3 Random Posts in a Day

So, here’s my attempt in trying to keep my blog as active as possible. Here are the pictures from my old HTC. So, please bear with the photo quality. I think it’s pretty horrible now that I have an iPhone 4, no, I’m not bragging. But in comparison, iPhone 4 does change my perception of photos, somehow or rather. RANDOM #1: 6666.IMAGE_164I drove and the number hit 6666, and I don’t know how but I got so fascinated with the number. It’s like jackpot to me. But no, I did not purchased any lots. Okay, here’s another PSA reminder: Don’t snap pictures while driving RANDOM #2: Jaclyn Victor at UNIQLO Pre Launch PartyIMAGE_178I can’t believe I looked so fat here. But here was a picture with Jaclyn Victor, Malaysian Idol Season 1 at UNIQLO Launch in Malaysia (Fahrenheit 88). I was given over RM 200 shopping vouchers and attending their pre-launch was quite an atmosphere. RANDOM #3: Most Coca-Cola Bottles in the World? IMAGE_147 I went to a friend’s place and I saw that his house has the most collection of Coca Cola bottles and cans from all over the world with different design. Not just that, it was also a collection of Coca-Cola merchandises like cup and all. Ever seen any more than this?

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