Should I or Should I Not?

I have many questions in my brains. Basically yes or no questions but it could be something that would affect my life forever. I have yet to make these tough decisions. Nothing emo. But decisions has to be made. Decisions has to be told. It’s never gonna be easy but I’ve been praying that He will make it easier for me because He has the greater plan and the greater picture. I am anticipating for greater things to come in my life. For real, I can see a glimpse of what the coming months is gonna be and its gonna be something big. Who wouldn’t get excited about it? I know I will get busy but I know it’s all worth while. It’s all worth it. It’s the smiles on their faces you see after everything truly makes your day.

And on the other hand, people using LRT. Please be more considerate. I hate to say this but you make me feel like I-so-wanna-smack you kinda thing ya noe? There was this group of school girls (Chinese school girls. lala-ish), that came out together with hundreds of people from the station. Everyone had the courtesy and civilisation mind to line up and one-by-one make through the ticketing thingy.

But this group of girls, just kept cutting into lines. All of them standing at the side and suddenly step in and were laughing like some mad people. And everyone was looking at them. At they were speaking at high volumes. I was staring at them and I really wanna like strangle them and make them realise. I came out later, I chose to also line up from behind. But what the heck are you doing. Cutting the lines so obviously somemore? You don’t know what manners is all about?

And the same group of people, screaming and shouting when the LRT is so freaking pack. OMG. Sound pollutants.

People really don’t have manners nowadays, don’t they? I see people spitting in LRT Station. Throwing trash all over the place. It’s like annoying. I don’t even feel right doing it and there they are. Look who’s the one destorying the environment.

How are we gonna create an environmental friendly country? The mentality of people here is just amusing at times. I am not saying that I am all right. I do have my flaws but somethings done is just so-to-much I’d say. WHen will people ever realise?

You comepare. With other countries. With others but you are not seeing into what you are comparing about. Don’t just compare at times. Coming to think about it, why Malaysia is still not fully developed? Because of all these Malaysia-Boleh attitude la. People should wake up! It’s the 21st Century. And Competitions are getting stiffer day by day.

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