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Samovar Russian Cuisine

I hate to admit it but I think I will. I’m actually not a big fan of Russian or even, Arab food. No, am not discriminating. But it’s just so.. erm.. Not me? This time round, I went to Samovar Russian Restaurant at Solaris Mont Kiara thanks to I LOVE DISCOUNTS. This discount was featured on the website a few weeks back where it was just RM25 for Meal for 2. Giving you 50% off from it’s original RM 50. I seemed reluctant going for a new taste but I did it after all. And to my amazement, it wasn’t all too bad So, I thought this was one of my personal favourite.The Olivia Russian Traditional Salad. The taste was a well blend of mixed veg and some meat (and cheese, I think). And I thought the blending of taste was pretty appetizing.IMG_0138 IMG_0139 Kicking off your meals, you also get a Borsh Soup. Though I think the soup was pretty ordinary. I was not able to compare to the usual Borsh Soup because this is an entirely different cuisine. I thought the taste could have been a lil more sour. But averagely, for a soup, it was something unique that it’s worth a try!IMG_0140  Going into the Main Course, this is Katletti (Breaded minced chicken with butter and cheese filling). The Chicken was a little bit oily and salty, at first. But when it’s mixed with the rice, I think it was such a good mix. The chicken was fresh and there are actually some spices and sauces for you to add on to flavour it, which I thought it was pretty interesting!IMG_0143Pepper, mayonnaise and chilli sauce. IMG_0144 This was the Blinchiki (Beef rolled inside a pancake) and Golubtsy (Meat rolled in cabbage leaves and stewed – a famous Russian Winter dish). I thought the beef in Blinchiki was pretty tender, fresh and nice. It was nicely wrapped and you can also add some black pepper sauce.IMG_0146 This is really a nice dish and it’s pretty filling.IMG_0145 You are also served with Ice Lemon Tea as part of the discount. Generally, the whole shop has a great ambience and it’s clean. The ambience is quiet and calm. It also faces the NKVE highway where you see cars all over.If you enjoy seeing cars, that’s the place to hang out at. Before I forget, Samovar also offers Western and Italian favourites like steaks, grilled meats, lasagna and spaghettis. They also have a Bring-Your-Own Alcohol policy. There are no alcohol offered on the menu. Nevertheless, you can bring your own and there are no corkage charges. If you think thats just it, glasses and ice are all at your service for free. This deal ended on January 25, 2011 on ILOVEDISCOUNTS. If you did not get this deal, you kinda missed us, cause it’s not always you get 50% off on your favourite meals. __________________________________________________________________________ SAMOVAR RUSSIAN CAFE K-01-08 SOHO KL, 1st Floor (Facing NKVE Highway), few doors from Tenji, Solaris Mont Kiara Business Hours: Daily from 3pm-12am. Tel: +6016-3552053 (Mr Kasem) __________________________________________________________________________ Get the best deals: ILOVEDISCOUNTS Facebook – ILOVEDISCOUNTS Twitter – @ilovediscountmy

If you see…

You know. It was quite depressing to have friends from Singapore, joining Taylor Swift’s concert. What was worst? They tweet and mention me in almost all the pictures and tweets. It’s like being constipated in the toilet – wanna let it out but you can’t. Here was one of the evil teaser all the way from Singapore! IMG_0104 Introduced to Taylor Swift by a close friend a few years back has indeed been memorable. This friend of mine would do whatever it was for Taylor Swift. And he got me so crazy and guess what, I asked a friend to buy her album all the way from the US when it was not released yet here in Malaysia. Taylor Swift’s genre of music is always something light and it gets you swift-ing along all the time. Fine, I know and read all about her writing songs everytime she breaks up. But in my mind, here was what I was thinking: “If she writes that good songs, maybe she should break up 12 times a year”. Okay, I didn’t mean it. But if she never break up, these songs will never be on air right? 😀 Well, RedFm is giving us (ME actually!) a chance to see her LIVE in the UK as well as a share of RM 20,000. You know the amount of things I can buy with RM 20K. It’s like, I can bring all of you for buffet meal or something! 😀 So, it’s 3 simple steps: Step 1: Go to Facebook, click join on: Red Fm (Malaysia) Step 2: Change your profile picture to this: red Step 3: Share your Taylor Swift and Red.Fm Love. May I add – Step 4: Sit, back, wait and drop me a note on this post! 😀 By the way, hawt pictures of Taylor Swift doesn’t require thousands, just one nice one will do! 😀 Find out more on: – Today’s Best Music.