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Quick Post: Urbanscapes 2011

You know when I was trying to post this up, I was thinking to myself if I should defend myself for not updating this page, or should I just act like I didn’t know that it has been THAT long I’ve not updated. Fine. I decided to elaborate on how life has been. No, I ain’t whining. Life has changed a lot since I have (proudly) entered my next chapter of life; as I stepped into my 21st. Things seems “real” to me, things seems “scary” to me, end seems “near” to me. Cut the crap, things has changed. Emotions in and out. Reminiscing about the past heartaches, the past heartbreaks. I ain’t sure if it’s something I am proud of, but I now stand tall because of the things I’ve gone through in life. Though there are still a few wishes that I really hope to fulfill, or to get it; but my point is, things has been different. I’ve grown up. Cut the crap, Urbanscapes was another event I told myself I shan’t missed after going for last year’s. It is the city’s all day creative art festival. Being an artsy person, this is something that you shouldn’t missed. I got my tickets from FONGFEIKEI.IMG_0495 The huge Entrance. This was something I think it’s really amazing. It’s a role play by 3 persons in a 2 character slot featuring Kueh Jen Han, Douglas Lim and one more, I can’t remember. They call for pause as and when they wanna replace a character, and they get to change the entire plot. It’s really really funny! 😛IMG_0496 It sounded terribly wrong too! :pIMG_0497 This was from KakiSeni, it was a very cool cherograph. Something I’ve not seen, but I won’t mind seeing it again.IMG_0498 I get to admire people spraying the “i dont know what”, and these people were really creative.IMG_0499 IMG_0500 This is true Malaysian, if you are asking me What is true Malaysian? The smiles, the hope, the love, the sincerity in the picture below, you know Malaysia has hope. Different people of different colours coming together, for one common purpose. It’s cliché but it’s true.IMG_0501 IMG_0502 The picture below, I just wanted to show the amazing light weight, convenient, stylish chair. Don’t you think it’s so comfortable? It was selling at RM 25 per piece.IMG_0503 You get LIVE Bands performing, and I thought the sound was really good.IMG_0504 Some futsal game, or ping pong games?IMG_0505 IMG_0506 IMG_0507 You can get a drink, chat, lepak too! 😀IMG_0508 This is another side stage where you see more performance. Truly, Malaysia has too many hidden things and talents.IMG_0509 One amazing poet, I admire. I truly admire her bravery, her sarcasm and her heart. She has a heart with such great conviction of the future of Malaysia and what she really believes him. And what Malaysia is currently like. She was sarcastically enough to be understood by people of all there!IMG_0510 More chairs. I told you I love them! 😛IMG_0513 Some other random shots taken.IMG_0515 IMG_0516 And I really do think this is something you should not and cannot miss. Urbanscapes is an amazing place for you to express yourself through arts and music. See amazing Malaysians and their gifts and talents. I am sure we can go far.

Random: Long Long Roti Tissue

IMG_0416 Recently I had a meet up with my Godparent’s child, my Godbrother la in a way. So, we had supper. And we had roti tissue. I was amused and amazed with the long-ness of the roti tissue and how they actually serve it. Yes, it’s amazingly not too sweet, and I love it’s crisp. Awwwweeesomeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Osama bin Laden’s Death

So, this was probably one of the most heated topic on Twitter, Facebook and even or news portals in decades. It’s obvious I have nothing in my pathetic mind right now. obama and osama But, 1-2 friends of mine has questioned me regarding my thoughts regarding his death. Or perhaps, whether he deserves death? Or whether there would really be world peace? I actually personally feel that this is not an important issue. Yes, I’ve not answered your question. But hey, whats the point of killing the person when idea will still be there? Killing him is entirely a short term remedy for “world peace”. Question yourselves, what was Osama’s ideology all this while? Or perhaps, why did he have so many followers? Is there something wrong with the world or is his teachings and ideas really that good? Many at times, people look at short term solutions. Short term stuffs. Yes, he may be dead; but what’s next? Have you not forgotten he has a whole bunch of followers with him? And if you look clearly, now America is tightening security because of his death. Ironic how things are isn’t it? One persons death which has resulted in a whole bunch of dominoes effect to the whole wide world. Yes, it’s great. Osama probably deserves it. But the ultimate thought I am sinking into you is; “How to kill this uncivilised idea?” Sometimes, how much we hate the person and not the idea? Or perhaps, how much we hate the sinner and not the sin. Isn’t that just how it is right now? I am a confused guy. Hence the above rantings. But I saw some hilarious, sarcastic and nonsense tweets and stories regarding the death of Osama bin Laden. I’d prolly try tell it in my own words. Pardon me for plagiarism. But it’s just meant to make your day and not in any way, tried to side, curse or even support one side. Osama and Obama = Why only 1 spelling difference? On a CNN = PM Cameron: bin Laden. If you look closely, you see (:) if not you don’t. So, now Osama is dead. Is he the Champion of Hide and Seek? I came out with this: What if one day Osama suddenly came alive? Whats up?

And I am sure there are lots more. If you search on Google, you see loads of pictures of Osama and Obama in comparison. As well as President Obama’s sarcastic pictures towards Osama. Pictures of Osama doing all kinds of things are also shown on the web. All in all, think far. Does his death really brings peace? Your take. I am concluding you with a thought provoking statement. Also, I know you want to get rid and delete those spams on Facebook about Osama’s death video la, about Osama’s Uncensored videos and so on. The only solution and way out? Don’t go click la and “remove post” la!

Rebecca Black Parody / Parodies

I guess Rebecca Black has brought so many viewers to my blog. So if you’re on Google you stumbled in here, OHAIII! I’ve just decided to do a big compilation of all the Parodies of Rebecca Blac. It’s a Collection of Rebecca Black’s Parody. But chup, here’s the original:

Rebecca Black’s Original Friday

So, there are many parodies made of this lady who had so many fans overnight. And I think it’s more of our hatred towards her that made her famous. Like it or not. Thats just about it. I hope you can sit still on your chair and laugh over almost all of the parodies below. Have fun!

Rebecca Black Parody – Off The Pill


Rebecca Black Parody –


Rebecca Black Parody


Rebecca Black Parody


Rebecca Black Parody – Joan’s Day


Rebecca Black Parody


Rebecca Black Parody – Wednesday


Rebecca Black Parody – Saturday


Rebecca Black Parody


Rebecca Black Parody – Tuesday

So I hope it makes your day (or night) brighter! They are just too funnnnnneh! Make one yourself and send me the link! I’ll post, I promise!

3 Random Posts in a Day

So, here’s my attempt in trying to keep my blog as active as possible. Here are the pictures from my old HTC. So, please bear with the photo quality. I think it’s pretty horrible now that I have an iPhone 4, no, I’m not bragging. But in comparison, iPhone 4 does change my perception of photos, somehow or rather. RANDOM #1: 6666.IMAGE_164I drove and the number hit 6666, and I don’t know how but I got so fascinated with the number. It’s like jackpot to me. But no, I did not purchased any lots. Okay, here’s another PSA reminder: Don’t snap pictures while driving RANDOM #2: Jaclyn Victor at UNIQLO Pre Launch PartyIMAGE_178I can’t believe I looked so fat here. But here was a picture with Jaclyn Victor, Malaysian Idol Season 1 at UNIQLO Launch in Malaysia (Fahrenheit 88). I was given over RM 200 shopping vouchers and attending their pre-launch was quite an atmosphere. RANDOM #3: Most Coca-Cola Bottles in the World? IMAGE_147 I went to a friend’s place and I saw that his house has the most collection of Coca Cola bottles and cans from all over the world with different design. Not just that, it was also a collection of Coca-Cola merchandises like cup and all. Ever seen any more than this?

All About Rebecca Black

No, this is no trick in the title. I ain’t talking about any racism. But this girl somehow caught my attention.Rebecca Black, has recently became a YouTube sensation, or I should say, “Social Media Sensation” with her new single “Friday”.

If you are a fan of Justin Bieber, yes, Rebecca Black is experiencing the same amount of fame as Bieber. Nevertheless, not as many haters as Bieber. And bear in mind, Rebecca Black is only 13. No kidding! So, how did Rebecca Black came about? Her single “Friday” went on Youtube on February 5 and only recently, she got a lot of attention when the views increased tremendously. At this point, her views of the Official Video is at 13,651,932. And hey, thats like so so so many viewers. These days, this girl, Rebecca has also been trending on Twitter. Seriously, though I thinks that her song was a “JUST OKAY” song, but it’s been really catchy and the choruses does stick into your head. And she was a NOTHING into SOMETHING with the power of SOCIAL MEDIA. Despite the various criticisms on Twitter and Facebook on her video, she has got a huge number of fans as well. Does this brings you closer to why she is going through a life of Biebers? Or is this proving the fact that “BAD PUBLICITY is GOOD PUBLICITY”? Some criticisms from Wikipedia writes that "vocals as having a peculiar tonality that inadvertently highlights the absurdity of boiletplate pop lyrics” or “sounds unlike anything else in pop music”.

Going back to the song “Friday”, it’s a song written by Clarence Jey and Patrice Wilson. And it was this song that had 3,000 views and jumper into 14 million views on March 11 within six days. And being so viral, many parodies and remixes has been made out of it. Here’s one of the parody:

And on a personal note, you can say and so so much on the word “Friday”. Don’t chu? Lets try; here are a few I came to mind:

  • Fridays – a day before the weekend
  • Fridays – need to work over time
  • Fridays – party all night
  • Fridays – hangovers
  • Fridays – Fry:day

So much you can think and write about Friday, no? So bringing me to a random question: What is a song that you can write with the title “Friday”? Have an awesome possum Friday!

Random Friday

So, without a doubt, I’ve been slacking my Fridays for the past say, 13 weeks? And in short, all I do is to eat, sleep, stare. Yeah, now you know how fat I can be every weekends. Worst still, I don’t slim down on the weekdays from Monday to Thursdays. I am ballooning like a big hot air balloon and sometimes I wonder when it will ever explode. So, here’s my usual Random Fridays activities. Don’t laugh cause I know I’ve been a mega couch potato. Activity 1: Eat Pan Mee. I prolly ate more than 10 bowls of Pan Mee in that 13 Fridays of mine. I feel like a slave to Pan Mee these days. It just lures me when I see the 2 words. Activity 2: Stare at my Computer. No, I am not bragging about my computer and my huge screen. But hey look, I was just surfing my usual like Facebook, Twitter and playing online craps and the cycle goes on round and round again. Well, but I got a little more productive today. I found out how to do Audio Streaming on Facebook live on a profile or a page, and I tried learning Facebook MarkUp Language. I felt a sense of achievement. Really.podcast Okay, making this a random quick post, I was on this ad. Add me on Facebook or Twitter to find out about my little mini part on the silly ad for I Love Discounts. And yeah, that was what I meant by Audio Streaming on Facebook. It’s pretty easy and cool! Activity 3: Dream. I tend to dream more on Fridays. It’s like you know Fridays are one of the days you just dream you were here doing things you like. And just dreaming the whole day away! So, you wanna know what I dream about today? I dreamt I was in Hong Kong. And the crazy me went to google Hong Kong piccas and try tempting myself to book a trip there. Last week, I dream I had a job which gives me a “Friday Office” thing. I feel proud when I tell people I have an office to go too. Yes, I am mentally ill these days. Activity 4: I drive like a headless chicken cos’ I don’t know where I am heading to. I conveniently hop on to my car, and then start driving without knowing where I wanna go. Okay, sorry. I contributed some fumes to the environment, but hey, it’s my solitude time. Activity 5: Okay, this is amazing. I’ve never actually do my assignments on Friday. Never. This is like the thing I DON’T DO ON FRIDAYS. Fridays have been a new found weekend for me. Activity 6: EAT. I usually go for an extraordinary meal on Fridays. So, I went to Chillis tonight. Chillis with its big portion of food, me, the balloon can’t even finish it. That sums up how big the portions are. Nevertheless, my new found excitements I look forward to during the weekdays are Fridays. But when Friday comes, NO, I don’t know where I am going neither do I know what I am doing. Today is one of those days I felt like being random. Perhaps, I’ve always been a random person. I do things my mind can’t comprehend at times. I am just a little too lazy to put even a picture today, but let me end your Friday with my not so handsome smile. DSC03204Okay, just kidding. This is so not me. He’s so cute I know. Well, here’s me and here’s hoping you have an awesome weekend ahead. DSC03202 Don’t chu wanna pinch the cheeks of this little boy? Drop me a note if you wanna do. We’ll pinch together! LOL!

I am Away Again.

By the time you read this, I am already at Le Paris Resorts and Hotel in Port Dickson for my church’s youth camp. With over 90 over campers at Port Dickson, is set to be a fantastic camp ahead! Do check back my blog for more updates as I would hope to broadcast live from Port Dickson.

Some pictures below to make you envious! =P I am always bad 😛

See y’all folks in KL soon okie? :) I’ll be back on Thursday.

Malaysia’s Largest Youth Festival

Being a youth myself, (yes, unbelievable right? :P) I went to Malaysia’s Largest Youth Festival ignited by Celcom. It was held on the 28th-30th May 2010 at Putra World Trade Center.

What is YOUTH’10 all about?
Basically YOUTH’10 is a gathering of youths all over the country to have fun – to see, to join, to hear, to do, to buy, to play and more. I am grateful and thankful that I managed to get the RM 20 worth ticket from for the 3 days. But I only went on Sunday after Church with Jiahuei, Nicholas Pang, Lilian Lim.

My Twitter Feeds on #youth10 went on the TV

*ignore the hairy hand =p*
Walking through the Hall of Fame for free photography.
…Mammmeee Crazeeeee…

Lilian and Jiahuei signing up for a Contest

it was on the magnificent large screen too…

*this was an accidental shot; the guy didn’t know how to handle my camera, and he ended up taking a picture of his own shirt*

*i heart my shirt*
As usual, Starbucks craze…

It was a fun outing, I learned a lot from this Festival. Lots of trendy and cool stuffs. I can’t compare with the previous years because I have not been to one. I missed out on some talks too. Let’s hope I get to go next year! 😀

On the lighter note, I won myself an Urbanscapes ticket. Can you read what I wrote about? Let me just rephrase it for you…
“Alvin Kok thinks he might sit at the corner, sulk and cry if he doesn’t get the Urbanscapes tickets; and that would make KL flooded once again”

Are you going too?

Yes, it’s the 21st Century… BUT…

When people talks about the 21st Century, everything you say seems possible. But is everything permissible? Have people really think twice before taking actions in this heartless world?

I came across this article; I was not furious (because I know, at Malaysia, nothing is not possible) but neither way I happy with the way a high ranked minister would say such a thing. I would probably say that it doesn’t make Malaysia proud at all, at this 21st Century.

Malaysia minister: God made animals for testing

By JULIA ZAPPEI – 7 hours ago KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — A Malaysian minister defended an Indian company’s plans to build an animal testing medicine lab in his state, saying Monday that God created monkeys and rats for experiments to benefit humans.The plans by India’s Vivo BioTech Ltd. to set up a biotechnology center in southern Malacca state has come under fire by activists because it will conduct tests on dogs and primates to make medicines. The activists say Malaysia has no regulations on animal research, which could lead to test subjects being abused.But Malacca Chief Minister Mohamad Ali Rustam said the lab had received state approval, and animal testing was necessary to make drugs. The project is still in the planning phase.”God created animals for the benefits of human beings. That’s why he created rats and monkeys … We cannot test on human beings,” he told The Associated Press. “This is the way it has to be. God created monkeys, and some have to be tested.”He said Malaysian agencies, such as the wildlife department, could monitor that the animals were not abused and proper procedures followed. He said eating animals could also be seen as cruel, and yet it was widely accepted.Vivo inked a 450 million ringgit ($141 million) joint-venture deal in January to build the biotechnology center, including laboratories where trial medicines will be tested on animals. Its partners are state government-owned Melaka Biotech Holdings and local firm Vanguard Creative Technologies.In a joint statement last month, Malaysia’s Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection and the European Coalition to End Animal Experiments decried the project because Malaysia has no laws protecting the welfare of animals used in experiments.The group opposed the proposed facility for “both ethical reasons and the lack of scientific validity of using animals in testing.”The groups has submitted a protest letter to the government, urging it to halt the project.”Malaysia should not open the economy to businesses like this as it promotes cruelty,” SPCA official Jacinta Johnson said.Activists say companies are increasingly outsourcing animal testing to Asia, where regulations are more lax and costs are lower than in the West.Vivo has said previously it may import beagles from Holland and try to obtain domestic primates for testing.Last year, a French pharmaceutical research company proposed building an animal testing laboratory in southern Johor state using imported macaques, but the project was suspended amid an outcry from environmental groups. Copyright © 2010 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

I mean, can you believe what you just read? To say that it came from a Minister, I am just so disappointed. I chose to be silent to many things some Ministers would say, but never would I have ever thought that this would be one of them.

I find it so inhumane.

For those who knows me well, I hate (okay, i meant i dislike) animals. But it just doesn’t make much sense to have this being said. Sometimes, I think ‘SHUT UP’ would make such people looks more brilliant.

What are your stands on this (crazy) news article?