Actually ah…

Actually, I logged in to blogger without knowing what I want to type or write. My feelings are all messed up as usual, but I am doing okay. Apparently, I am not busy but I don’t know why I seemed busy. Maybe the planning and publicity for the Christmas thingy is taking place but I know I am doing fine. Finals are also coming up but I don’t seem to be studying at all. As usual. But wait. I did try to make myself study but I just give up after some time. =P. I love the rainy days WHEN I AM AT HOME. Really. Cause I will go to sleep and snore myself to bed. I am a good snorer. Remember? I am making a big fool out of myself because my mood changes from time to time.

This isn’t random I know. This is mere crap I am blogging to tell you that I am still alive.

I am excited for ADORE 2008. All about it. The whole thing.

UNDIGNIFIED KL 2008 was a great night. Simple. But just a time to refresh myself and to learn things from the team to improve myself and to impart things to the ROCK Worship Team as well.

On the same line, I am very happy at how ROCK has been responding towards worship. It has tremendously improved. And I know God is still doing great things in us. No matter how few it is. It doesn’t really matter. Worship is not just music. It’s a lifestyle. And at times, I may fail. I admit. But I am trying to buck up once again; living a life the worship the One True God.’


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