_0881 Logos Hope, parked right opposite Star Virgo ship. I can tell you how much I am tempted to get on Star Virgo, it’s gigantic and it looks really cooooool. Who wants to join me in it? =DIMG_0882 It’s rare I camwhore but I thought, its Sher Leen, and she needs the camera. It’s like, she equals camera kind. So I thought, let’s do a picture. I was just trying to “gratify” her needs of camwhoring okay? Haha.IMG_0883 I was also taken for a tour. And each of us had a tag. I was in the Germany team. I don’t know why Germany. IMG_0884 I was so hungry that snacks were just too irresistable. I bought this mega chocolate cookie. Really good stuffs yo. If it was warmed, it would also have been 10 times nicer.IMG_0885 She’s Jessica, our tour guide. Pretty friendly and nice.IMG_0886 IMG_0887 I got up to Deck 7. Quite the fun lah. I think I wanna live in there.. For A WEEK. Haha. You know I can’t stand being locked in a place kan?IMG_0888 I didn’t get to meet the captain. He’s on a break. He is quite the young. Apparently, he had a dream when he was young to be the captain of a Mission Ship. And now here he is, talk about living our dreams.IMG_0889 I can stalk people from this door. But I don’t know why an aunty turns out. Don’t ask la, okay?IMG_0890 This is the theater in the ship. Super cool I tell you. And it’s also used as a concert hall. Good lightings and looks like there were good sound systems too.IMG_0891 And after the tour, only we were allowed to head to the book fair. Not really. We got special invites, hence the tour. But hey, they’ve got a huge variety of books. Like, really a lot. From fictions to non-fictions, romance to adventure to even dictionaries. They also have CDs and DVDs for sale. Apparently, they have over 5000 books and CDs on board.IMG_0892 IMG_0893IMG_0894And since we were in Port Klang, we can’t run away from some seafood kan? So, we went for supper at this place at around 11pm. Thank goodness I don’t eat seafood. Else, I’d be sooooo the gemuk. Already am. Tell me about it. But I thought they had some delicious noodles too.IMG_0895 So, this boat is a travelling boat. I’m not too sure when it’s leaving. But I do think that this is quite an adventure. Poor people like me who have no access to Star Virgo, should at least go for this la. Haha. But yeah, if you wanna go for Star Virgo, hit me up yo! Would be more than happpy to gooo! :)

Outdated Post: Singapore 2010

The title says it all. This is an outdated post. I was clearing my desktop a while ago and these folders still pops up there as I’ve yet to write about it. So, this is a summary of what happened when I was in Singapore 2010 with my family and some friends. It was a great trip. I think all of my Singapore trips are just amazing. I also know where’s where already being there so often. Being a good brother, starting this post with a picture with my sister. IMG_1250 The view is so much better than just this picture. I think the picture is just an “understatement” of how great the view was.IMG_1255 I rarely take pictures with my brother. Not sure if this was a candid shot or if it was planned. But a picture with my very own brother is like.. GOLD? Haha.IMG_1256 IMG_1257 And here’s when the sister decides to join the brothers!IMG_1258 I’ve said this and I am saying this AGAIN. If you are in Singapore, you cannot avoid Bens and Jerrys ice cream. It’s like some really really good stuffs, minus the long queues. Love the texture and unique flavours. Don’t remind me about being fat. If I am right, Vivocity or Harbour Front has one.IMG_1265 IMG_1266  You shan’t go to Singapore if you are NOT visiting the Universal Studios. I mean, come on. It’s like the “IN” thing.IMG_1277 IMG_1281 This is one ride I would prolly play over and over again. But call me stupid, I played this as my first ride. And I was the only one who got ALL WET! Like, first ride. All wet. No joke. But it was really really fun. I am now tempted to go there just for this ride!IMG_1283 It goes on a rotation, and if you are lucky, you get WET. And I was lucky. I am just trying to be optimistic aight? 😛IMG_1284 IMG_1285 Some kiddy ride for a break.IMG_1286 IMG_1287 This is a mini-roller coaster which I thought it was not that mini after all.IMG_1290 Jurassic Park. Not fully opened when I was there, but I want you to know it’s wicked.IMG_1292 Oooooh. And the roller coaster. Like for real. I love this. I went in twice. Haha. And I cheated my mum into going in with me on the second round. How evil can I be?IMG_1295 IMG_1299 Here’s the grand entrance. The tall designs and built are quite amazing la. I really admire them actually. IMG_1312 This is a “vomit-generator”. I can really puke sitting in it any longer than 5 minutes. It’s so super fast and dizzzzy!IMG_1315 IMG_1316 IMG_1319 :O Hot stuffs la! Hot! She is damn fierce ok? I wonder if her assets are real. Shhh.IMG_1322 IMG_1323 This is the shopping alley. It’s crazily expensive, but some things are really cute and unique la. If you’ve a girlfriend to please, maybe you can grab some things in there!IMG_1331 IMG_1332 IMG_1333 This is me trying to think that being fat is okay. Just saying.IMG_1334 SHREKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK. This 4D thingy is awesome beyond words. I love how the effects made me feel all crazy.IMG_1339 IMG_1340 I know the food is frigging pricy. But, you’ve not much of a choice actually. IMG_1342 Some satay rice. Haha. Not really sure. It doesn’t look that appetising, does it?IMG_1343 The outdoor roller coaster was not opened when we were there. :(IMG_1344 IMG_1349 He is SHORTER THAN ME! And he is so small size la. Like, really.IMG_1351 … but he’s friendly. I really admire how they get into their character the moment they walk out.IMG_1352 This picture is awful. But it was taken to tag friends. Bwahahaha. I am evil like that.IMG_1354 This is like a wicked LIVE studio and it shows you how they shoot and more. Quite an experience.IMG_1355 They look evil and fierce. My HI was rejected.IMG_1361 How can you not take a picture with the globe when you are at Universals Studio Singapore?IMG_1363 Also, I went to Marina Bay. It was some new year event they were having. People can thrown in balls with their wishes. I wanted to write my number and throw it in, but it was only for Singapore citizens.IMG_1368 Ooh. I had lunch at one of this Chinese Restaurant in a hospital. Unique food, and the desserts were craazy! They had some really nice cubicles of … kuih? Not really, not too sure actually. But it has a really sweet tastes and apparently it’s good for health. See the irony?IMG_1375 IMG_1376IMG_1377This is some digestive apple juice after the meal. I was drinking things from test tube. But the juice was fresh and awesome. I won’t mind having them more often. IMG_1378 IMG_1379 And on our way back, our Ms Crazy. She has more ugly photogs. But I decided to be nice for once.IMG_1380 So, Singapore. I do miss you much. Imma be back. Soon.

Pepper Lunchie

For some reasons, I don’t know how this photo ended up in my album. But these 2 ladies below has become some sort of strollers! 😉DSC03173 Here’s a group picture after the scallop eating. Was just so fabulous! With our host! 😉DSC03174 You do know I would prolly hop by Starbucks once in a while right. So here’s the one in Singapore.DSC03175 A view from my apartment.DSC03176 The next day, I had the time to myself in the morning. So here’s Swensens. Been craving for them since quite a while ago.DSC03178 This was my lunch. Despite me eating along, I find this lunch so delicious. Sometimes, I really do enjoy the “me-time” to myself. Doing things I like, thinking things I love, dreaming of dreams I’ve never dreamt before. It’s just so awesome!DSC03179 DSC03180 DSC03181 If you didn’t know, this sweer-sour jelly thingy has been something I love. Don’t ask me. Get it for me and I’d be a happy persons after all. 😉DSC03182 Quite amazed with this potato chips. Looks really good. But was too full to try. 😉DSC03183 Spotted Old Town coming to Singapore too! I predict it’s gonna be quite a hit!DSC03184 My favourite hangout place. I just can’t avoid going to Vivocity whether it’s with myself or not. I was with Rachel when I was there. It’s just a mall I wouldn’t wanna miss. The atmosphere, the shops there are so nice!DSC03186 DSC03188 Lastly, check out my next post of a cute baby. You’ll love it! 😉

My Superstar Moment and Expensive Scallop

You know I was just talking about my Superstar Moment on my last post; so here is the whole thing. As we were busy taking and snapping some photos on this big board behind, I thought it was just ordinary. Little did I know and expected some “friends” came and pulled my hand while I was about to walk off to take some pictures with them. I was like, “Who am I?”. So I did. I think I was there with 4 “friends” and pictures will tell you that my pictures was snapped on my camera and theirs too. Now, I don’t know where my photos in their camera went.DSC03145 DSC03146 DSC03151 There they go, I don’t know who they are. I look extremely fat in this picture! :(DSC03153 DSC03154 And despite people saying and talking about how bad Singapore food is (as compared to Malaysia); I choose to stand on the fence. They do have some good and yummy food too! 😛DSC03162 Some sweet pastries for your teeth…DSC03163 And for the first night, we had dinner with some entrepreneur at this restaurant. Nice food and I suppose it’s a fine dining. Check out the cost too of course larh! :opDSC03164 You tell me with this pricing, what happen if it isn’t nice?DSC03167 DSC03168 The menu was also unique. And whats more delicious are the abalones with egg white. The egg white was so delicious while the scallop was so tender. I likes! :pDSC03169 DSC03170DSC03171 Yeah, this is just too delicious. I want to have another piece, who wants to buy me one?

Singapore, again!

You know, I just think that I blogged about Singapore Trip just not too long ago. Prolly less than 6 months, sigh. I think this is so much cause of my procrastination. This Singapore trip was actually in July. I was on a Semester break, while my dad had a meeting there. So, I was my own tourguide. First thing I always crave for when I go to Singapore is the Oriental treats. You know how much I missed them? Words can’t describe. I wonder why Malaysia stopped producing such soup? Campbell, if you are reading, tell me! I got them from a friend somehow anyways, just few weeks back!DSC03161 Upon arriving, this is the road we saw in the car. I went with an Alphard. I was like a VIP, the car was entirely dark. So, the photo is considered good! :pDSC03122 The guys accomodation, in a church. The place I stayed – Thomson Road Baptist ChurchDSC03123 DSC03124 The cozy apartment, okay. I stole the neighbours wifi. But who cares lah? :op I do that all the time, watch out for me!DSC03135 DSC03136 I wonder why I placed them here!DSC03137 You do know some of my favourite hangout spots, dont chu?DSC03140 DSC03141 I went with this bunch too.. =)DSC03142 More of my Singapore funny stories next – I took picture with some people who thought I was some stars!

The KL Tour

Being Malaysians, we rarely even go around visiting our country but I guess with this field trip, I did have a fair chance of visiting the temple, Brickfields, Istana Negara and some other places which many Malaysians we probably even takes it for granted. And we always go “What is there to do in Malaysia?” Well, here are definitely some of the places you can visit! We hoped on to town for a short photo taking and visiting. And coincidentally, Dataran Merdeka was packed with tents and all as it was preparing for a Nike event for World Cup. There you go, some shots here from Indro, my classmate. (Note: the last picture was a pose)IMG_5494 IMG_5495 IMG_5499 I look horribly fat in this picture. Sigh.IMG_5508 At Istana Negara where we get to take more pictures!IMG_5516 IMG_5525 IMG_5532 A tea time at Brickfields, I kinda dislike this place. Too busy and dirty. And the restaurants had rats all over it. And the restaurant we went had a huge banner that writes “Najib’s Corner”; because our Prime Minister had eaten there before.IMG_5534This was the poser picture I told you about. I am such a bad poser anyways! 😛IMG_5540 So, bye bye to my KL Field Trip. Off for another interesting topic soon!

Indian Dance

Let’s just hope the topic above will not attract a whole bunch of Indian friends. Okay, I am kidding. Not being racist. At Batu Caves, we were treated to a dance as well as being invited to dance with these Indian dancers.IMG_5448 My classmates doing the dance with the Indian dancers. Potential eh?IMG_5449 IMG_5450 IMG_5455 IMG_5463 Another part of Batu Caves where you see a green statue.IMG_5482 Lunch was vegetarian at Batu Caves. If you were to ask if I enjoyed it, I personally don’t really enjoy it. But nevertheless, I think it’s something worth a try.IMG_5489IMG_5484This was the banana-leaf rice. I did not eat this. Yeah, I am not that adventurous with food. Photos by Indro Putranto (classmate)

The KL Adventure

I ain’t sure, but I can guess that at least 50% of Malaysians have not visited Batu Caves before; let alone the KL attractions. I am probably in that group of 50% because I’ve been to Batu Caves like many many years back and I prolly even forgotten about it! 😛   Here, my lecturer on the left; my Public Relations and Visual Communication lecturer.IMG_5286 The ever-famous statue.IMG_5304 I love this shot of Leka and Peace chasing those doves. I think they are doves, are they?IMG_5312 IMG_5319 IMG_5327 Entering Batu Caves after the many many steps of climbing. The climb was quite fun actually!IMG_5333 Entering Batu Caves.IMG_5336 Now, these 2 daring girls took the snake and pose with it. Had to pay somemore. I did not have the guts of course. If you know me well, I ain’t a big fan of animals.IMG_5375 IMG_5379 On the way to art gallery. This shot is really nice. :)IMG_5412 These are 2 of my other classmates. I think we were a little crazy lah! 😛JSC02954 Ending the post with a pitiful Monkey! :)z Anyone wants to feed this little one? Heee.. *edit*: Photos by Indro (classmate)

Okay, get ready to wave your hands to say Bye Bye to Hong Kong. Yes, this is the final post – with loads of videos in it. I was so reluctant to post so many, but I did anyways. Note I deleted like so many of those videos. Here are some best recorded video from that trip and if you don’t have time, watch any of the Fireworks video. Sure worth your time. The beauty of those fireworks (sorry, pollution also lah) amazes me. Video 1: As I was mentioning, we were saying no laughing in the Roller Coaster yesterday right? These 2 pretty girls laughed their way through and hence, the punishment was to dance in public and yeah, they did! They kinda embarrassed themselves when the crowd was just looking at the 2 weird people laughing while dancing.

While waiting for the Fireworks, we were so tired and yet we still did a recording of our lame selves. It doesn’t at all look good with our gila gila looks and crap. You just need to see the crap we said there.

Video 2: And this was the pre-Fireworks where the dancers and all came out.

Here comes all the amazing fireworks that really brighten up my world and my new year. It was such a great start to view this magnificent fireworks. I saw it 2 years back, and I somehow think it got even prettier as the 2 years passed.

Hence, with this. Bid farewell to Hong Kong. I hope to be there again. No doubt about that. Anyone up for that? 😛

Disneyland (1)

I know I am still in Hong Kong, but hey, this is the 2nd last post and next post on Disneyland is gonna be pretty short. So, if you just don’t know where to go in Hong Kong, I am sure Disneyland is one major attraction. When you arrive at the airport, you’d see the heavy promotions all over. It’s terrific. We took a train to Disneyland pics 599 hk pics 600 hk pics 613 hk pics 614 hk pics 615  hk pics 622  A gift from the Amazing Conference that we just attended, rings necklace as memories:hk pics 628 hk pics 637 When vanity strikes, girls can do anything and everything, even in the toilet: hk pics 638 Being in the holiday season and New Year 2010, the crowd in Disneyland was massive. Undeniable that it has became one of the major attractions in the world. The parade began shortly after our entrance and we were just amazed and amused with the huge well designed animated characters into a gigantic presentation for the parade. hk pics 640 hk pics 642 hk pics 650 hk pics 651 hk pics 657 hk pics 658 hk pics 660 hk pics 661 Basically, the parade took the first part of Disneyland. I am saying bye bye to Disneyland, Hong Kong and all in 2 days time.