Malaysian Bars Association (MBA) Restaurant, Kota Damansara

It took me a few minutes to digest the name of this place. I couldn’t figure if it was a court, meeting place or what. But it came with the word Restaurant behind it. And finally, when I was shoved the menu of the place, boy was I only convinced it was really a restaurant. In fact, a very cool hang out place.D3C_7144 Coming from a very unique name, their amazing tagline – We Raise The Bar shows how creative people can be. What I like about this place? I actually think that this is one of those places where I can choose the ambience I want – from a bar, a restaurant, an outdoor chillout place, a play-area and more.D3C_7146 By play area, I mean this pool table. Been a while I last played pool.D3C_7152 D3C_7157 The bar area, which is really simple and tidy. I love how things are placed. Classy!D3C_7158 D3C_7162 Outdoor seating area. Pretty cool.D3C_7166 D3C_7167 Indoor dining area. Quite romantic too.D3C_7168 D3C_7176 D3C_7180 When it comes to food, MBA Restaurant serves a mix of Western and Asian, which gives you the both worlds.D3C_7182 Chicken Wings Oriental – RM 20. I’ve to say I’m not a fan of Chicken Wings, but cause the bones were so small, I actually liked it.D3C_7186 D3C_7190 Mashed Potatoes – RM 8 Sorry, did not try cause I’m still trying to lose a lil weight.  D3C_7195 D3C_7206Wild Fungi Soup – RM 12. Loved the texture. Pretty good. And this berry crush juice sangat best la. Simple yet best.D3C_7212 D3C_7216 Traditional Fish and Chips – RM 24 I actually loved these kinda fish and chips. I mean, there are a lot of types these days. But this suits my taste. I like how crispy it is.D3C_7217 D3C_7222 The Indon Treasure – RM 10. This is your a lil spicy fried rice. I loved the eggs. Haha. I’m such an egg-fan.D3C_7224 D3C_7226 Thai Fried Soh Hoon – RM 9 I think this is the bestest of the best. I loved it. I like how simple it tastes yet rich with it’s ingredients. Okay, I don’t know what I’m saying. But it’s just best.D3C_7229 D3C_7234 Grilled Beef Stirloin. If you’re a fan of beef, this is a must-try. Don’t you love the colours of the pictures? And the sauce is really awesomesauce. Aku suka. Wedges were quite ordinary but the meat was good. How different can wedges be anyways?D3C_7236 D3C_7239 This unique kebab does have quite a stand out taste. Prolly a very Malaysian-Iranian kind. If you get what I mean.D3C_7243 D3C_7247Skillet Salmon – RM 36. I really loved this la. Why? It’s bonesless. Nah, I’m just joking. But I love how nicely it is served. It tastes fresh. I didn’t get those fishy smell in it. So, I think here’s a place you should really check, check, check it out. I think it is really a upcoming hot place. Check I LOVE DISCOUNTS for a deal coming your way really soon. ____________________________________________________________________________ Address: Jalan PJU 5/22, Red Carpet Avenue, The Strand Kota Damansara, 47810 Selangor Telephone: 03-61426731

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