AD: ROCK Amazing Race 2011: I Love My City

Print  ROCK Amazing Race 2011: I Love My City is back.
I know you have been anticipating this race since 2010 and this year, a brand new theme is up and is ready to be kicked off again. This year, "I LOVE MY CITY" is the official theme for the race. If you think you know your city well enough, or If you think you know your country well enough. This is the challenge you have to take it on.
You only have this few things to do:
1. Mark down your calendar: 26 March 2011 (Saturday)
2. Invite another 2 friends for your team.
3. Encourage your friends to form their own teams.
4. Sign up and pay the minimum fees
5. Run, Jump and Hop to STAND A CHANCE OF WINNING TOTAL CASH WORTH RM 2,250. It’s just that simple. 5 simple steps. If you’ve always been wanting to challenge a friend to a physical and mental race, this is a chance. And you get rewarded for doing so. Make sure you start inviting!
Here are some extra details you may need to take note:
Date: 26 March 2011
Time: 9am-3pm
Venue: Your Home, Your City, Your Country. If you are eying for the prizes as your motivation, check this out! It’s more than last year’s!
Grand Prize Winner: RM 1550 Cash
Second Prize Winner: RM 800 Cash
Third Prize Winner: RM 500 Cash *Because we know it’s gonna be so bombastically exciting, the above mentioned prizes on the poster has been amended to what I wrote. An increase in RM 200 for all. Registration Fees (per group of 3):
RM 45 (before 20th March 2011)
RM 50 (after 20th March 2011) If you can’t submit your forms by hand, drop us a message on our Facebook "ROCK KLBC" or "Kuala Lumpur Baptist Church". Alternatively, you may fax your forms to 03-2141 6167 (Details required include: Name, Age, Telephone, Address, Gender per team member)
For more details, call me up or even drop a comment on this blog post and I’ll get back to you as soon as I could. If you wanna know what happened last year, here’s a gist: Part 1 | Part 2

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