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TunChing’s Birthday

It’s a backdated post I know. Tun Ching’s 18th Birthday at Times Square. I have no idea when on earth I started going to Times Square since I’ve been quite against it. =P But well, it was in Gasoline. I thought I didn’t like the cake, but apparently I liked it most.

Sometimes, birthdays are the time I get broke. Honestly. But the fun time and all is priceless. The companion and all. I choose to stay at home at times. Sleeping. Especially when people invites. But some people or some events I have to go. Maybe I should learn to go out more?

Well, it was a great afternoon I would say. Drizzled. I had a great time although what happened after the lunch wasn’t at all great. The KLCC thing. I choose not to mention or care.

And my blogging juices and inspirations are losing… Sighs. I need to get back to blogging. Really soon.

Should I or Should I Not?

I have many questions in my brains. Basically yes or no questions but it could be something that would affect my life forever. I have yet to make these tough decisions. Nothing emo. But decisions has to be made. Decisions has to be told. It’s never gonna be easy but I’ve been praying that He will make it easier for me because He has the greater plan and the greater picture. I am anticipating for greater things to come in my life. For real, I can see a glimpse of what the coming months is gonna be and its gonna be something big. Who wouldn’t get excited about it? I know I will get busy but I know it’s all worth while. It’s all worth it. It’s the smiles on their faces you see after everything truly makes your day.

And on the other hand, people using LRT. Please be more considerate. I hate to say this but you make me feel like I-so-wanna-smack you kinda thing ya noe? There was this group of school girls (Chinese school girls. lala-ish), that came out together with hundreds of people from the station. Everyone had the courtesy and civilisation mind to line up and one-by-one make through the ticketing thingy.

But this group of girls, just kept cutting into lines. All of them standing at the side and suddenly step in and were laughing like some mad people. And everyone was looking at them. At they were speaking at high volumes. I was staring at them and I really wanna like strangle them and make them realise. I came out later, I chose to also line up from behind. But what the heck are you doing. Cutting the lines so obviously somemore? You don’t know what manners is all about?

And the same group of people, screaming and shouting when the LRT is so freaking pack. OMG. Sound pollutants.

People really don’t have manners nowadays, don’t they? I see people spitting in LRT Station. Throwing trash all over the place. It’s like annoying. I don’t even feel right doing it and there they are. Look who’s the one destorying the environment.

How are we gonna create an environmental friendly country? The mentality of people here is just amusing at times. I am not saying that I am all right. I do have my flaws but somethings done is just so-to-much I’d say. WHen will people ever realise?

You comepare. With other countries. With others but you are not seeing into what you are comparing about. Don’t just compare at times. Coming to think about it, why Malaysia is still not fully developed? Because of all these Malaysia-Boleh attitude la. People should wake up! It’s the 21st Century. And Competitions are getting stiffer day by day.

Weird Stuffs and Predictions

Let me analyse this right now. And I am sure to get some funny and hilarious comments?

Some facts about Alvin that made him being weird(apparently!):

#1: I sleep by 12.
#2: I don’t play much games. Perhaps, none!
#3: I don’t eat seafood.
#4: What I say usually comes through.
#5: …………… TBC ………………..

Regarding #4, maybe I have the gift of prophecy. I realised many things lately:
1- I said Shamini will fall sick, she did
2- I said Shamini will fall sick again, she did. Again!
3- I said Jessica was on leave during Hari Raya. Yes. She was on MC
4- I said Jean will trip when she walks pass our wire cable connected to the notebook. True enough. She did.
5- I am not sure if I said that Yen Fen will be sick. But she is sick la. And I think I did predicted it too.

Just be very careful. Muahahahha. =DD

Eh, remind me, why was I called weird aedy ahhh? hahaha


Should I go on the last week of April 2009 or first week of May 2009? When should I leave? Where will I stay? I miss you too; Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney. =)


Patching up the broken pieces. Hard but trying. Once again. If I don’t try, I’ll never know?

Why am I holding back my care at this time? Am I too afraid to be wounded once again? I may be. I’m not giving all in maybe because the past is still in me and I am so afraid. What if everything falls again? The past few times; things got so good and suddenly everything will be back to square one. I have been wounded and I am afraid of being wounded. I really miss this person now. No doubt at all.

Actually ah…

Actually, I logged in to blogger without knowing what I want to type or write. My feelings are all messed up as usual, but I am doing okay. Apparently, I am not busy but I don’t know why I seemed busy. Maybe the planning and publicity for the Christmas thingy is taking place but I know I am doing fine. Finals are also coming up but I don’t seem to be studying at all. As usual. But wait. I did try to make myself study but I just give up after some time. =P. I love the rainy days WHEN I AM AT HOME. Really. Cause I will go to sleep and snore myself to bed. I am a good snorer. Remember? I am making a big fool out of myself because my mood changes from time to time.

This isn’t random I know. This is mere crap I am blogging to tell you that I am still alive.

I am excited for ADORE 2008. All about it. The whole thing.

UNDIGNIFIED KL 2008 was a great night. Simple. But just a time to refresh myself and to learn things from the team to improve myself and to impart things to the ROCK Worship Team as well.

On the same line, I am very happy at how ROCK has been responding towards worship. It has tremendously improved. And I know God is still doing great things in us. No matter how few it is. It doesn’t really matter. Worship is not just music. It’s a lifestyle. And at times, I may fail. I admit. But I am trying to buck up once again; living a life the worship the One True God.’



Why do I keep thinking I will see the person? For the past few days. =( The person is still in my mind. Hmmm

Call me weird =pp

Tomoro will be a great day ahead. I pray. Amen


I’ve been asking myself so many ‘WHYS’ recently. My life is filled with uncertainties. Be it education, home, personal, etc etc. I find so many doubts in so many areas. The moment I woke up this morning, I doubt about something even more scary. I mean without doubts, there wouldn’t be life isn’t it? We are all humans, we all doubts. But how strong are we to what we have believed in? Will these minor little doubts influence our faith, our trust, our promise?

Many at times, we put on a mask covering who we really are, or perhaps what we really feel inside. I suppose every human has their own flaws which don’t want to be seen by others. But how long can we wear this masquerade? I was asking to myself, when will my Masquerade be over? When I grow older? No? I don’t know myself. I admit that I am often sitting in my comfort zone, doing nothing for the society, sleeping my way through the nights and thinking only about the people I want to think about.

We doubt. We hide. On the other hand, who wants people to see and notice their flaws? But like it or not, we are created in such a way that we have our own strengths and weaknesses, our own flaws. Be it major flaws, or minor ones. It’s still flaws. There still be flaws. But it is comforting to know that we are creating in the image of God.

I’ve been asking WHY especially towards certain issues. The question of WHY remained unanswered. I am persistent to know Why. ‘Why would he allows things to happened?’, ‘Why must it be so bias?’, ‘Why must it be this?’ and ‘Why must it be that’. You may think that it’s normal, but the thing here is that it is starting to make me doubt my own promises and stands. I know I am flashing backs to when things was so good, so well, so perfect.

But I’ve also came to realise that as we grew older, we will face more challenges. We will face more obstacles, we will face more difficulties. But are we going to run away from all of them or are we going to face it with boldness and sail through the storms with courage? We make our own choices. We make our own decisions. We either break ourselves or we make ourselves.

I am filled with doubts. Trying hard to analyse. And I hope I don’t justify. Things is not quite right in my life right now with that person but I don’t know what solutions to take? What to do? Is it still my fault? and Why is it happening?

I hate animals especially ducks. =p


Undeniable, there was pain in my heart when they were all talking about WBD in class today.
I know I can’t run away or stop others from talking about theirs. I can’t be that selfish. I tried so hard to succumb the memories and pain within me. The sms-es they sent to each other may be hilarious but does it even matter if it was from the heart? I may find that sms uninteresting even if anyone sends it to me. I cannot say that I am truly happy. I am not done and over with all that has been happening yet although I am trying to be patient. You think I’ve given up? No. Just that I need time for myself to think over. I may looked okay but undeniably, there is pain within. The thoughts within. I am not running away this time. Still praying that things would get better.

Many hates my evil side. Don’t make me do things I don’t want to do. I will if you push me off the cliff. Don’t challenge me. I am at the verge of bursting ya! =)


Am I really going Europe in April with my aunty and Australia in May with my dad next year?

If yes, I’d be really really happy and contented.

My aunty asked me if I want to yesterday and that she will bring me. =)


I feel so tired lately. I am so sick of things. I am not getting emotional but I am just getting annoyed and tired. Feeling so tired after all these things. All the play-a-fool, all the sacrifices, all the cold treatment, all your tidak apa attitude. I just hate all of it and I am giving up. Giving up on everything. I know I build this friendship but now I am the one giving up. I still do believe that God has a plan letting me meet this person online and became so close but it’s the time for me to really consider things. I am just tired. For real