Singapore, again!

You know, I just think that I blogged about Singapore Trip just not too long ago. Prolly less than 6 months, sigh. I think this is so much cause of my procrastination. This Singapore trip was actually in July. I was on a Semester break, while my dad had a meeting there. So, I was my own tourguide. First thing I always crave for when I go to Singapore is the Oriental treats. You know how much I missed them? Words can’t describe. I wonder why Malaysia stopped producing such soup? Campbell, if you are reading, tell me! I got them from a friend somehow anyways, just few weeks back!DSC03161 Upon arriving, this is the road we saw in the car. I went with an Alphard. I was like a VIP, the car was entirely dark. So, the photo is considered good! :pDSC03122 The guys accomodation, in a church. The place I stayed – Thomson Road Baptist ChurchDSC03123 DSC03124 The cozy apartment, okay. I stole the neighbours wifi. But who cares lah? :op I do that all the time, watch out for me!DSC03135 DSC03136 I wonder why I placed them here!DSC03137 You do know some of my favourite hangout spots, dont chu?DSC03140 DSC03141 I went with this bunch too.. =)DSC03142 More of my Singapore funny stories next – I took picture with some people who thought I was some stars!

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