The KL Adventure

I ain’t sure, but I can guess that at least 50% of Malaysians have not visited Batu Caves before; let alone the KL attractions. I am probably in that group of 50% because I’ve been to Batu Caves like many many years back and I prolly even forgotten about it! 😛   Here, my lecturer on the left; my Public Relations and Visual Communication lecturer.IMG_5286 The ever-famous statue.IMG_5304 I love this shot of Leka and Peace chasing those doves. I think they are doves, are they?IMG_5312 IMG_5319 IMG_5327 Entering Batu Caves after the many many steps of climbing. The climb was quite fun actually!IMG_5333 Entering Batu Caves.IMG_5336 Now, these 2 daring girls took the snake and pose with it. Had to pay somemore. I did not have the guts of course. If you know me well, I ain’t a big fan of animals.IMG_5375 IMG_5379 On the way to art gallery. This shot is really nice. :)IMG_5412 These are 2 of my other classmates. I think we were a little crazy lah! 😛JSC02954 Ending the post with a pitiful Monkey! :)z Anyone wants to feed this little one? Heee.. *edit*: Photos by Indro (classmate)

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