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when i am gonna be done

I am almost done. Another 4 papers. 2 more subjects to go. My brains are more relaxed now.I am left with Moral and Biology. I have not touched Biology for some time but I hope I will make it through with Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I know, I have to give in my all, my best shot as it is my last paper. Among Physcis, Chemistry and Biology, Biology is the hardest to score I suppose based on last years’ school’s results. So, I gotta push myself to more stuffs and memorise facts!

I am waiting for Monday to come, but on the other hand, I am having a bad feeling- i miss my school! I will. I will no longer step into the classroom anymore, eat the rotten canteen food, be scolded by teachers, by having to sit outside the class for not finishing up my work *oppps*, by listening to Peter Yii’s nagging etc etc. I am gonna miss ST JOHN’S INSTITUTION of Kuala Lumpur. A place where I grew up in. For the past 11 years on that hill, I have been through a lot. Many good and bad times happened on the hill itself. All in all, I MISS SCHOOL. Apart from that, I will miss my teachers especially a few of them namely Pn Norra, Pn Norbani, Pn Vijaya and a few of them. I have seen them almost everyday for the past 2 years and I am feeling uneasy.

I don’t want to cry when I leave this Monday but inside me, I will miss my school, my teachers and most importantly, MY CLASSMATES. We’ve been through thick and thin for the past 2 years in the same class. We played trick on teachers, we manipulate the teachers, we ‘pakat’ not to do school work and all that has happened for the past 2 years. It is the most fun years in my schooling life. Those experiences are just fabulous. Now I wish I can be in school more often. Now I wish i did not ponteng so much. I really miss going to school!

Well, from 7 years old till 17 years old now being in that small little hill has entirely change my mind. I have changed to be a more matured person as I grew older and older. I see those small little changes inside me that has changed me for life. I definitly don’t mind coming back to school once in a while to see the school and the teachers. Teachers, please don’t leave!!~

Back to my friends, I hope we can still meet each other as and when possible. Yeah, we will not meet each other with school uniforms anymore but well, I wish we can get together sometime because I really do miss you guys so much! How would life be without you guys? I know I will have a new batch of friends when I am in uni or college but yeah, you guys will never be forgotten.

And to those who have been with me since primary school like Chiu, Justin, Tay, Yap and Harith- things will never change and we will remains best friends forever. Encouraging each other and making fun of each other for the past 11 years. It was not easy to maintain such a long friendship but everything done was definitly worth it! Justin, I still want my angpaus! Tay, I still want oranges! Chiu, i still need those lil favours like reload and all =P Yap, i still want those how are you phone calls. Harith, yeah keep on nudging me on msn! =)

So, 2 more days in school and thats it. Everything in high school is over for me at least all I have to settle with the school is jst my SPM results and forecast and report card! So, St John’s may not have a link with me anymore but it will always have a special place in my heart. Wherever I go, I am still a Johannian.

Once a Johannian, Forever a Johannian!

The Johannian Spirit Lives On