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Shabu One Steamboat Buffet (All You Can Eat), Lot 10

You know at times, when we are so spoiled for options, we want barbeque, sushi, ala-carte, noodles, steamboat and so much more? I’ve to say Shabu One Steamboat Buffet, so called Steamboat Buffet offers just more than Steamboat. I think it was more of Steamboat & Buffet. Located right inside Lot 10 Mall, you surely won’t miss it.IMG_1015Giving your tummies a wide option, you get to cook your own noodles – curry or clear soup, it’s all your choice. Mee, Kuey Teow, Bee Hon, Lo Shu Fun and more, it’s all about your stomachs!IMG_1028Also, you get to have clear soup and curryish tomyam. I personally liked the clear soup more than the curryish tomyam. You get to design the soup the way you want to, by adding lobak, tomatoes and all the kinda vegetable and meat which I am not too sure the names. But I think adding tomatoes and some fish paste makes the soup really good.IMG_1016 Also, if you are a big fan of seafood, then yes, this is the place. So much of seafood you can choose from. From prawns, sotongs, squids and more!IMG_1017 Some fish paste, wanton and some balls. You know how I tweet about balls all the time when I have steamboat? The option of balls is quite the amazing – meat balls, beef balls, fish balls and more! Balls overload.IMG_1018 More seafood. You know some of the seafood, I don’t even know what it’s called. Really. I’m not a big fan of seafood. But hey, fish paste are awesome stuffs! 😀IMG_1019 Also, I’ve never seen such a wide variety of vegetable in a buffet. I can’t name them all. But I can tell you, there were over 10 types of vegetable there. And I don’t know what their names are. Really.IMG_1020 You also get pre-cooked food. From fried rice, beehoon, teppanyaki sauce chicken, meat and more. If you’re lazy (like me) to wait for the soup to boil and all, just go start eating first lah. Isn’t that quite awesome?IMG_1021 And don’t ask me what are the names of these noodles. There are too many I can’t name them. You get basically ALL kinds of noodles. And trust me, if you’re thinking of trying everything, it’s surely impossible.IMG_1022 Ohhh, if you’re a fan of Curry Fish Balls, and you think it’s tough to find it here in Malaysia? Here, at Shabu One, you can get them too.IMG_1023 Talking about vegetables, you get carrot, tomatoes, mushrooms and more. So many types of mushrooms too.IMG_1024 Being the sweet guy I am, how can I do without desserts? And they have those ice-cream popsicles. The last time I had that, was like, in primary school. Like, really.IMG_1025 See the variety of bloody meat you can get here. It’s like trying to get you to eat till you explode. And for your information, I didn’t even eat those weird looking meat down there.IMG_1026 More balls, wantan, sui gao and some lady fingers.IMG_1027 Confession: I forgot to snap the desserts freezer with loads of jelly and the sushi corner. They serve sushi too! Like, really. Now, don’t you think they should change their name? It shouldnt just be called Steamboat Buffet. But well, my point is, if you want variety, Shabu One is definitely the place to rock it at. You can really really eat all you want there. No time limit. And oh, there is a juice bar. Which has different kinds of juices and drinks. Drink as much as you like okays? No one is gonna stop you. I think the next round I want to play games on the table with drinking as punishment, here’s the place to do it. All You Can Eat at Shabu One is gonna be the place if you want variety and options! Fill your stomachs kao kao today. Also, check out I Love Discounts for a deal that is already ON. Give this place a great try! ___________________________________________________________________________ Address: T18-22.3nd Floor, Lot 10 Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Phone: +603-2145 9933 Facebook: shabu one 鼎旺

Galatic Laser Tag Outing, Mid Valley

So, this is one activity that I’ve been wanting to do for decades. You know, go in, shoot people or even get shot. And I finally got the chance, with a whole bunch of boys, we went to rock Galatic Laser Tag in Mid Valley 2 Saturdays ago. Sorry to spoil your day, but I find this picture rather impressive. Fierce look fail big time.IMG_0935 It was also a Halloween weekend. So, things were a lil creepy and all. But it was a great time of fun, scaring ourselves and all.IMG_0922 IMG_0923 Fast. Furious. Fun. It wasn’t that furious. But it was surely fast and fun.IMG_0924 Kan I say it was Halloween? This isn’t too scary, but yeah. Oh, I wanted to brag about how my iPhone cover shines in the dark. But I’d save it for another time.IMG_0925 IMG_0926 The entrance was pretty cool. I feel like I’m in some Power Rangers thing.IMG_0927 IMG_0928 This was the Briefing Room before the match.IMG_0929 Rules are pretty cool. And yes, pregnant women are not allowed. Really. Too scary lah.IMG_0930 You can actually come up and view the match. Like really. People screaming and all. It’s quite the exciting lah. Seeing is one thing. Playing is another.IMG_0931 The bunch of guys I went with. Nicholas, Caleb, Kelvin, Ian, Natanael, Wen Jie.IMG_0932 In the briefing room, we still had to snap pictures. We just had to.IMG_0933 Lastly, this is the guy who ACTS cooooool. Nicholas.IMG_0934 It’s quite a good place for outing and bonding. We had so much fun trying to kill each other, and will never seem to die. But it’s something I would wanna go again.

Malaysian Bars Association (MBA) Restaurant, Kota Damansara

It took me a few minutes to digest the name of this place. I couldn’t figure if it was a court, meeting place or what. But it came with the word Restaurant behind it. And finally, when I was shoved the menu of the place, boy was I only convinced it was really a restaurant. In fact, a very cool hang out place.D3C_7144 Coming from a very unique name, their amazing tagline – We Raise The Bar shows how creative people can be. What I like about this place? I actually think that this is one of those places where I can choose the ambience I want – from a bar, a restaurant, an outdoor chillout place, a play-area and more.D3C_7146 By play area, I mean this pool table. Been a while I last played pool.D3C_7152 D3C_7157 The bar area, which is really simple and tidy. I love how things are placed. Classy!D3C_7158 D3C_7162 Outdoor seating area. Pretty cool.D3C_7166 D3C_7167 Indoor dining area. Quite romantic too.D3C_7168 D3C_7176 D3C_7180 When it comes to food, MBA Restaurant serves a mix of Western and Asian, which gives you the both worlds.D3C_7182 Chicken Wings Oriental – RM 20. I’ve to say I’m not a fan of Chicken Wings, but cause the bones were so small, I actually liked it.D3C_7186 D3C_7190 Mashed Potatoes – RM 8 Sorry, did not try cause I’m still trying to lose a lil weight.  D3C_7195 D3C_7206Wild Fungi Soup – RM 12. Loved the texture. Pretty good. And this berry crush juice sangat best la. Simple yet best.D3C_7212 D3C_7216 Traditional Fish and Chips – RM 24 I actually loved these kinda fish and chips. I mean, there are a lot of types these days. But this suits my taste. I like how crispy it is.D3C_7217 D3C_7222 The Indon Treasure – RM 10. This is your a lil spicy fried rice. I loved the eggs. Haha. I’m such an egg-fan.D3C_7224 D3C_7226 Thai Fried Soh Hoon – RM 9 I think this is the bestest of the best. I loved it. I like how simple it tastes yet rich with it’s ingredients. Okay, I don’t know what I’m saying. But it’s just best.D3C_7229 D3C_7234 Grilled Beef Stirloin. If you’re a fan of beef, this is a must-try. Don’t you love the colours of the pictures? And the sauce is really awesomesauce. Aku suka. Wedges were quite ordinary but the meat was good. How different can wedges be anyways?D3C_7236 D3C_7239 This unique kebab does have quite a stand out taste. Prolly a very Malaysian-Iranian kind. If you get what I mean.D3C_7243 D3C_7247Skillet Salmon – RM 36. I really loved this la. Why? It’s bonesless. Nah, I’m just joking. But I love how nicely it is served. It tastes fresh. I didn’t get those fishy smell in it. So, I think here’s a place you should really check, check, check it out. I think it is really a upcoming hot place. Check I LOVE DISCOUNTS for a deal coming your way really soon. ____________________________________________________________________________ Address: Jalan PJU 5/22, Red Carpet Avenue, The Strand Kota Damansara, 47810 Selangor Telephone: 03-61426731