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Cows Should Fly in Malaysia – Malaysia and The Media

WARNING: This post is gonna be messy. Super messy. It’ll just be random thoughts that comes through my mind. Many things has been happening endlessly in Malaysia the past few weeks, or the past month, I’d say. But one most disappointing thing that’s within me is the way things are handled, the way things are said and of course, the way things are done. Few days back, I was reading the papers. I find those stories so amusing. I read further. To my surprise, I actually thought those news were more interesting than story books. I saw sarcastic remarks, I saw twisted fact, and more so, I saw injustice and cover-ups. And the first thought that came to my mind, “Cows Should Fly in Malaysia”. When I was reading further, I can’t even relate the things said and the things that had happened. More so, as I was surfing the net with news updates and more, I thought things like these doesn’t even tally. Another thought came, who is speaking the truth? Which story seems more believable? Reading further in the newspapers, things did not complement. Neither did they went in ONE. The above was when I was reading the case of a guy who was interrogated and who “commited suicide” apparently. Next, the big city closure which I think everyone would definitely remembered. As a 21 year old child, instead of thinking deeper, the first thought that came to my mind? Why is the government so afraid of a peaceful demonstration which was just demand for a clean and fair election. People (or more so the Media), always says that they (the Government) has NOTHING TO HIDE. Their actions did not justify what they said. That’s for sure. And to think that the nation would hate the rally for the road blocks, I kinda think that it was the other way round. This was not all. In about a week, the police asked if the nation had videos or proofs of violence and more to show. I thought the videos were obvious and I was feeling each video, each wound, each hurt. And the outcome was.. Expected. Is our Media this predictable these days? Is it the monopolised? And facing the fact, being a Media student here, makes me wonder: “Would I ever write such a piece of news in the future?”. I pondered. Am I going to go against my own conscience to write things that I strongly don’t feel and don’t believe in? Yesterday, I thought came another interesting piece of news. From this day, I might just call the newspaper, story books. A billionaire owns a “gold ship” somewhere in the world? I did not want to guess, but my mind and heart did made a conclusion. But my point is this, is Media (or newspapers, to be more accurate), a place for sarcasm, a place for bickering, a place for stories? I think it’s way more than that. With all that happening 2 weeks ago, I told myself, I’m gonna vote. And at least, my 1 vote could make a difference. People around me has been talking about, why vote? It doesn’t really matter. If 100 people thinks like you, there goes a hundred votes. Well, I think I’ve gone beyond the political parties. And I think people should too. It’s more about voting for who you think can serve you and the country. ____________________________________________________________________________ On a side note, I was disappointed with the recent grammatical errors on the newspaper. I’ve seen 1 in The Star, 2 in New Straits Times. I wonder how this journey as a Media student will take me. But if no one chooses to be the change, let me be. I mean, IF lah! If you are reading, thanks for reading my weekend rants. I’m turning an uncle soon.

Osama bin Laden’s Death

So, this was probably one of the most heated topic on Twitter, Facebook and even or news portals in decades. It’s obvious I have nothing in my pathetic mind right now. obama and osama But, 1-2 friends of mine has questioned me regarding my thoughts regarding his death. Or perhaps, whether he deserves death? Or whether there would really be world peace? I actually personally feel that this is not an important issue. Yes, I’ve not answered your question. But hey, whats the point of killing the person when idea will still be there? Killing him is entirely a short term remedy for “world peace”. Question yourselves, what was Osama’s ideology all this while? Or perhaps, why did he have so many followers? Is there something wrong with the world or is his teachings and ideas really that good? Many at times, people look at short term solutions. Short term stuffs. Yes, he may be dead; but what’s next? Have you not forgotten he has a whole bunch of followers with him? And if you look clearly, now America is tightening security because of his death. Ironic how things are isn’t it? One persons death which has resulted in a whole bunch of dominoes effect to the whole wide world. Yes, it’s great. Osama probably deserves it. But the ultimate thought I am sinking into you is; “How to kill this uncivilised idea?” Sometimes, how much we hate the person and not the idea? Or perhaps, how much we hate the sinner and not the sin. Isn’t that just how it is right now? I am a confused guy. Hence the above rantings. But I saw some hilarious, sarcastic and nonsense tweets and stories regarding the death of Osama bin Laden. I’d prolly try tell it in my own words. Pardon me for plagiarism. But it’s just meant to make your day and not in any way, tried to side, curse or even support one side. Osama and Obama = Why only 1 spelling difference? On a CNN = PM Cameron: bin Laden. If you look closely, you see (:) if not you don’t. So, now Osama is dead. Is he the Champion of Hide and Seek? I came out with this: What if one day Osama suddenly came alive? Whats up?

And I am sure there are lots more. If you search on Google, you see loads of pictures of Osama and Obama in comparison. As well as President Obama’s sarcastic pictures towards Osama. Pictures of Osama doing all kinds of things are also shown on the web. All in all, think far. Does his death really brings peace? Your take. I am concluding you with a thought provoking statement. Also, I know you want to get rid and delete those spams on Facebook about Osama’s death video la, about Osama’s Uncensored videos and so on. The only solution and way out? Don’t go click la and “remove post” la!

1Malaysia Email – Need?

I initially wanted to take a break from blogging but I decided to put this into words. So, the mega news circulated over the Internet and creating a massive chaos over all social networks – Facebook, Twitter, etc. So, whats your take? I am gonna make this as thought provoking as I could, as how I always want it to be instead of making you flush down my thoughts in your throat. What is 1Malaysia Email? – It is basically an email given to any Malaysian above 18 with Does it makes one cooler or more united by just having the same surname or end-name? We could all be called Alvin Malaysia. How does that sounds? If you think having the same surname brings unity, I want you to know that it’s just a “name”. How about talking about issues regarding this whole concept? Security – You have to agree that Malaysians, generally can be the No 1 in introducing any products or any services. But when it comes to maintaining, we fail miserably. And hence, Security (password leakage) and all could be an issue. And this is something Malaysians really need to work on, MAINTAINING. Privacy – If you think you like someone opening up your emails reading them once in a while, then you are gonna love this. And imagine this is the GOVERNMENT portal holding all your I LOVE YOU, WHY NO KISS ME? I HATE YOU messages. I am diverting this away from politics; but ponder this: What if you talk bad about the government? We are a democratic country anyways? And all in all, COSTS – I don’t really care who is forking out the money. It doesn’t really matter. My point here is: Is 50 million worth it when something that is better and more established is already at our doorstep? 50 million could have done a great deal with closing the digital gap in Sarawak and the urban cities, yes? Are we really being thrifty by spending 50 million? Speculations have warned that Malaysia is going bankrupt. I am not talking about the authenticity of this news, but government should be THRIFTY in their spending. 50 million could bring 50 million smiles, 50 million could bring 25 million homes, 50 million do a lot. To sum it all, here’s the view of Chief Minister of Penang, Lim Guan Eng said to Prime Minister on this issue:

And I have to agree your suggestion is brilliant. This is clearly not a chicken and egg issue. When you have no WiFi, you have no connection, you have no connection, you have no email. My take: ADDRESS THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM. Give free WiFi. To make your day brighter: 1memail

All About Rebecca Black

No, this is no trick in the title. I ain’t talking about any racism. But this girl somehow caught my attention.Rebecca Black, has recently became a YouTube sensation, or I should say, “Social Media Sensation” with her new single “Friday”.

If you are a fan of Justin Bieber, yes, Rebecca Black is experiencing the same amount of fame as Bieber. Nevertheless, not as many haters as Bieber. And bear in mind, Rebecca Black is only 13. No kidding! So, how did Rebecca Black came about? Her single “Friday” went on Youtube on February 5 and only recently, she got a lot of attention when the views increased tremendously. At this point, her views of the Official Video is at 13,651,932. And hey, thats like so so so many viewers. These days, this girl, Rebecca has also been trending on Twitter. Seriously, though I thinks that her song was a “JUST OKAY” song, but it’s been really catchy and the choruses does stick into your head. And she was a NOTHING into SOMETHING with the power of SOCIAL MEDIA. Despite the various criticisms on Twitter and Facebook on her video, she has got a huge number of fans as well. Does this brings you closer to why she is going through a life of Biebers? Or is this proving the fact that “BAD PUBLICITY is GOOD PUBLICITY”? Some criticisms from Wikipedia writes that "vocals as having a peculiar tonality that inadvertently highlights the absurdity of boiletplate pop lyrics” or “sounds unlike anything else in pop music”.

Going back to the song “Friday”, it’s a song written by Clarence Jey and Patrice Wilson. And it was this song that had 3,000 views and jumper into 14 million views on March 11 within six days. And being so viral, many parodies and remixes has been made out of it. Here’s one of the parody:

And on a personal note, you can say and so so much on the word “Friday”. Don’t chu? Lets try; here are a few I came to mind:

  • Fridays – a day before the weekend
  • Fridays – need to work over time
  • Fridays – party all night
  • Fridays – hangovers
  • Fridays – Fry:day

So much you can think and write about Friday, no? So bringing me to a random question: What is a song that you can write with the title “Friday”? Have an awesome possum Friday!

What Merdeka truly means to me?

scan_24_4_06_-_012You do know; I’ve not been updating my blog very frequently – especially in my routine Nonsense Friday. So, I decided to update it by being patriotic today on Nonsense Friday. Malaysia’s Independence Day was just over a couple of days back. And somehow or rather, ironically,  I realize that there is a surge of videos on Youtube being passed on and shared via Facebook or Youtube on racial segregation, issues and conflicts in Malaysia. It is simply ironic that an event such as Merdeka; which was suppose to unite us all Malaysians has made as segregated and segmented. Does this occurs only during Merdeka? Nevertheless, for those who have been following my tweet, does know that I wrote this phrase quite sometime ago after seeing the National Day Celebration of Singapore:

Independence Day in other countries is a Public Affair, Independence Day in Malaysia is a Government Affair

As I was following tweets on the celebration in Singapore, I realise most (if not, all) was attending and following the parade and the celebration. And I start to wonder, why don’t Malaysians do the same? I realise one of Malaysians habit is that we tend to speak against what we dislike, yet not acting towards it. It’s more like, we are unhappy (and so what?), and we speak about issues that affects us as Malaysians (and we don’t bother doing anything about it!) After 53 years of Independence, I realise our mentality towards our country has not changed much. It’d always be about how much others MADE the mistake, instead of how much we CAN do something about it. Malaysia stands unique as Malaysia. We should be proud to be a part of Malaysia as we are free from natural disasters; looking at the brighter side, perhaps, we have more to be thankful for? Don’t we? Or at least, our Facebook, Google and some other technologies aren’t banned? Malaysia. She does has her beauty too, isn’t it?It has her own beauty too. I know she has her flaws. To you, maybe flawssssssssssssssss (endless). But hey, come on? Who doesn’t have flaws? Tell me if you don’t. I’d be glad to be-friend you. But should we still keep the mentality that people had 53 years ago or perhaps the mentality of May 13? Merdeka may really mean Public Holidays to me; I mean seriously. But I choose to know, learn and respect that despite the flaws of Malaysia, i do heart Malaysia. It’s a home in my heart. Now ask yourself, is it a home in your heart? Love for a country is a CHOICE; imagine if the Malaysians love Malaysia just as much – things will and can change! Why can’t we show true Malaysian Colours during this time of celebration instead of those racial segregation videos? In spite of our differences, we are all still Malaysians. Who really cares what colour skins you have? Because we all are the same in our own way and culture. Merdeka is all about us and her (Malaysia). And that’s about it. It’s time to build and change Malaysia for the better. Running far away does not solve any of those issues. Talking bad about it does not solve any of those issues either. I heard someone saying this:

I’ll choose not to talk bad about it if I, myself can’t find a solution to make it better.

We all have our part to play. Merdeka truly means freedom in life, love, race, religion. Let’s live above it as Malaysians and really be a country that shines like none other. Despite it all, I AM PROUD TO BE A MALAYSIAN. She may not be the best, but I’ll give it my best. Leaving you with my favourite quote:

Our children are colour blind, let’s leave it that way.

*Ignore my phrasing and paragraphing. I just woke up from my bed typing this but I really mean it. HAPPY MERDEKA!

Live like You’re free. Please.

Discrimination or Not?

If you have been following the media closely, I think you’d have read or came across the news on the “Disabled would could Not get Her Date”. If you’ve not, here was the article that this person wrote in to the Editor:

I WISH to highlight an incident where a disabled person was discriminated against. I participated in the "Win A Date with a Bachelor" contest hosted by CLEO magazine in April. A month later, a sales coordinator from CLEO called me to inform that I was one of the winners.
In my entry, I had stated that the preferred location for the "date" was Starbucks, but the coordinator suggested True Fitness instead. I told her that I was disabled and that the location was not convenient. She said she would consult with her manager and contact me again. As she failed to call me, I contacted her on May 13. She told me that my award had been given to another person since I was disabled. This is discrimination against the disabled and abuse of their rights. I am making this complaint on behalf of the disabled community as a whole. Read more: Magazine took away my date

I actually came across this column or write up while I was eating my breakfast. And I seriously was pondering on the issue – Should a Disabled be Denied their Date; just because they are disabled? Please don’t shoot me, but a part of me did try to put myself into CLEO’s shoes. But the other half of me says that CLEO should not have done that. But my conscience told me, CLEO should not have reacted this way. I came into such conclusions without knowing or digging into details. Should a company like CLEO really deny the rights of the handicapped and disabled? Personally, I don’t think so. I’ve always been a person who believes that handicapped people should be given the same opportunity as a normal person. Or perhaps, they should probably be given more opportunities in today’s world. In a developing country like Malaysia, I often feel the lack of care towards the disabled. However, I must commend the effort by various parties who have been trying very hard to improve on this. Previously, there were not many malls with special car parks or even lifts. But recently, I’ve been observing that most malls in our country already have these special car parks and lifts for disabled. One thing that I see is coming up is also the special lifts for handicap to get to the hotel by just driving in their wheelchair (if they are not capable of walking). My guess on why such a scene is occurring in Malaysia is because of the lack of this issue in our education system. Just take a look around you, disabled kids or children are rarely allowed into normal schools. This is because they are deemed to be a burden to the teachers or their classmates. Hence, normal students never get a chance to mingle with them. When I was in St John’s, there was a special class called “Resos Centre” just for the disabled (whether be it blind, deaf, dumb etc.) However, we really get a chance to mix or mingle or even spend time with these students because they are often in one side. They are also in a special class where they were given special teachers as well as special attention. I see so much love, care, effort and commitment in these teachers. But we really never got a chance to work with them or speak to them. I am not sure if it was because of the barrier in communication or the culture just made us that way. Nevertheless, I had to say that St John’s “Resos Center” has made the school proud numerous times with their results and their sporting activites. This really proves that one that is disabled may not be useless or may not be as good as a normal person. I believe that God made each of us equal and we have our own gifts, talents and capabilities. Why must people be discriminated just that they are not as fortunate as we are? They did not choose to be this way; and we can’t choose what we like or what we want in life either – and this is what makes our life fair. Coming back to the CLEO issue, CLEO should not have done such an act (if that was the truth). Their Public Relations had soon release a reply regarding the statement above:

Sirs – We note the letter “Magazine took away my date" from Ms Pua Ghin Chu of Petaling Jaya, Selangor, posted on on July 6 and published on July 7, 2010. To clarify some of the points raised by Ms Pua:
1) We did not deny Ms Pua a date because of her condition.
2) A CLEO representative telephoned Ms Pua to let her know she had been selected following an in-magazine contest as the winner of the CLEO Most Eligible Bachelors’ Gym Date. She told our representative that she is wheelchair-bound and would prefer the café date.
3) Unfortunately the café date she requested had already been awarded to another contestant. This fact was not yet known by the CLEO representative she was talking to. As such we could not offer the cafe date to her.
4) CLEO did not follow up with Ms Pua as we assumed she was not interested in the Gym Date.
CLEO contests and promotions generate many entries. This contest was particularly popular and we had many entries for only a limited number of set dates, which filled up quickly. These dates are sponsored by third parties. As such CLEO is unable to award more than the occasions pre-arranged with these sponsors.
We were informed of Ms Pua’s unhappiness over the incident on June 24. We telephoned her on June 24 to discuss the matter and, as a result, another date was arranged for her with a CLEO Bachelor. We understand Ms Pua has already been on this date and to our knowledge she is satisfied with this outcome. In fact, we believe Ms Pua has also written to your department on July 7 informing as such. A copy of her letter is attached below.
Nevertheless, we regret that the communications’ process caused Ms Pua some distress and we have undertaken an internal review of these procedures to ensure they are more effective.
CLEO prints in excess of 70,000 copies every month with the aim of entertaining and informing our readership. We value every one of our readers highly and greatly appreciate the trust and affection they place with us. We know this is not to be taken lightly, and regret having caused any unhappiness with our actions. Certainly they were unintentional and we sought to rectify the situation as soon as we were made aware of it.
We trust this clarifies the matter.
Charlotte Goh
Marketing Communications Director
ACP Magazines Pte Ltd

I don’t know how true this is, but I think I should be fair in writing showing the whole issue – and for you to make your own judgement. Yes, I am studying Public Relations and I have been convinced that many PR Executives should be using ways to overcome Crisis – Crisis Management, they call it. But, I am giving it a benefit of the doubt? Here’s Ms Pua’s response thereafter,

Miss Pua’s letter as attached in the original response:
Date: Wed, Jul 7, 2010 at 7:49 PM
Dear NST editor:
In regards to the previous post titled ‘Magazine took away my date’ dated on 6 July 2010, i wish to express my gratitude to the consumer tribunal of Malaysia for his precious help in sorting out this matter for me.
CLEO Magazine had took immediate action and currently they are in the process of compensating what they had promised the readers in the contest form to my friend and I. Last Saturday, they had arranged my date with Dr Nanda (one of the CLEO Bachelor) and also they are in the process of arranging the prizes for me and my friend now. Finally, I will get what I deserve as promised in the contest form!
Once again, thanks for your concern.
Best regards,
Pua Ghin Chu
Miss Pua’s next letter to NST to clarify some things:
Thursday, 8 July 2010 11:11 AM
Dear NST editor:
In regards to my previous email yesterday, I am so sorry to make such a big mistake which is I thank to wrong national body.
I would like to clarify again here.
In regards to the previous post titled ‘Magazine took away my date’ dated on 6 July 2010, i wish to express my gratitude to the National Consumer Complaints Centre (NCCC) for his precious help in sorting out this matter for me.
Once again, thank you!
Pua Ghin Chu

Whether it is true or not that CLEO had done that because of the act of discrimination, I can’t be sure. But let’s all Malaysians – not discriminate the disabled, the poor, the needy or even the weak. Let’s make Malaysia a better place.

Demolition of Pudu Jail

I am just a little late to post on my views on this issue. Apart from that, I am also in the process of sorting out some other event’s pictures to be in my upcoming blog posts. And if you are wondering where my Hong Kong posts are, I can tell you – it’s coming. The aeriel view of the compound of Pudu Jail 1Aerial And some background history of Pudu Jail: The 114years old Pudu Jail was built in 1891 (completed in 1895) on 10 hectares of land. It was then closed in 1996 where the prison was shifted to Sungai Buloh for operations. As a city KL boy, Pudu Jail has its significance in my life. I grew up seeing the long wall paintings as I heading to and from church. I can’t believe it with my eyes that it is (gonna) be demolished and torn down. My parents or friends that were older than me used to say this. “If you naughty, I send you/bring you to Pudu Jail, ok?”. You constantly hear this phrase, especially if you are misbehaving in the car. Or maybe, everytime you bring a foreigner guest to the city, you would show them with pride the mural art on the wall painted by the prisoners themselves; and tell them about the story and history of the prisoners and what happened at that time. Undeniably, Pudu Jail has much of an impact to all KL citizens. The main entrance to Pudu Jail2The inside view of Pudu Jail 3 Many parties in our country (or even in other countries) has criticised the the demolishing of Pudu Jail – due to the obvious reasons (read on). The different voices that has spoke against the project seemed to be unheard; or not responded to. 4Mural1 One of the many reasons that the Pudu Jail is being demolished is because of Traffic Congestion.But traffic congestion is not something which those of us who live and work in Kuala Lumpur are unfamiliar with. I mean, it could be good after all – to smoothen the traffic through destroying our own heritage. Is it worth it after all? What got me angered is this quote that I was reading:

Don’t worry; the Pudu Jail is only 114 year old. Just like the Bok House, age is not a contributing factor. As long as it is has nothing to do with the official religion or the native’s culture, demolish it! Rename all the roads and cities!

In the next 10 years, the site will be developed by UDA for the Bukit Bintang Commercial Centre project which includes a transit centre, apartment, offices, recreation centre, hotel and commercial buildings.

“If we are always demolishing, how are we going to build our history? What is going to be build at the Pudu Jail site, apartments? Who will want to buy property where thousands have been hanged?” – Bernama

I have no idea what the next 10 years is gonna be; but I have to say that Pudu will never be the same without Pudu Jail. Remebering those times where Pudu Jail used to be the landmark or “icon” of the city; especially in giving directions. Early of this week, the demolishing of the walls of the jail at 10pm:5 6 It is such a sad scene to see this building being torn down; I will definitely miss the wall especially. It may be too late to save Pudu Jail, lets hope that the awareness raised by this will strengthen the public’s resolve to be conscious of how fragile our heritage is and to speak up for its protection, conservation and preservation. – Bernama A last tribute to the ever famous Pudu Jail:

Photo from Google.

Yes, it’s the 21st Century… BUT…

When people talks about the 21st Century, everything you say seems possible. But is everything permissible? Have people really think twice before taking actions in this heartless world?

I came across this article; I was not furious (because I know, at Malaysia, nothing is not possible) but neither way I happy with the way a high ranked minister would say such a thing. I would probably say that it doesn’t make Malaysia proud at all, at this 21st Century.

Malaysia minister: God made animals for testing

By JULIA ZAPPEI – 7 hours ago KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — A Malaysian minister defended an Indian company’s plans to build an animal testing medicine lab in his state, saying Monday that God created monkeys and rats for experiments to benefit humans.The plans by India’s Vivo BioTech Ltd. to set up a biotechnology center in southern Malacca state has come under fire by activists because it will conduct tests on dogs and primates to make medicines. The activists say Malaysia has no regulations on animal research, which could lead to test subjects being abused.But Malacca Chief Minister Mohamad Ali Rustam said the lab had received state approval, and animal testing was necessary to make drugs. The project is still in the planning phase.”God created animals for the benefits of human beings. That’s why he created rats and monkeys … We cannot test on human beings,” he told The Associated Press. “This is the way it has to be. God created monkeys, and some have to be tested.”He said Malaysian agencies, such as the wildlife department, could monitor that the animals were not abused and proper procedures followed. He said eating animals could also be seen as cruel, and yet it was widely accepted.Vivo inked a 450 million ringgit ($141 million) joint-venture deal in January to build the biotechnology center, including laboratories where trial medicines will be tested on animals. Its partners are state government-owned Melaka Biotech Holdings and local firm Vanguard Creative Technologies.In a joint statement last month, Malaysia’s Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection and the European Coalition to End Animal Experiments decried the project because Malaysia has no laws protecting the welfare of animals used in experiments.The group opposed the proposed facility for “both ethical reasons and the lack of scientific validity of using animals in testing.”The groups has submitted a protest letter to the government, urging it to halt the project.”Malaysia should not open the economy to businesses like this as it promotes cruelty,” SPCA official Jacinta Johnson said.Activists say companies are increasingly outsourcing animal testing to Asia, where regulations are more lax and costs are lower than in the West.Vivo has said previously it may import beagles from Holland and try to obtain domestic primates for testing.Last year, a French pharmaceutical research company proposed building an animal testing laboratory in southern Johor state using imported macaques, but the project was suspended amid an outcry from environmental groups. Copyright © 2010 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

I mean, can you believe what you just read? To say that it came from a Minister, I am just so disappointed. I chose to be silent to many things some Ministers would say, but never would I have ever thought that this would be one of them.

I find it so inhumane.

For those who knows me well, I hate (okay, i meant i dislike) animals. But it just doesn’t make much sense to have this being said. Sometimes, I think ‘SHUT UP’ would make such people looks more brilliant.

What are your stands on this (crazy) news article?

Shortcut to Fame?

You know, I’ve been thinking hard (and deep) on what to blog about on my next post because I wanted to give “events” a break from my blog. And guess what, the thing that popped up in my mind was – ‘Justin Bieber’ and ‘Fame’.

Well, undeniably true that, Justin Bieber got into my mind when I saw him singing on American Idol (click link to watch) just last week and when I heard his song again at Pavilion at Bola-Bola event. You know, I went ‘Baby, baby, baby Oh…’ after those 2 days. It was like so addictive and it was going round and round in my ears till I kinda hated it. And I guess this was how phenomenal he was, watch this:

But hey, have you ever wondered if Youtube was the ‘Shortcut to Fame’? Apparently so, Justin Bieber got famous via Youtube. This guy has got a whole long queue of haters and yet he also had another long queue who is in support of this young chap. I’m honestly neither at both parties. Maybe how I go on writing, you can decide whether I am for him or against him.

On the critics side, many have claimed that this boy does not deserve to be there because of his immaturity and his voice. But does immaturity really matters in the entertainment industry? On the supporting party, many also claimed that this guy is talented and he can sing. As a singer (kononlah) myself, I actually think ‘singing’ is a very subjective matter. Mr A may think you can sing but Mr B may think you can’t. And before I finish talking about this guy, just watch the below video to see how much people really “adores” him (note that sarcasm)

But hey, enough of Justin Bieber (I think some of you might be hating me now already :P).

There were actually many people who actually made it famous via Youtube after some reading and some researching.

One of them includes: Marie Digby. Although she was already signed by Disney, the song allowed her to be snapped up by Hollywood Records. She was asked to play on Star 98 Radia LA, performed on the Carson Daly show and the song was also featured on the MTV show ‘The Hills’.

Does Youtube still really can make us famous?

There are actually many others who made it via Youtube; but there are obviously others who also make a fool out of themselves on Youtube. Yes, I’ve seen some things you wished you never see.

Okay, my blog today is messed up because I woke up early and didn’t get my nap. Forgive me please 😛

Before I leave, let me leave you with this, I think she’d make it big too, or she probably is already a star-in-the-making

Why not you tell me if Youtube can me the Shortcut to Fame? Maybe I can go try my luck one day 😛

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all out already =(

I am all feeling the wound of my own heart. I am utterly disappointed.

I am clueless of what I am doing. I feel unloved. I feel so disappointed and most of all, I am just to the extent of wounding myself for someone other’s care. Don’t know what crap I am talking.

All I know is, this has not been the farewell I wanna give or join. Perhaps, all was given a chance – friends, family and all. But just NOT me.

I’d rather not have any gifts but to spend time with you.

Taking it all in by myself now. I need solitude or I’ll go mad very soon. No kidding.

Not like anyone bothers anyways.

And yes, I am a coward. Thanks for the timely reminder. Put all the blame on me. I am numb to all the accusations. But what can I do?

Everything sucks big time. I mean it. Silently taking it all. ='(
If there were pills that can make me sleep for a week, I wished I can have that so that I won’t have to bother what the world is. I finished my Steroids and am only left with antibiotics.

I should be fine. Don’t bother asking me what, why, who where and all the stupid questions. My own problems.