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I am a crazy, fun and enthusiastic guy who is passionate for arts and the media. I graduated from BSc (Hon) Media Informatics at University College of Technology and Innovation (APIIT/UCTI) a few years ago.
I was a student of Tadika Pooi Leng located at Jalan Bukit Bintang since I was three. Apart from that, I am a proud student of St John’s Institution at both Primary and Secondary level. At St John’s, I served as a prefect and head of the Drama Team for a year and was part of the team for another year.
I study hard, I used to teach too. I held a position as a Teacher in a Homeschool Resource Centre where I taught Bahasa Melayu for kids aged 7 to 16.

I worked at I Love Discounts – Malaysia’s Favourite Discount Website as a Social Media Specialist for about a year or so before I moved on to start-up a company called Yellow Mango Communications – a digital and social media agency with a business partner. I currently do my own thing in my own world with a team of 16. In June 2015, I also opened another agency in Singapore with the same name. Before you even start asking, it’s Yellow Mango because we love mangoes, and yellow was the colour of the mangoes we were eating.

I sleep and sleep a lot when I am free. Asides from that, I just got back to blogging. I love to travel and travel quite a fair bit to see the world.

Lastly, I also have a deep passion for Worship (vocals). I currently serve as a Worship Leader and Vocalist at church.

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