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You know. It was quite depressing to have friends from Singapore, joining Taylor Swift’s concert. What was worst? They tweet and mention me in almost all the pictures and tweets. It’s like being constipated in the toilet – wanna let it out but you can’t. Here was one of the evil teaser all the way from Singapore! IMG_0104 Introduced to Taylor Swift by a close friend a few years back has indeed been memorable. This friend of mine would do whatever it was for Taylor Swift. And he got me so crazy and guess what, I asked a friend to buy her album all the way from the US when it was not released yet here in Malaysia. Taylor Swift’s genre of music is always something light and it gets you swift-ing along all the time. Fine, I know and read all about her writing songs everytime she breaks up. But in my mind, here was what I was thinking: “If she writes that good songs, maybe she should break up 12 times a year”. Okay, I didn’t mean it. But if she never break up, these songs will never be on air right? 😀 Well, RedFm is giving us (ME actually!) a chance to see her LIVE in the UK as well as a share of RM 20,000. You know the amount of things I can buy with RM 20K. It’s like, I can bring all of you for buffet meal or something! 😀 So, it’s 3 simple steps: Step 1: Go to Facebook, click join on: Red Fm (Malaysia) Step 2: Change your profile picture to this: red Step 3: Share your Taylor Swift and Red.Fm Love. May I add – Step 4: Sit, back, wait and drop me a note on this post! 😀 By the way, hawt pictures of Taylor Swift doesn’t require thousands, just one nice one will do! 😀 Find out more on: www.red.fm – Today’s Best Music.


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    Mr Daha February 17, 2011

    Wow bro.. are you some kind of artist or what.. great post, but i dont think i wanna change my profile pic to taylor swift unless you give me the ticket to taylor swift concert. ha3.. =)

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    alvinkok February 17, 2011

    at least by joining u get a chance to win right? HAHA. Its for a month only. And if you don't win tickets, you win your share of RM 20K ma! 😀

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    wan February 24, 2011

    I think most of the students who gets their names 'called out'for the past 3 days are just there for some money to ease their studies (good idea,actually) and RedFm judges aim at targeting students for a better future at RedFm radio just in case those students 'called out' finished their studies and start looking for jobs such as in 'radio'….(a boost to the radio industry).

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