Amazing Race Part 1

It was in the month of March that my church youths, organised an Amazing Race around Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya. It was so amazing we actually had like 30 teams of 3 per team – which had around 90 participants and around slightly less than 30 volunteers. Was kinda fun meeting up with many of the participants from different places and different schools. They were all so cool people that some of them dressed up as a team!DSC_2240 DSC_2242 DSC_2247 Youths came so early, chilling up, discussing their terrible strategies to outbeat each other to win RM 1200 cash prize!DSC_2248 More chilling out, hanging out and waiting before it officially starts!DSC_2251 Task 1: To finish off a Sudoku as well as to drink the BIttergourd juice before leaving the Church to head out to all around KL/PJ!DSC_2259 DSC_2260 Now, all rushing off by running down the flight of stairs instead of using the lifts. It was a race against time definitely!DSC_2264 While some people still suffers over the juice…DSC_2270 Look at their faces and see these expressions on their faces!DSC_2271 DSC_2272 Task 2 at Station 2: Shooting the cans with papers and rubber bands.DSCN0551 DSCN0542 Tasl 3 at Station 2: Counting the number of green and red beans. Got their eyes crazy.DSCN0544 Taking numbers for their turn as many reached at the same time!DSCN0547 Task 4 at Station 3: Counting the number of footsteps in the park. Was crazy as different people had different foot size. But nevertheless, was fun!DSC_2282 Task 5 at Station 4: Jumping Rocks to Collect Apples. Was crazy to see how these crazy people can jump like that without falling. Or maybe I’m just bad at it.DSC_2290 DSC_2292 DSC_2296 Task 6 at Station 4: Still at Taman Permaisuri. Carrying heavy water to walk across eggs and the massage walk. Funny to see their expressions; was priceless.DSC_2297 DSC_2308 DSC_2311Task 7 at Station 4: Climbing up the steps. Was such a torture for their leg muscles and all.DSC_2317 To be continued…


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    李吳文云威昌 July 27, 2010

    雖然不能常常來看,仍然祝你人氣百分百 ............................................................

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    張志文張志文 July 27, 2010
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    ♥Baboon Tan♥ July 28, 2010

    woah! semangat wei! go join Amazing race asia!

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