1Malaysia Email – Need?

I initially wanted to take a break from blogging but I decided to put this into words. So, the mega news circulated over the Internet and creating a massive chaos over all social networks – Facebook, Twitter, etc. So, whats your take? I am gonna make this as thought provoking as I could, as how I always want it to be instead of making you flush down my thoughts in your throat. What is 1Malaysia Email? – It is basically an email given to any Malaysian above 18 with abc@1Malaysia.com.my Does it makes one cooler or more united by just having the same surname or end-name? We could all be called Alvin Malaysia. How does that sounds? If you think having the same surname brings unity, I want you to know that it’s just a “name”. How about talking about issues regarding this whole concept? Security – You have to agree that Malaysians, generally can be the No 1 in introducing any products or any services. But when it comes to maintaining, we fail miserably. And hence, Security (password leakage) and all could be an issue. And this is something Malaysians really need to work on, MAINTAINING. Privacy – If you think you like someone opening up your emails reading them once in a while, then you are gonna love this. And imagine this is the GOVERNMENT portal holding all your I LOVE YOU, WHY NO KISS ME? I HATE YOU messages. I am diverting this away from politics; but ponder this: What if you talk bad about the government? We are a democratic country anyways? And all in all, COSTS – I don’t really care who is forking out the money. It doesn’t really matter. My point here is: Is 50 million worth it when something that is better and more established is already at our doorstep? 50 million could have done a great deal with closing the digital gap in Sarawak and the urban cities, yes? Are we really being thrifty by spending 50 million? Speculations have warned that Malaysia is going bankrupt. I am not talking about the authenticity of this news, but government should be THRIFTY in their spending. 50 million could bring 50 million smiles, 50 million could bring 25 million homes, 50 million do a lot. To sum it all, here’s the view of Chief Minister of Penang, Lim Guan Eng said to Prime Minister on this issue:

And I have to agree your suggestion is brilliant. This is clearly not a chicken and egg issue. When you have no WiFi, you have no connection, you have no connection, you have no email. My take: ADDRESS THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM. Give free WiFi. To make your day brighter: 1memail

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