Weird Stuffs and Predictions

Let me analyse this right now. And I am sure to get some funny and hilarious comments?

Some facts about Alvin that made him being weird(apparently!):

#1: I sleep by 12.
#2: I don’t play much games. Perhaps, none!
#3: I don’t eat seafood.
#4: What I say usually comes through.
#5: …………… TBC ………………..

Regarding #4, maybe I have the gift of prophecy. I realised many things lately:
1- I said Shamini will fall sick, she did
2- I said Shamini will fall sick again, she did. Again!
3- I said Jessica was on leave during Hari Raya. Yes. She was on MC
4- I said Jean will trip when she walks pass our wire cable connected to the notebook. True enough. She did.
5- I am not sure if I said that Yen Fen will be sick. But she is sick la. And I think I did predicted it too.

Just be very careful. Muahahahha. =DD

Eh, remind me, why was I called weird aedy ahhh? hahaha


Should I go on the last week of April 2009 or first week of May 2009? When should I leave? Where will I stay? I miss you too; Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney. =)


Patching up the broken pieces. Hard but trying. Once again. If I don’t try, I’ll never know?

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