My Superstar Moment and Expensive Scallop

You know I was just talking about my Superstar Moment on my last post; so here is the whole thing. As we were busy taking and snapping some photos on this big board behind, I thought it was just ordinary. Little did I know and expected some “friends” came and pulled my hand while I was about to walk off to take some pictures with them. I was like, “Who am I?”. So I did. I think I was there with 4 “friends” and pictures will tell you that my pictures was snapped on my camera and theirs too. Now, I don’t know where my photos in their camera went.DSC03145 DSC03146 DSC03151 There they go, I don’t know who they are. I look extremely fat in this picture! :(DSC03153 DSC03154 And despite people saying and talking about how bad Singapore food is (as compared to Malaysia); I choose to stand on the fence. They do have some good and yummy food too! 😛DSC03162 Some sweet pastries for your teeth…DSC03163 And for the first night, we had dinner with some entrepreneur at this restaurant. Nice food and I suppose it’s a fine dining. Check out the cost too of course larh! :opDSC03164 You tell me with this pricing, what happen if it isn’t nice?DSC03167 DSC03168 The menu was also unique. And whats more delicious are the abalones with egg white. The egg white was so delicious while the scallop was so tender. I likes! :pDSC03169 DSC03170DSC03171 Yeah, this is just too delicious. I want to have another piece, who wants to buy me one?

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