Monthly Archives: November 2005

BuhBye Malaysia! See ya HK and China

Well, buhbye Malaysia! Hong Kong China here i come……
i will be leaving on this Fri Dec 2nd for Hong Kong and China till Dec 9th, 05
I’ll be visiting some famous and popular destinations like Disneyland and Xiamen(ancestors home)
I’ll be going with my mother’s family side, bout 22 people ah!!
Anyway, more stories after the trip!!

By the way,
Tay-enjoy Aussie!! I want Koala’s! Enjoy studying!
Soh-enjoy Canada!! See yah!!

Resuts of PMR will be out on Dec 22nd… OMG!!!!!

See ya!!!!! tata!!!!!! Miss you guys!
*those who miss me and tag me a mssage here will receive a souvenir…hmmph!


Hey, welcome back to an all new blog……..
WIth new features and updates!
Hope you guys like it!