Shortcut to Fame?

You know, I’ve been thinking hard (and deep) on what to blog about on my next post because I wanted to give “events” a break from my blog. And guess what, the thing that popped up in my mind was – ‘Justin Bieber’ and ‘Fame’.

Well, undeniably true that, Justin Bieber got into my mind when I saw him singing on American Idol (click link to watch) just last week and when I heard his song again at Pavilion at Bola-Bola event. You know, I went ‘Baby, baby, baby Oh…’ after those 2 days. It was like so addictive and it was going round and round in my ears till I kinda hated it. And I guess this was how phenomenal he was, watch this:

But hey, have you ever wondered if Youtube was the ‘Shortcut to Fame’? Apparently so, Justin Bieber got famous via Youtube. This guy has got a whole long queue of haters and yet he also had another long queue who is in support of this young chap. I’m honestly neither at both parties. Maybe how I go on writing, you can decide whether I am for him or against him.

On the critics side, many have claimed that this boy does not deserve to be there because of his immaturity and his voice. But does immaturity really matters in the entertainment industry? On the supporting party, many also claimed that this guy is talented and he can sing. As a singer (kononlah) myself, I actually think ‘singing’ is a very subjective matter. Mr A may think you can sing but Mr B may think you can’t. And before I finish talking about this guy, just watch the below video to see how much people really “adores” him (note that sarcasm)

But hey, enough of Justin Bieber (I think some of you might be hating me now already :P).

There were actually many people who actually made it famous via Youtube after some reading and some researching.

One of them includes: Marie Digby. Although she was already signed by Disney, the song allowed her to be snapped up by Hollywood Records. She was asked to play on Star 98 Radia LA, performed on the Carson Daly show and the song was also featured on the MTV show ‘The Hills’.

Does Youtube still really can make us famous?

There are actually many others who made it via Youtube; but there are obviously others who also make a fool out of themselves on Youtube. Yes, I’ve seen some things you wished you never see.

Okay, my blog today is messed up because I woke up early and didn’t get my nap. Forgive me please 😛

Before I leave, let me leave you with this, I think she’d make it big too, or she probably is already a star-in-the-making

Why not you tell me if Youtube can me the Shortcut to Fame? Maybe I can go try my luck one day 😛

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