Indian Dance

Let’s just hope the topic above will not attract a whole bunch of Indian friends. Okay, I am kidding. Not being racist. At Batu Caves, we were treated to a dance as well as being invited to dance with these Indian dancers.IMG_5448 My classmates doing the dance with the Indian dancers. Potential eh?IMG_5449 IMG_5450 IMG_5455 IMG_5463 Another part of Batu Caves where you see a green statue.IMG_5482 Lunch was vegetarian at Batu Caves. If you were to ask if I enjoyed it, I personally don’t really enjoy it. But nevertheless, I think it’s something worth a try.IMG_5489IMG_5484This was the banana-leaf rice. I did not eat this. Yeah, I am not that adventurous with food. Photos by Indro Putranto (classmate)


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    Xjion89 September 14, 2010

    wow, i hv nvr been to Batu Caves b4~~hahaha, it seems alot fun~~
    izit a field trip?

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    alvinkok September 14, 2010

    HAHAHHAA, yeah, field trip was classmates. =) super fun! :)

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