Pepper Lunchie

For some reasons, I don’t know how this photo ended up in my album. But these 2 ladies below has become some sort of strollers! 😉DSC03173 Here’s a group picture after the scallop eating. Was just so fabulous! With our host! 😉DSC03174 You do know I would prolly hop by Starbucks once in a while right. So here’s the one in Singapore.DSC03175 A view from my apartment.DSC03176 The next day, I had the time to myself in the morning. So here’s Swensens. Been craving for them since quite a while ago.DSC03178 This was my lunch. Despite me eating along, I find this lunch so delicious. Sometimes, I really do enjoy the “me-time” to myself. Doing things I like, thinking things I love, dreaming of dreams I’ve never dreamt before. It’s just so awesome!DSC03179 DSC03180 DSC03181 If you didn’t know, this sweer-sour jelly thingy has been something I love. Don’t ask me. Get it for me and I’d be a happy persons after all. 😉DSC03182 Quite amazed with this potato chips. Looks really good. But was too full to try. 😉DSC03183 Spotted Old Town coming to Singapore too! I predict it’s gonna be quite a hit!DSC03184 My favourite hangout place. I just can’t avoid going to Vivocity whether it’s with myself or not. I was with Rachel when I was there. It’s just a mall I wouldn’t wanna miss. The atmosphere, the shops there are so nice!DSC03186 DSC03188 Lastly, check out my next post of a cute baby. You’ll love it! 😉


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    Kelvin Tan October 30, 2010

    I've tried that lunch you had before. It's yummy, but it's also filled with lots of seasoning. Makes me very thirsty.

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    Xjion89 November 15, 2010

    yoy! nice food!!^^

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