The KL Tour

Being Malaysians, we rarely even go around visiting our country but I guess with this field trip, I did have a fair chance of visiting the temple, Brickfields, Istana Negara and some other places which many Malaysians we probably even takes it for granted. And we always go “What is there to do in Malaysia?” Well, here are definitely some of the places you can visit! We hoped on to town for a short photo taking and visiting. And coincidentally, Dataran Merdeka was packed with tents and all as it was preparing for a Nike event for World Cup. There you go, some shots here from Indro, my classmate. (Note: the last picture was a pose)IMG_5494 IMG_5495 IMG_5499 I look horribly fat in this picture. Sigh.IMG_5508 At Istana Negara where we get to take more pictures!IMG_5516 IMG_5525 IMG_5532 A tea time at Brickfields, I kinda dislike this place. Too busy and dirty. And the restaurants had rats all over it. And the restaurant we went had a huge banner that writes “Najib’s Corner”; because our Prime Minister had eaten there before.IMG_5534This was the poser picture I told you about. I am such a bad poser anyways! 😛IMG_5540 So, bye bye to my KL Field Trip. Off for another interesting topic soon!


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    Kelvin 'finalkt3' Tan September 19, 2010

    Actually, I do go around touring our country. I once played tour guide for my overseas friend before and took them round KL to places to visit. But since we're living here, we can't go to these places often. If we do, it might get boring.

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    alvinkok September 19, 2010

    HAHA, you're trully a good malaysian! 😛 amazing! keep tht! malaysia needs malaysians like you.. 😛

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