TunChing’s Birthday

It’s a backdated post I know. Tun Ching’s 18th Birthday at Times Square. I have no idea when on earth I started going to Times Square since I’ve been quite against it. =P But well, it was in Gasoline. I thought I didn’t like the cake, but apparently I liked it most.

Sometimes, birthdays are the time I get broke. Honestly. But the fun time and all is priceless. The companion and all. I choose to stay at home at times. Sleeping. Especially when people invites. But some people or some events I have to go. Maybe I should learn to go out more?

Well, it was a great afternoon I would say. Drizzled. I had a great time although what happened after the lunch wasn’t at all great. The KLCC thing. I choose not to mention or care.

And my blogging juices and inspirations are losing… Sighs. I need to get back to blogging. Really soon.

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