All About Rebecca Black

No, this is no trick in the title. I ain’t talking about any racism. But this girl somehow caught my attention.Rebecca Black, has recently became a YouTube sensation, or I should say, “Social Media Sensation” with her new single “Friday”.

If you are a fan of Justin Bieber, yes, Rebecca Black is experiencing the same amount of fame as Bieber. Nevertheless, not as many haters as Bieber. And bear in mind, Rebecca Black is only 13. No kidding! So, how did Rebecca Black came about? Her single “Friday” went on Youtube on February 5 and only recently, she got a lot of attention when the views increased tremendously. At this point, her views of the Official Video is at 13,651,932. And hey, thats like so so so many viewers. These days, this girl, Rebecca has also been trending on Twitter. Seriously, though I thinks that her song was a “JUST OKAY” song, but it’s been really catchy and the choruses does stick into your head. And she was a NOTHING into SOMETHING with the power of SOCIAL MEDIA. Despite the various criticisms on Twitter and Facebook on her video, she has got a huge number of fans as well. Does this brings you closer to why she is going through a life of Biebers? Or is this proving the fact that “BAD PUBLICITY is GOOD PUBLICITY”? Some criticisms from Wikipedia writes that "vocals as having a peculiar tonality that inadvertently highlights the absurdity of boiletplate pop lyrics” or “sounds unlike anything else in pop music”.

Going back to the song “Friday”, it’s a song written by Clarence Jey and Patrice Wilson. And it was this song that had 3,000 views and jumper into 14 million views on March 11 within six days. And being so viral, many parodies and remixes has been made out of it. Here’s one of the parody:

And on a personal note, you can say and so so much on the word “Friday”. Don’t chu? Lets try; here are a few I came to mind:

  • Fridays – a day before the weekend
  • Fridays – need to work over time
  • Fridays – party all night
  • Fridays – hangovers
  • Fridays – Fry:day

So much you can think and write about Friday, no? So bringing me to a random question: What is a song that you can write with the title “Friday”? Have an awesome possum Friday!

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