More food & My Embarrassing Moments

At Kong Kong’s birthday, food was aplenty at all table. It was truly a great celebration we had._MG_1937 This is Kong Kong and one of my relatives; you know I don’t really remember who’s who as I get more and more distant from my long lost relatives._MG_1941 Cousins #1 – Elizabeth, Justin and Terrence _MG_1942 Cousins #2 – Jason, Nelson, Allison_MG_1943 And more food. This fish was really awesome and delicious. I remembered I had loads of it. Now you know why I am fat, don’t chu? 😛_MG_1947 This was what I was saying, my embarrassing moments. I had to do a performance with some of my cousins. I literally hold the mic throughout the song. I’ve been singing often, but not in front of a bunch of relatives and with my cousins as my support. It was one great experience though it was just a little uncomfortable singing in front of your relatives. And prolly despite how bad you sing, it’d still be good feedback. I did felt a little uncomfortable._MG_1954 _MG_1956 And this cousin of mine Justin; played the electric guitar as a performance. I seriously forgotten the name of the complicated song though I know it was a tough song to play._MG_1965 The ever joyous and lively Kong Kong:_MG_1969 Performance by my other cousins:_MG_1975 Don’t they look like twins? Adeline and Amy. Amy is just a year younger than me._MG_1979_MG_1995 I did a multimedia presentation for my grandpa’s birthday. It was just great memories to see how much each and everyone has grown. Yes, spot my baby picture in it if you can! 😛_MG_1997I just realised I’ve not uploaded the video on Youtube, i’d do so tomorrow aite? Love your precious ones!

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